Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cotton's Devo!

Awesome! You know you are going to get the milk and the meat when Tom teaches. Thank you bro for your devotion and thank you Tamiko always for your great translation. To God be all the Glory!

Happy Birthday Joanna

Wednesday the 24th of April was my lovely wife Joanna's birthday! God has blessed me with a great wife and a wonderful mother of my children. Thank you Jesus! Happy Birthday Honey!

Anna Hebel Devotion

Anna did a great job teaching the Word for the devotion at CCBCJAPAN. I am amazed at these gals ability to teach God's Word. Taliya is growing leaps and bounds with her ability to translate. These gals are rockin.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Temote and Joel Sightseeing with the Teen Challenge Group Mainland Japan

Joel has been spending the week with the Teen Challenge group in Okayama and it looks like they are blessed. They have been doing Bible Studies, training and eating. Don't forget the sightseeing in the area. Be blessed boyz!

Yoshua' Encouraging Devotion

Yoshua is blessing us this morning at CCBC JAPAN. It is always a blessing to hear from Yoshua. He is ready and excited!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Okinawan Wild Flowers

I planted these bulbs years ago. Every year they come up but never flower. This is the first year that I got the flower. My Little Okinawan Garden.

Prayer for Ashley

We are going to miss our sister Ashley as she heads out to Clovis, New Mexico with her husband and they will be stationed at Cannon AirForce Base. Hummmmm? Who do we know there? Pastor Quint and Yolie! Praise The Lord! God bless you Ashley, we will miss your evangelism spirit. Thank you for being faithful to bring your Japanese friends to service.

Our New Translator

Totally blessed to have Mike Tamashiro translate for the first time here at CCGINOWAN. He did a great job! To God be all the Glory!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Real Trooper!

I got Pastor Tom Hallman "Landboarding" here in Okinawa and he kind of fractured his wrist. It was on the first day of his missions trip with us here in Okinawa. He actually tore ligaments in his wrist. Again, he is a good trooper, he hardly complained the whole trip. Now he is in a cast. Stand Up Landboarding did not conquer Tom, he conquered it. God bless you my bro, we had a blast in Asia.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Heading back Home!

Yippee! Time to go back to Okinawa. We miss our family back in Japan. God has great things in store for us all. To God be the Glory!

Heightened Security at Incheon Airport

Because of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, security has been heightened. This is the longest line that I have ever been in here in Incheon. Usually you go right through. Terrible times we do live in. Jesus come back soon.

Saying Goodbye to the Virginia Group

Blessed time indeed! We are going to miss them. Okinawa, Tokyo and Korea. Now that was a missions trip! We were blessed that they were able to spend time in Okinawa and see the campus in both places. They will be able to pray for us better now seeing the ministry.

Bus ride to Incheon

Well, it is time to leave for the airport. The Virginia team will be leaving today but Joanna and I leave Tuesday morning. It has been a blessed trip indeed. To God be ALL the Glory!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pastor Tom Teaching at CCDaejeon

Pastor Tom did a great job teaching Sunday afternoon here in Korea. Everyone was blessed! Afterwards we had a blessed afterglow. A full day of ministry.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy 27th Anniversary!

Tom and Jeanne celebrate their 27th Anniversary while they are here in Korea. May The Lord bless them with many more years to come! Happy Anniversary!

The Group at CCDaejeon

Yeah! We are all finally together and we can get on with the fellowship. Just got back from "House of Hope" ministering to the young people. A blessed time indeed.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Korean Shopping

We spent the day with the gang at Calvary Cheonan. Now I am taking the out shopping. They get wild when they have Korean money in their pocket.

Chillin with Dean

What a joy it has been tone with brother Dean here in Korea. He is doing great! Please continue to pray for him as his Korean is rockin and he is blessed to be serving. A real joy just being with him.

Made it to Korea!

