Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sosimo gives devotion, his bodyguard keeps watch

You can tell that Daniel is in deep thought as Sosimo gives the evening devotion for the team. We were blessed Monday night as the team came over our house as hung out. Tim and Ayu taught at the Gogo eigo house, and Sandra Velarde brought dinner over for the team. It was a great night, good worship, good food and good fellowship. Please keep the team in your prayers. Check out the picts at http://photos.yahoo.com/okitrip2005. Posted by HelloPastor Tommy

Sunday, June 26, 2005

"Israel and the Israelites" minister at CCOkinawa Night of Worship

Sunday night was a worship night at CCOkinawa. There were 3 bands that ministered that evening. The youngest band that night was "Israel and the Israelites" and they rocked the house. It was a blessing to see everyone worshipping the Lord. The team has been such a blessing thus far. Please continue to pray for them, as they start ministering at OCSI tomorrow. They will have a heavy schedule. Also remember to pass on the word to others to check out the website. God bless you all.Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

Saturday, June 25, 2005

TC-1 Youth group meeting at Sunset Beach

On Friday night the team led worship for the high school group in Okinawa. Daniel Sedota did a great job. As we were listening to the Bible study, it began to rain, and I mean rain! It came down super hard, praise God we were under a large patio at the beach. So we were sheltered from the hard rains, but the Bible Study went on. It was a great night. Posted by Hello

Chow'in down at Big Dai Chan

This is a great soba shop in Okinawa, all the locals hang out here. Great food, and as you can see, lots of it. Segmon (you can't see his face, only his fro) is finishing off some Miso Ramen, it is a huge bowl! His meal also came with Chicken Katsu. So he had a great feast. Remember, on our blog, you can write down some comments, so leave one, for Segmon. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

Jamie and Hannah on the Reef in Yomitan

We had the opportunity to hang out on the reef during low tide on Friday afternoon. We saw all kinds of creatures and we are not talking about Mario. The team had a blast. Check out more picts at http://photos.yahoo.com/okitrip2005. Posted by Hello

Devotion time on Torii Beach

Friday afternoon we had a time of worship and Segmon gave us a sweet devotion. The weather was great and we had a good lunch together. Posted by Hello

100 yen clowning around

As soon as they arrived at the Ruiz's they took off and walked to the 100 yen store. It is the same as a dollar store in California. They were trying to bring back a trend by sporting the new hats. With all seriousness, these guys are a blessing. Check out more picts on http://photos.yahoo.com/okitrip2005 Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Team arrives from CCLivingwater

Thank you everyone for all your prayers. The team from Cali arrived safely and in good spirits after being in the airplane for over 14 hours. The "flight was fast" says Segmon Joyce, as they arrived ready to serve. So we spent the rest of the day getting them situated in their new homes, exchanging American currency for Japanese Yen, and of course, getting some good Japanese cuisine. Please keep them in your prayers as they will be in this country for 5 weeks. They will be serving at OCSI, CCOkinawa, and helping in outreaches in different places on the island. Don't worry Karolina, we will be taking great care of Sosimo. (Starting from left to right; Segmon Joyce, Jamie Sedota, Mario Mendoza, Sosimo Avila, Israel Dominguez, and Daniel Sedota) God bless you all, we will be posting more picts in the coming days ahead.Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Future retreat center in Colorado

You might remember Jesse and Rose Hernandez in California. Well a few months ago they bought a ranch in Pueblo, Colorado. It is a 50 acre ranch with a 5,000 sq. ft. house. The couple's vision is for the Lord to transform it into a Conference center to be used for the Lord's glory. In Jesse's own words, "All are welcome". Can you see it? Cabins located all over the mountain side, youth spending time alone with Jesus. So, please pray for this wonderful vision that it will come to pass in God's timing. Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

Thursday, June 09, 2005

David Downs graduates from CCBC in Hungary

Praise the Lord! David graduated. He will have a busy schedule for the summer and will be back in Cali sometime in September. Please keep him in your prayers, as the Lord continues to lead and guide our dear brother. May the Lord bless you David as you serve him one day at a time. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Afterglow service at the CCPastor's conference in Murrieta Hot Springs

After the Tuesday night session at the Pastor's conference, we spent some time worshipping the Lord. We allowed the Lord to minister to our hearts.Posted by Hello

CCBC, e3missions ministry table at the CCPastor's Conference

It has been a blessing at the Pastor's conference. Our ministry table looked great, and we had the opportunity to meet many Pastor's. It was a blessing to see how many people were interested in the work going on in Okinawa. We had a laptop computer set out that constantly showed pictures and Japanese candy for the Pastor's. Posted by Hello

Tom Hallan's Ordination paper

Yes he is official. He is no longer Tom Hallman, but now, Pastor Tom Hallman. Doesn't he look good, we are so blessed to be a part of Tom's life. His family is getting ready to leave for Virginia on the 11th of July, so please keep them up in your prayers. Posted by Hello

The Pastor's of CCLivingwater and Company

Wow! We finally got all the guys together. The only Pastor that is missing is..... can you guess; Dylan Smith. So starting at the bottom left are Pastors; Jerry Simmons, Rick Barnett, Tom Hallman, Cisco Espinosa, Gil Garcia, Tommy Ruiz, Top left, Masaru Oshiro, John Greenroyd, Dion Douville, and Pule Liaga. Again, it was such a blessing to see all the guys together for such a wonderful night at Tom Hallman's Ordination service. Posted by Hello

CCLivingwater's board meeting

The Pastor's got together and had a Saturday morning board meeting at the church. We covered church business, and the only person who was missing is Dylan Smith, but we had him in on the meeting via conference call. Posted by Hello

Friday night men's study at Jesse Hernandez house

I had the opportunity to teach at the Livingwater men's Biblestudy on Friday night. It was such a blessing to get together with some of the men. This photo started out as a candid shot, but then the guys wanted in on the picture. Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

Look at Segmon's new hair style in Cali

Hey Okinawa, the College and High school are looking forward to coming to Okinawa. But look in the background, Segmon has a new hair style. Israel is in front holding the guitar. Posted by Hello

College Youth at CCLivingwater

Wednesday night after service the CC Youth hang out and fellowship long after the service is over. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Packing for California can be tiring

We were getting ready, packing for California and we noticed that Asa just fell asleep over the couch. We just had to get a picture. Don't worry, we did not leave him there, but moved him and let him sleep comfortably. We will be in the States for 3 weeks at the Pastor's conference, visiting other churches and spending time with family and friends. Keep checking in on the website, we will be posting picts from all that is happening here in Cali. To our family back in Okinawa, that we will miss you all for the 3 weeks, but look forward to returning with fresh vision and direction from the Lord. Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy