Monday, August 31, 2009

They Made It!

The Spearman's are now in Tokorozawa, Pastor Travis sent us this picture when they arrived. Little Evan is looking for something, it looks like Rusty stole his burger. Watch out Evan, this is the beginning of things to come, first your burger, then your sushi, what next? Keep your eyes on your video games. Great to see you both made it safe to the Mainland.

The Cotton Man is Back!

Tom arrived today from Tokorozawa and we are blessed to have him back. He is the most famous Australian living in Okinawa (well, that is how we feel). Tom will begin his 4th semester here at the Bible College and it is a blessing to have him attending here. God has great things in store for this Mate, and we are blessed that he has returned. Long live the Cotton Man!

Let Orientation Begin!

Today is the first day of Bible College Orientation, and the Lord has blessed us with a full house. Most of the students are here, with the rest joining us this week. Classes begin tomorrow and we are looking forward to a blessed semester. Please keep us in your prayers, that God would lead, guide and direct every aspect of the Bible College, thank you for your prayers.

Rusty and Amber Leaving to Tokorozawa

Off to ministry they go! They are Tokorozawa bound! Amber and Rusty were such wonderful missionary students! Amber served as an intern for the past year and Rusty graduated this past semester. They both almost did not come back for their last semester, but God had better plans for them. We cannot say enough about this wonderful couple. They started strong and finished on fire! They did well. They were such a blessing and an example on how missionaries are supposed to be, faithful in thier service to the Lord. God bless you R and A, we are going to miss you here in Okinawa, but we cannot keep the best here, we need to allow you to move on to ALL that God has in store for you. We LOVE you both! God's blessings on you both!

Yes! Yoshiya!

Yoshiya is half Japanese and half American, or as Pastor Tim says "double, double", because he is all Japanese and all American. Yoshiya comes to us via Mainland Japan too, just like Emi. Our brother attends church in Tokorozawa with Pastor Travis. It is a blessing to be able to teach another student from Travis' church. God bless you Yoshiya, may the Lord lead, guide and direct your steps.

Emi from the Mainland

Meet Emi, she comes to us via Mainland Japan. It is such a blessing to have another Japanese student who will begin studying here with us at the Okinawa Campus. Please pray for Emi in that English is her second language. She knows a lot and can speak fluently, but some of the classes can be a little tough, she will need our prayers. God bless you Emi, we are so blessed that you are here!

Happy Birthday Joel!

Sunday evening we celebrated Joel's Birthday. We had a good time singing to him and making him the main focus! Well, not the whole focus, we also had a potluck for Amber and Rusty as they are leaving for Tokorozawa to continue ministering in Japan. God bless you Joel, and Happy Birthday Bro!

Tim and Ayu's Potluck

The Newell's are moved up to Nago and will now begin doing ministry up North. On Sunday mornings they will no longer be attending with us here in Ginowan but will begin Sunday mornings there. Please continue to pray for them as God has given Tim vision for His work. God puts the desire and leading on our hearts, we just need to take the step of faith. "God, please bless Tim, Ayu and Masaki as they continue to do Your work in Nago. Bless them, please lead them for Your Glory, in Jesus Name we pray, Amen!"

Masaki's Baby Dedication

Sunday morning we had the blessing of dedicating little Masaki to the Lord. Baby dedications are so wonderful, not only are we dedicating the baby to the Lord, but we are also dedicating the parents. Pastor Tim and Ayu are saying that they will do their best to raise up their son in the ways of the Lord. God bless you Newell Family, we are so blessed for you.

Cotton Living Large

Tom Cotton is spending his last days in Tokorozawa before he begins his 4th Semester of Bible College. He has been helping in ministry on the Mainland. Before he leaves Pastor Travis has been getting him "beefed up" literally. Check out this huge meal! Over 1 pound of meat! You better eat good Mr. Cotton, training begins next week, we hope you still have that "washboard abs", we don't think so, but time will soon tell. God bless you buddy!

Typhoon Krovanh

There is a small typhoon that is hitting Mainland Japan. Joshua Brevick is not allowed to fly into Okinawa until tomorrow. He will be ok, but please pray for him and everyone who is on the Mainland, it is a small typhoon, but we do not want to take anything for granted.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ana is Here!

