Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good Oreos

I have to put these up. Jadelyn made deep fried Oreos. I could not believe it, they taste sooooo good. A big cup of coffee and three Oreos. Delicious!

Gorgeous View

Pastor Steve took us out for an afternoon of sightseeing. We went up north to the Nature Reserve. The beach was beautiful. It reminded me of Okinawa. We had a blessed time.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kayli and Mom

We all remember our dear sister Kayli. It was great seeing her again and getting to know her mom and dad. After church we went out to lunch for some delicious Italian food.

Sunday Morning at CCGuam

We had a blessed Sunday morning service. I did not get a chance to take a picture until it was time to leave. The fellowship was sweet. A great group of people.

In Country!

I made it to Guam. On arrival they blessed me with this Lei. It is such a blessing to be with the Fukawa's. It is now time to go to Church.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Taipei to Guam


Just hanging out in the airport in Taipei. It is a really nice airport and the best thing is the free wi-fi. The flight from Taiwan to Guam should take about 4 1/2 hours. But I am not sure because of the time zone change. What I am a little worried about is the weather. We are just coming off of Summer in Okinawa and the weather is still hot in Guam. The temperature today was 31 Celsius, that is the low 90’s, we will see what the humidity is like, that makes all the difference.

Time to Go!

I should be boarding any moment now. Next stop Taipei, which is China Airlines major hub in Taiwan.

Heading to Guam

Tonight Pastor Tom will be flying out to Guam to teach Sunday morning at CCGuam. And to be a part of the Leadership Seminar at the Church. Please pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit and for God to do a good work.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Wishbone

Because many of the Japanese people have never seen a turkey, they do not know the importance of the wishbone and how to break it. So we played a game with them to see who would win breaking the wishbone, it was a lot of fun. The gals won every time.

This Amazes Me!

Like Blockbuster Video in the States, we have a store here in Okinawa called "Tsutaya". It is funny to see them write something like this in English. A multimillion dollar company making a ten dollar mistake.

Championship Rings!

I am serious! The guys were given championship rings today. The glory of one game, it can make all the difference. The guys are blessed.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

One Big Turkey

photoIt is time to cook this huge bird! It weighs over 14 kilos (24 pounds). Many of the Japanese have never seen a bird this big before. We are looking forward to cooking it up. It is going to be another fun day, Thanksgiving day that is!

Yoshua teaching Day 2

On our second Thanksgiving Celebration Yoshua again taught the Word for our Japanese guests. I think we have an Evangelist on our hands.

Japanese kids crash the Party

During our Thanksgiving celebration the kids that Joanna teaches English passed by the cafe. So we gave them some treats. These kids are so cute.

Champion's Again!

The guys pulled out a huge upset! Overpowered in numbers and height a modern day David vs. Goliath story. Good job guys and everyone good sportsmanship. The trophy is safe and sound in Ginowan City.

Will it return?

As you can see the Trophy is gone. The guys are playing the annual "Turkey Bowl" in Okinawa. We play every year against CCOkinawa. Who will win this year? Will the trophy return back to CCGinowan? You make the call.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yoshua shares the Gospel

We had a lot of Japanese people at the celebration. So we asked Yoshua to be prepared to share in the Word. He spoke loud and clear. God is using this brother. Praise the Lord!

Save some for me!

Don't worry, there was so much food! We all ate until we were stuffed! But there is more, there is still dessert.

Turkey Surprise

The Japanese are always blown away at the size of the turkeys. For many of them this is their first time trying one. Every likes turkey!

Tuesday Thanksgiving Celebration

Since Tuesday is a Japanese holiday, we celebrated Thanksgiving Japanese style. So much food! Only in Japan can you eat Turkey and spam sushi at the same time.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Costa Rica Fundraiser

nate sosIMG_4712nate ina IMG_4719Sosimo will be leaving for Costa Rica soon, so there was a fund raiser for those who will be heading out.  Nate came down for the event to see Sosimo and Ina was there too. It is so good to see the old gang. Praise the Lord, we are blessed with the pictures. Thank you Ina!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Official!

Daniel Sedota is engaged! And to a wonderful gal! God bless you both, we are excited for you. It is not every day that you get engaged (but that has been happening a lot lately), so we pray that you enjoy this special time. For the rest of you who want to know how "Mr. Romantic" popped the question, you can check it out on his blog; www.sedota.blogspot.com . For the rest of us, please leave an engagement greeting below.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthday Lunch

We took Toki and Tom to our favorite Ramen joint; College Ramen. This is the best ramen in all of Okinawa. If someone knows of a better place please email us and we will check it out. But we have tried a lot of places and no one has topped "College Ramen".

Yoshua' Grandpa at Lectures

Shinyosan experienced the war first hand as a little boy. His testimony for Jesus was incredible! It all started with a missionary sharing the love of Jesus. We were all so blown away! Let's keep going forward for Jesus Christ.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Good Looking Crew

IMG_3351This was the group that headed to Okuma this week. All the students had a great time, it was such a blessing. We are all thankful that the Lord allowed us to have this time away, just to seek and hear from the Lord. Praise God! He spoke to so many of us.

