Saturday, June 30, 2007

Interesting Okinawan Japanese Custom

A few months ago I was in an accident (ouch). Praise God no one in the van was hurt. But, the bad thing is that a moped/scooter hit my van. This is the short version; Amber and I were heading to the Bible College in the morning. As we were turning onto the street a scooter was coming. It was raining and he lost control, spun out, and hit the back of my van, also his body slid into the van. He got hurt, he was taken to the hospital. Praise God he is doing fine, but, I later found out that he is a policeman and works down in headquarter in Okinawa City. To make a long story short, it was 90% my fault, 10% his fault. But this is the interesting Okinawan custom. The adjuster came to my door and stated that they would pay for all of his damages, and a little of mine. But, they will be putting money into my account because it is a custom in Okinawa if you are in an accident and the person is hurt, you are to visit him either in the hospital or at his home and give him an apology with an envelop with money in it. The insurance company gives you the money, but you are to personally visit him and give him like a peace offering. Later the insurance company will pay all of his damages and loss of work pay. This is real interesting; in the States, when you are in an accident, the insurance company takes care of everything and usually you never see the person again. Everyday is a learning experience in another country. Agape, Pastor Tommy

Prayer meeting at the Pallmann's

Thursday evening we took a ride down to Ishikawa. This is the beach that is located near the Pallman's residence. Lord willing we will be having some outreaches here in the future for the people of Ishikawa. Starting this Friday night, we will no longer hold prayer meetings at the Ruiz's house, but will be moving the english prayer time to Dan's house. The Japanese will still be meeting with Pastor Tim for Prayer and the youth will continue to meet in Ginowan. It is exciting to see what the Lord will be doing next.

Attention all Prayer Warriors

I recently recieved an email from Pastor Tom Hallman in Virginia. They are seeking to rent this facility for their church in Williamsburg. Will you join with them in prayer for this venture of faith. CCWilliamsburg presently rents the library in thier town for Sunday Morning Services. It would be a blessing for them to have their own place to meet regularly. God bless you family in Williamsburg Virginia.

School of Ministry Graduate: Pastor Pule

This is a picture of Pastor Pule, his wonderful wife Colleen and beautiful baby Fia. Pule recently graduated from Calvary Chapel's School of Ministry. He also holds a B.A. degree from Azusa University. We are so proud of you bro, may the Lord continue to lead and guide you every step of the way. Agape, Pastor Tommy

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

w2 - On Track

It was a blessing to be back and join the crew of w2 on Sunday nights at the Koinonia Cafe. The worship was great and Trevor gave a good message. It is awesome to see how Tamiko is growing in her ability to translate the message into Japanese. You got to hand it to these translators, it is not easy to listen in english, then comprehend what is being said, then switch it to Japanese and speak it to the people. This is all done in a matter of seconds. God bless all of you who serve in translating the Gospel into different languages.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Too Cool for School

This is a recent picture from Pastor Tom Hallman's blog. For some of you who do not know Tom he Pastor's the Calvary Chapel in Williamsburg, Virginia. Recently his son Patrick (left) graduated from High School. This picture was taken in Virginia while they were clown'in around in the Old City. Check it out, as you can see Pastor Tom is having too much fun. What is he thinking? I think that he really wants to relive the old days. Please check out their blog

The New Work in Ishikawa!

It is such a blessing, the Pallman's have moved into the area and soon we will be starting a new work here. The surrounding area has a population of over 100,000. In the upper pictures, you can see their new apartment, it has plenty of room to start a Bible Study. Please continue to pray for this new work, that the Lord would be glorified, as we lift up His Name.

Amber's Work of Art

While on summer break, Amber went to work on the Bible College room. She painted this beautiful mural. She did an excellent job. First the Thrift Store and now this! This girl is awesome! Thanks again Amber, may the Lord bless your time back in the States.

Okinawan bugs

On the way up to the church this morning in the elevator there was this colorful bug. Okinawa is full of different styles, shapes and sizes. They are creepy but beautiful. Around this time of the year all the species will be coming out, and boy do they make a lot of noise. Watchout guys, it's bug time!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Calvary Livingwater: The first Years

June 3rd, CCLivingwater celebrated their 16th year anniversary. Back then Gil Garcia had some video of those beginning years and he put together this video for us. We hope that you like it. It is amazing to see what the Lord did in those beginning years and where the church is today.

Naha Samurai Vunder

This is Rob's uniform for the Ryukyu Naha Samurai. He is number 44. This is kind of interesting, I don't think that they could write Wunderlich, so they put "Robert" on the back of his shirt. He is real excited to be a part of this team. Please pray for Vunder, that he would be a great witness on and off the field.