Yeah! Left Tokyo at 5:30am, arrived Incheon at 8:50pm. It was a fun adventure chillin in Osaka. The team are doing good. Now, the 2.5 hour bus ride into Daejeon. Fun times roll on.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boarding to Korea

Most of the team is ahead of us on the plane. We are flying Peach Air to Korea. Discount airline. I love it! The only way to Fly! Discount! Cool planes, leather seats, but no frills.

We are off to Osaka, then Korea!

Here we go folks, leaving for Osaka. We will have about a 7 hour layover, then off to Incheon. Please keep us in your prayers.

Midweek Service at CCFuchu

A great crowd gathered at CCFuchu in Tokyo as Pastor Tom Hallman taught the Word! A blessed time indeed. God is doing a good work in Fuchu and the Bible Colleges are having fun being a part. "Lord, bless Your work in Japan"! God bless you all!

It Made it!

We transferred the coffee grinder from Okinawa to CCBCTOKYO. This grinder is a blessing! Tom Cotton and Tamiko found it the other day at a recycle shop. The lady wanted only 4,000yen (about $45.00usd). She was not even sure it worked. They easily go for about $600.00usd. Another great find. Thank you Jesus!

Taami Testimony

Our sister Taami gave her testimony and we were all super blessed! Thank you Taami for the encouraging words. We are so thankful that you are a part of this semester. God is Good!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Live Class with Peter

Usually Peter comes to us via webcam but today he traveled to Tama Station to teach the students LIVE! Peter is a great teacher, we are blessed here at CCBCJAPAN.

We are in Tokyo

We arrived yesterday and are having a good time seeing the sights. The team is getting to know Tokyo culture. Tokyo time!

View from the Tokyo Government Building

We are looking at downtown Tokyo. Amazing buildings and such an amazing place. All these lights, all these people need to hear about Jesus Christ.

Toshiya Shares his Testimony

Super blessed to hear from Toshiya. God is doing a great work in this young guy. We are blessed to have him here at the Bible College.

Monday, April 08, 2013

First Leg Over, the Second Begins

The Virginia team is heading to Tokyo! We will spend 4 days with the CCBCTOKYO Crew and then off to Korea! Praise God!


Leave it up to Caroline to take the coolest picture of us taking a picture! You rock girl! Rockin at the Peace Park!

Communion Potluck

The first Sunday of the Month is Communion Potluck Sunday. The body at CCG gathers for a blessed lunch after second service. We almost ran out of food this week.

Pastor Tom Teaching at CCGinowan

It was a blessing having Pastor Tom teach Sunday Morning at CCGinowan. He encouraged the body to be a people of faith. Totally blessed! Thanks bro!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Rihito Cutie

Robb's baby is getting cuter by the day. Who would have figured that he would have such a gorgeous baby! Ha! Jk!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Calvary Women's Conference

It is rockin! The ladies are blessed to be here and we are blessed to host them. May the Holy Spirit continue to bless the ladies in a mighty way! To God be the Glory!

Friday, April 05, 2013

Beautiful Weather up North

The team had a great time and the sun came out to give us this great picture. A blessed afternoon in deed. Praise God!

Lectures with Pastor Tom Hallman

PT did a great job teaching the Word this morning. Principals in leadership, we were all blessed!

CCBC Students in Tokyo

Ahhhhh, the Cherryblossoms are in full effect. So beautiful! Some people wait their whole life to come and see the blossoms in full bloom. The Bible College Students are in Tokyo at a special time. Be blessed everyone!

Pizza In Fellowship

The best pizza on island! (Well, that is what I think) Japanese pizza is delicious! I love the thin crust. Especially when it is "all you can eat"!

Takoyaki Maker

The Lord blessed us with this professional Takoyaki machine. This is awesome! We are going to be able to make some great food. Chowwwww!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Peace Park Visit

The team fellowshipping down South. Good times in Okinawa. The Best!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Pastor Tom Hallman Discipleship Class

Leadership Training at CCBC JAPAN. Pastor Tom is blessing us with a teaching on leadership? Are you called? Then you better be satisfied with that calling. Some good stuff indeed.