The Birthday Boyz

IMG_0181Tom’s Birthday is today and Toki’s is Saturday. Both of these guys are such a blessing. But I want to ask one question? What is up with the pink cake? I thought that it would have been more manly for these two guys, maybe a chocolate with chocolate chip sprinkles or something. What do you guys say, why do you think it was pink? Happy Birthday boys, God bless you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time to Say Goodbye

It was sad to see Pastor Rich leave, but he has to head back to Fuchu. Thank you bro for a blessed week. God did a good work!

The Righteous are at Peace

Both Aya and Emi are asleep on the beach at peace. Sleep in Jesus is always the best. On the beach in the sun with a cook breeze, priceless.

Session IV

The last stand! Paul finishes up his letter to Timothy..... Fulfill your ministry! Be faithful to the end! The students are being faithful, but we need to be faithful to the end.

Sweet Bonfire!

The last night was Rockin! We had a blast worshipping the Lord and sharing in testimony. In the end Joel let us bust into the sugar cereal and eat some snacks...... Awe!!!!! It was better than cookies!

Session III

Chapter three of the book of 2Timothy, some good stuff! We are living in the last days. Paul told Timothy that he has followed his life as an example of Christ. Let's follow Jesus just like Paul.

Newell's at Okuma

Tim and Ayu came up to spend some time with us for the last night session. Little "Tom"oki (Tomoki) is so cute! He stole the show. Thank you Tim and Ayu for coming and blessing us.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Session II

"I don't want to be a vessel (trophy) I want to be a cup". That was the theme of the session. We saw 7 pictures of the "duties" of the man of Christ.

Sweet Campsite

This is a good looking site. Early in the morning people are still sleeping.

Great Picture

visitpicThank you so much Ina for sending this picture; this means so much to us here in Okinawa! Not only is it great to see the Amargo’s but so awesome to see both Kevin Inca and Sosimo. God bless all of you. We are so looking forward to seeing you at the missions conference. We are bringing some surprises this year, more Japanese gals will be with us so they can be introduced to our Gaijin families.

Relaxing at Okuma

Just chillin out on the patio. Chips and dips, the perfect snack. Yes!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Session I

"stir up the passion juice" it said it all! A powerful first session for all of us. Timothy was chillin out and needed to "stir up the gift". Don't be chillin on the fridge.

Setting up the Tents

Twenty eight people will be tenting it on the beach. For many of the Nihonjin students (Japanese) this will be there first time. We are looking forward to a great time at Okuma.

Let the Okuma Retreat Begin!

We made it safe to Okuma to have our CCBC Retreat. We are so blessed that Pastor Rich will be teaching the students.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pastor Rich from Fuchu

Rich came all the way from the Tokyo are to come and be with us for most of the week. He taught at our Men's breakfast and Sunday morning he will be at CCNaha followed at CCGinowan Sunday night. Monday he will be with us for 3 days camping at the Bible College Retreat. It should be a blast!

Calvary Men's Breakfast

It was such a blessing getting all the Calvary' together for a Men's breakfast. The only one who was missing was Pastor Tim. But that was my fault for the late invite. It was a great blessing.

Maria and her Baby!

We go way back with Maria. Back to her days at OCSI. She is now married and has a beautiful baby girl. It was so good seeing Maria. She heads home soon back to Oklahoma. God bless you Maria, hopefully next time you can bring your husband.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taliya' Testimony

This was the first time that Taliya gave her testimony in English. Part of their ESL (english as a second language) class, they have to give their testimony in English. She did a fabulous job!

Homemade Chestnuts

These are delicious when prepared properly. This was our first time roasting them. I know that I can do better next time. One actually exploded in my hand, but I will let Hannah tell that story.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Kayo's Flower

This is the beautiful plumeria that I gave Kayo the other day as her and Andrew left our house. Plumeria's are the most beautiful flower in all of Okinawa.

Jewish Lecture

Mr. Joseph is a Messianic Jew living in Jerusalem. He is visiting here in Okinawa and giving lectures on Israel and the Messiah. We were able to take the students into Naha City and be a part of one of his services.

A First Again on e3missions

When was the last time you saw Eric Bloom? Well this post is so special because we have the first picture of his new wife Lilly. Praise the Lord! We miss you Eric, we hope you are doing great. We are so blessed for you bro! God bless you all!

Major Mark Davis

Nate apologies that the picture is not clear, but anything will do for us. Isn't it great to see Mark again. He is stationed at Camp Pendleton in California. He still looks great! It is good to see Christy and Josh too. God bless you 4, it is great to see you again.

Brother Nate and Pastor Rich

IMG_0162We all know brother Nate, but many of us do not know Pastor Rich. He is the one who will be taking over for Pastor Jeremiah in Machida. I was able to hang out with Rick in Tokyo last week. He is a great guy. God bless you Nate, great to see you again.