Back in Okinawa

This is an Island close to Okinawa. As we were flying home, Michal took this picture. When we arrived in Okinawa we were reminded on how blessed we are to be able to minister in Japan. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We appreciate all the love and support that everyone gave us back in California. Agape, Pastor Tommy

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Heading back to Okinawa

We head back to Okinawa tonight. We were grateful for our time in California, but now it is time to return home. We look forward with anticipation on what the Lord will do when we get back. Pastor Tim and the crew have been heading up ministry in Okinawa while were we gone. Reports have come back that they did a great job! The Lord continues to do a wonderful work. Please continue to pray for all of us, and the work that the Lord is doing. As we return, we will be making preparations for the teams and the missionaries who will be coming to join us, as well as preparing for the upcoming CCBC Fall Semester. We cannot forget the great work that God will be doing as the Pallmann's have stepped out in faith and moved to Ishikawa in Uruma City. God bless you all, and we look forward to seeing all our family back in Okinawa. Pastor Tommy

Please keep Jesse Hernandez Jr in your Prayers

While we were in Bishop California, news got back to us that Jesse Sr's son was stabbed at a graduation party Friday night. Jesse and myself shot down from Bishop to the hospital as fast as we could. It was touch and go for Jesse Jr, but the Lord brought him through. It was a miracle that he did not die. He was stabbed twice, once in the rib cage (piercing the stomach), and once in the back of the hamstring. Jesse Jr is in the hospital now, he will be there for about a week. Please continue to pray for the Hernandez family and all that the Lord has in store for them in the future. When you get a chance, please leave an encouraging word for Jesse Jr by clicking the comment button below. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Time with Zach

Our family stayed back around a week later in California so that I could spend some time with Zach in the Eastern Sierra's. Next year at this time, Zach will not be returning with us to Okinawa. He will be attending CCBC in Murrieta. So this will be one of the last times that we will spend together before he graduates from High School. The Lord blessed our time together. We caught so many fish! These were a few of the larger ones we caught on the last day. The first day Zach caught a huge one. We also caught many nice brown trout. We were totally blessed!

Lake Sabrina: Eastern Sierra Mountains

These are more pictures of the fishing in Bishop. This day we caught so many fish that we totally lost count. Everyone went home with their limit of fish. Some guys had to go home Sunday, so they went home happy. George Sedota said "if I come home with no fish, Patti said, don't bother to come home". God honored his servants heart, Patti will be one happy wife.

Tom and Joanna at the Horne's Wedding

The pictures of Tom and Joanna are far and few between. So we thought is would be cool to put one up. Please continue to pray for the Ruiz family as they head back to Okinawa tonight.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Men's fishing trip from CCLivingwater

The guys are in Bishop, California. They are having their first night of devotions after a full day of fishing in the Eastern Sierra's. They are tired but so blessed to be away having a great time. Please pray for us that we catch a lot of fish, but most importantly, we have sweet fellowship with the Lord and each other.

Crew in Korea

The Okinawan team are back at home now and Natsuki sent me this picture while they were in South Korea, waiting for their connecting flight. It was a blessing to have them visit church family in California.

Who are these guys?

Israel and Abel just graduated from Norco High School. Israel (left) will be attending Cal State Fullerton and Abel will be enlisting into the US Navy. Please continue to pray for these two dudes. Also, there were other graduates, please send me their photos. God bless you, Pastor Tommy

Aaron and Doug

Please continue to pray for these guys, they are making preparations to come back to Okinawa and intern for the Bible College. Some of you may remember Aaron and Doug. Both of these guys spent there third semester in Okinawa at the Bible College. These guys are a real blessing. Again, please keep them in your prayers.

Graduations for CCLivingwater

Wednesday evening service was a special time for all those who graduated from school. We had those who were going to High School, those who were going to College and those who graduated from College. It was a blessed service. Pastor Jerry taught the Word and then Jon Horne led in a time of prayer for each group.

Wow! Watermelon

This melon is huge! No not Asa's head but this California Watermelon. Melons are so cheap in Cali. The one that Asa is holding cost less than 1.00 dollar. In Okinawa, this watermelon would cost us about 20.00 dollars. We are making sure, that we get our fill in the States.

Japanese Crew heading back to Okinawa

The people in California are really going to miss this group from Okinawa. Thank you again Jesse and Rose for taking care of Hideyuki. Thank you Jeanine and Monique for taking care of the girls. I know that their lives will never be the same since their visit to California.

Vunder's Dad

Jesse is on the left and Vunder's Dad Rob Sr. is on the right. We had the opportunity to go and visit with him for a few minutes. Rob Sr. is so proud of his son living in Okinawa and now playing Amateur Baseball. We can clearly see Vunder is his dad. Gambate Vunder, go strong for Jesus!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Wedding

Evangelina looks so beautiful! Jon you look good too. It was an incredible event! Everyone who attended were so blessed. Sorry we do not have a lot of pictures, but as soon as I find out where everyone is posting them, we will let you know. In fact, leave a comment and a link below if you have picts so that we can check them out. God bless you Jon and Lina, we love you so much!