Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, Our Day Off

It was a beautiful day and we decided to take the kids, missionaries, the Newell's and the Barrios family out for a day at the beach. We went to a new beach in the South Eastern side of the island in Nishihara. We say new because they just opened this area and the beach is beautiful. We are sitting under this large Cabana area having lunch. It was a fun day in the Son.

Famous Conical Hill

This place is famous for a few reasons. First back in WWII, this was the site of a famous battle in which over 2,000 soldiers lost their lives. This was a very difficult hill to take but important for the Americans if they were to advance to the Capital City in Shuri and eventually Naha. Secondly, even more important, way before WWII, Commodore Perry took his men to the pinnacle of this area (which is the tallest area South of Okinawa). It is at this point that you can overlook most of the southern area of Okinawa. Commodore Perry was famous for many reasons (upper right pict, also do a google search to learn more about this famous man and all that he did). One quote that he did say that was very important. He said that "Okinawa would be the doorway to the Orient", I believe that these words were more prophetic than anything. Conical Hill is located in the area of Nishihara on the South Eastern side of the Island.

Happy Birthday Ally!

We celebrated Ally's Birthday today at the Koinonia Cafe. The Cafe was a little hot because the A/C unit was giving us trouble but we fixed it. Check out Trevor clownin around in the background. If Christina would have moved the cake a little more over, he would have been the center piece. Ally you are a blessing, we hope that you had a wonderful Birthday. God bless you girl!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Preacha!

Today Sosimo taught the Word of God at Futenma Chapel. Chaplain Wood ask him if he could fill in for him this Sunday Morning. He did an incredible job and the body were so blessed. Praise the Lord for His Spirit working through Sosimo. Please continue to lift up all the interns here at CCGinowan.

The Baby and Ayu

She is looking so cute. The baby is starting to show, and we are all so excited! Ayu is feeling good, no more morning sickness. Tim is such a good father, making sure the A/C is working good in the house for his baby and bride. Please continue to lift up Ayu and Tim before the Lord that Baby Newell is growing strong and healthy in the Lord.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Break Dance Festival #7

Tonight we passed out the invitations for Rythmn Unity 7 (the perfect move). On July 25th Pastor Tim will be hosting this event with "Soap Box Poets" coming in from California. We are looking forward to a great outreach for the Lord. Please continue to life up this event in your prayers to the Lord that many will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and be saved.

Safely but not Perfectly

Traveling back to Okinawa I brought back a special surfboard. Well, it is not really a surfboard but a Stand Up paddle board. Because there are not a lot of waves in Okinawa, I want to get back into the water again. In Hawaii they have been doing SUP (stand up paddle) for some time now, but it is starting to get real popular in the states and in the early stage here in Okinawa. The idea behind SUP is to do just that, to stand up and ride your surfboard using a paddle to propel you in the water. If you want to know more about it, just go to and type in the words Stand Up Paddle Board and you will know what I am talking about. Well, when I shipped my board with me from California, they did not take good care of it and they "dinged" by board pretty bad, the bag got cut, the zipper broke and the strap tore off. Wow! A lot of damage, so I will have to repair it. But all in all, it will be nice to get back in the water again.

Asa's Big Catch!

photos by Hannah Ruiz

It was one of those days in Idaho. Pastor Dion took us out fishing and it was good. All of us caught fish! But this was the biggest one that Asa caught. Even Hannah was catching! It was a real blessing for the whole family.

Japanese Defense Force

The Japanese do not have an army but like Israel they have a Defence Force. When we landed in Naha, there were an unusual amount of jets and air fuelers on the runway. I am used to seeing American fighter planes in the air and on the ground, but this was an unusual site. They did look pretty cool!

Back in Okinawa

Praise the Lord we made it back safely in Okinawa. You know, Okinawa is our home and that is what it feels like when you step off the plane. Sure, you are hit with the humidity and heat, but it's home. There are some cool things that you notice right off the bat; like when you land your plane. These run way workers are getting ready to bow to the plane and passangers as we arrived from the sky. Thank you Lord for a safe and fast arrival.

Friday, June 27, 2008

We made it to Taiwan!

China Airlines
Nov. 2004


We fly China Airlines and they fly from LAX to Taipei Taiwan which in their major hub. The flight was 13 1/2 hours, but it did not seem that long. It is a blessing to be heading back home to Okinawa.

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy


I did not want Zach to come to the airport. It is difficult saying goodbye there, but he wanted to come. So Pastor Cisco, Jay Garner, his son and Zach made the trip to the airport with us. We love you Zach and we are totally going to miss you here in Okinawa. Serve the Lord with all your heart in California. Love, your family in Okinawa.

LAX Mad House





It was insane leaving the airport in LA. There are so many people going on vacation. This is the line to get your baggage screened before they are loaded on the planes. I feel sorry for the baggage handlers. I cannot even imagine how many bags they have to load every day. That cannot be good for their backs. Praise the Lord we made it to our plane in time.

The Dean's are Coming!


Praise the Lord they are coming soon! God continues to open doors for them as they have been selling all of their earthly goods in California. They are planning on moving to Okinawa in mid September. Please continue to pray for them as they make preparations for them and their daughter. God bless you Dean's we are praying for you all.

Joel and Daniel Teaching English

photo by Daniel Sedota


It is a blessing that Daniel and Joel are able to teach english in Naha City. It is a wonderful outreach to the Okinawan people. They have a pretty good group. At the same time they use their english skills they are able to communicate conversationally. Praise the Lord for the time when they will be able to speak to the Japanese in their own language.

Another huge blessing!




Daniel received his new missionary visa! He is allowed to continue to minister with us here in Okinawa Japan. We are so blessed how God continues to open up doors for our missionaries out here. Please continue to pray for him that the Lord would lead and guide him.

It's Birthday Time!


photos by Daniel SedotaDSC09891


There have been a couple of birthdays here in Ginowan. As you can see starting from the top left, we have Toru, Niko and Joe Tipton who all had birthday's this month. God bless you guys, and Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sunday Morning at Calvary Livingwater



The Praise Team led by Israel Dominguez did a great job as they led in worship Sunday morning. In the upper picture we see the youth group meeting for second service in the youth room. The morning services were filled with blessings for the whole family.

Dinner at the Orphilla's





Niel and Vanessa now live in Murrieta California. Please pray for them as Niel is now out of the Airforce and is looking for a job. Damien and Sandra (left) are leaving for England to start a new Calvary Chapel, they leave in a few days. Mike and Lori (right) will also be leaving for Texas to eventually plant a new Calvary Chapel. It was a real blessed evening.

Shabat Dinner

P1030481 P1030483


Part of the Ruiz Family had a special dinner at the Avila's house. Rosie cooked a special Jewish Sabbath Dinner. The meal is prepared Friday and eaten on Saturday. Joanna was given a special shaw to wear for the event. It was a lot of fun.

Sosimo's Cali Car



Well Sosimo, the girls had fun trashing your car. Check out Hannah and Rosie (Sosimo's Sister) having fun with the sleg hammer. Sorry bro, but it is just a car. Just kidding, the girls are just having fun.

The Boyz of Tonaki Jima





Andrew just emailed me about the incredible trip that Yoshua and he had on Tonaki Island. They just went out there in faith, not knowing where they were going to stay, but God hooked them up! Praise the Lord! God is so good!. These are some pictures that he sent me. He told me the story about how God brought a Christian to them who has been praying that God would start a church on the island. He has been praying for 9 years. Andrew feels that God would have them continue to take steps of faith out there. Please continue to pray for Tonaki Jima and what the Lord has in store for them next.