Friday, October 31, 2014

CCBC Japan heading to Korea

The students are heading to Korea in style. They are taking the Hydrofoil boat to Korea. It will take 3 hours from Fukuoka to Busan from Busan Pastor Mike will pick them up and they will train it to Daejeon. Be blessed students. You are in our prayers.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Students are Fukuoka Bound!

It has been a blessed semester this far. Now it is time for the students to rock in Fukuoka. We will miss you here in Okinawa but be blessed gang up North. Haves blessed time in your new venture of faith. Hey! That is a lot of luggage.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Driving to Fukuoka Sunday!

Hello everyone,
We are here in Tokyo "stuck" but in the center of God's Will. He is so Good. Just doing our best to "walk in the Spirit". It is our 4th day of our extended stay here in Fuchu, but God knows what He is doing. The van is FIXED!!!!!!!! Hurray! Zach and I are planning on leaving early Sunday morning and will drive led by the Spirit of God. The van cost about $300 dollars to fix. It needed a distributer (whole unit), battery, and air filter (one of the dirtiest I have ever seen). God sent the right mechanic and he ordered the part and whala! It is fixed! In His Timing! But this is incredible! An old friend of Zach and ours, came up to us and gave Zach an envelop. He said it was for the trip. We did not know how much it was going to cost to fix the car, but in the back of my mind I thought "this is going to pay for the car to be fixed". It was the exact amount (I just had to pay the tax, ha!) God is good! So.......... we continue to walk this walk by faith. Faith in the Son of God who loves us. Please join in with us for a safe drive, good car travels and good weather (the typhoon is coming our way).

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The Eye is Disappearing

Thank you everyone for praying. Prayer definitely works. It is not the last line of defense but the first play of offense. Through prayer strongholds are broken. To God be all the glory!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hurry Up and Wait!

We came to Tokyo ready to fire on all cylinders. He had a job to do, get our equipment and move it to the new campus in Fukuoka. Well, God has something else in store. The van is not working. The mechanic said that the part will be in tomorrow (Saturday). So we have been waiting, waiting on the Lord and seeing what He has in store for us. We did some extra training. Visited some brothers in Christ. Doing our best to be ready for the next move. God is in control. In His timing we will move out to Fukuoka. We will continue to enjoy our time with Jesus.

Monday, September 29, 2014


We Officially start ITOMAN CHURCH this Sunday Morning October 5th at 10:30am. Come and be a part of this new work in ITOMAN City. Please join in prayer with us in this new Venture of Faith.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

New steps of faith...personally


Here at CCBC Japan, we are encouraged to live by faith, and also take steps of faith. As a school, we are taking a big step of faith by moving our teaching site from Tokyo to Fukaoka. 

But as we corporately take steps of faith - we know that the time comes when our awesome interns must also take steps into what God has for them next. This is the season for Tamiko Murakami. 

God is opening doors for her to go alongside the church at Calvary Chapel Iwakuni - and serve alongside Pastor Glen & Farah Phipps. Why we are sad to see our sister go - yet we are blessed to send her to our extended family in Iwakuni. 

Tamiko was with us here as a student for one year, and then after graduation, returned as an intern where she has served for about five and half years. We have seen a lot of growing in her spiritually, and how God has matured her into a wonderful woman of God. She is a fantastic translator, a good dorm steward for our girls, and great friend. 

We will miss your gentleness & beautiful smile friend - but we are excited to hear how the Lord will use you in your next steps. 

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Lord is doing a Good Word in Bakersfield

The Church in Bakersfield is growing! Praise the Lord! The Lord is blessing Gil in the Rosedale area. These are some pictures of their fellowship evening with some of the body. I sure wish I could have been there, but look forward to joining this group of believers in the future. God bless you Gil. Super blessed for you. "Lord, bless this Work for You".

Okinawa through the Sky

Zach and I are on our way to Fukuoka. We rented the house and will begin to get it ready. Will you join us in prayer as we will be looking for house equipment: furniture, fridge, stove, washing machine, etc., a new step of faith indeed.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pastor Temote Teaches at Friday Lectures

It was a blessing to have Temote teach the "Lectures in Ministry" class here at the Bible College this Friday morning. We appreciate his servant heart, willing to serve the Bible College Students in any ways. God bless you Pastor!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fellowship Life at CCBCJAPAN

Chillin out in the Word at the Koininia Cafe. A great ace to come and study the Word. Please continue to pray for our wonderful students and interns.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Katsuren Castle Ruins and Ikei Island Trip

A Great Day with some of the Students to Katsuren Castle and Ikei Island Swimming. Fun in the Son at CCBCJapan.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pastor David Heading Home

It was a blessing being with Pastor David from CCEchoPark. We had some good times, got a lot of vision from The Lord. Now we will see what The Lord will do next. We were all super blessed.

Reunion with Hannah

It's been three years since Hannah has been back to the home church on a Wednesday night service. We were blessed to have her here for two Wednesdays PLUS her new husband Micah. Please come back to visit soon.

The Hong Kong Conference

It was a blessing to attend the CC Asia Missions Conference in Hong Kong with these wonderful people.

A Special Visit

Pastor David, Zach and I were able to Head down to Itoman to the Memorial Peace Park. On the way there we stopped by Mitsukuni' house to pray a blessing over their Ministry. Please pray for them, good things are in Store. We will keep you posted.

A/C Up and running at CCNAGO

We are super blessed with Pastor Tim. Their Air Con is hooked up at their Church. Praise The Lord! Thank you CCO for blessing the crew with the A/C from Sendai. God is good!

Blessed Lunch with Pastor David Higa

So much fun heading up to Nago. Pastor David ate at the World Famous "Captain Kangaroo". Best burger and atmosphere on island.

Is this still working?

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Steps of Faith

Heading to Fukuoka via Tokyo. I will meet Zach at Narita Airport, spend the night and then head to Fukuoka. We are hoping to find a new place to host the Bible College as well as find a place to start planting a new work of God in the area. If it is of The Lord we will catch a vision and The Lord will leads to the right place. Please keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Safe in Shanghai

No Facebook in China so gotta upload on e3. We are here in China, getting ready to hit the neighborhood and give Eder the "Shanghai Experience". It will be fun. Gonna get some good Fried Rice!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blessed time with Pastor Chizuo

A blessed time with Pastor Chizuo. We had a good time fellowshipping. Here we are eating Okinawa Soba and Jyushi Rice at Sunabe Seawall.