Hello everyone! This is Ana Hebel from Siegen, Germany. She is a first semester student and she knows Tamiko from when she was attending the campus over there. It is a blessing to have another International Student and we are looking forward getting to know her. God bless you Ana, we are blessed that you are here.

Energic Baseball

Rob, back in form ready to pitch. He played another game in Kadena preparing for the tournament that will begin next week. The two top team of this turnament will fly to Mainland Japan to compete against the top teams in the country. It should be good. Please pray for Rob, that the Lord would be glorified through his playing.

Zach Back on Okinawa

Zach arrived on Friday night from California. He will begin his 3rd semester of Bible College after attending Murrieta for 1 year. We are blessed to have him back. We will see what the Lord has in store for him now that he is back on the island.
Numbers 25 - Can one righteous act make the difference? You better believe it baby! Look at Phinehas when the Israelite brought the Midianite woman in defiance right in front of Moses and the congregation of the Lord. He was telling everyone “I don’t care what Moses says, I am going to commit sex with this girl no matter what anyone says”. He took her to the tent or as Allen says “the Israelite started committing the sex act right in front of the people”. Phinehas takes a spear in his hand and runs it through the both of them. The plague stops. God honors what Phinehas does and latter he is honored again in Ps. 106:30-31. The people were worshipping baal of Peor “lord of the gap”. satan tries to fill the gaps in our lives with the “sin of this world”. With what are you filling the “gaps” of your time? Or I should say, what is satan filling the “gaps” of your time with? Maybe it is time to take out our “spiritual spears” and thrust through the areas of sin in our life. It will definitely stop the plague that is destroying your spiritual walk. One righteous act can make the difference.

A Little Typhoon Abrewin

The Typhoon that is forming is pretty far away from us here in Okinawa, but it is still out there. As you can see from the upper picture, it is forming more towards Mainland Japan. But we can always use your prayer. The last typhoon did not hit us but caused a lot of death and destruction on Mainland China and Taiwan. Thank you for your prayers.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Say Hi to Christina Jones

Christina arrived today and we are blessed to have her here in Okinawa. She arrived via China Airlines and she looks good, no problems coming through immigration. Please remember Christina in your prayers as she is a 4th semester student, and will be graduating this December. God bless you girl, great to have you here this semester.

Girl's from Tokorozawa

This is a picture that Pastor Travis sent to us along with his newsletter from Mainland Japan. This is a beautiful picture of Jiai (hey where's Tom Cotton), Erika (Travis' daughter) and Ina (Go Oki Girl!) The smaller picture above is a booth that they set up at the neighborhood carvival in their city. In the words of Travis "they had the only booth that everyone was having fun at minus the alchohol". The blessings of serving the Lord in Japan.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back from Tokorozawa

Ina has been serving the Lord on the Mainland for over two months. She was helping Pastor Travis in Tokorozawa and Pastor Rich in Fuchu. I know that they are going to miss her. She has always been a servant of the Lord. Ina will begin her 3rd semester in Bible College. We pray that the Lord continues to do a great work in her life. Great to have you back girl!

Nate Back Home in Colorado

Nate arrived home safely with no delays. It is hard to believe that he was with us for over 7 months. But now he is back home with his family. May the Lord guide, direct and lead your steps Nate, always remember to put Jesus first in your life.

Wednesday Night Study

On Wednesday night before we get into the Word we take some time to pray for our missionaries and the different works that are happening all over Asia. It is always a good time to pray. When we pray God begins to give us vision, vision for our community, for our church, for the world around us.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's A New Day

Dean and Amanda are back! It is great to see them both. They did an excellent job in Korea but now it is time to start studying the Word full time. Amanda will be graduating this semester and Dean will be starting his third semester. May the Lord bless both of them in a wonderful way.

Sosimo Has Arrived!

Sosimo emailed me and stated that he has arrived safely in Israel. Please continue to pray for our brother as he seeks the Lord in what He will have him to do. Sos went out there in faith, trusting in the leading of the Holy Spirit. Remember prayer is the spiritual supplies that are airlifted and dropped right into the situation wherever he is at. Please continue to lift up our brother to the Lord.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

National Ramen Day!

Today is the day that instant ramen was born! Seriously, I am not joking! So instead of making instant ramen, Joel and Amber made home made ramen from scratch. It takes all day so we were very appreciative for their time and energy. It tasted great! Thank you Joel and Amber, we appreciate all your hard work and blessing.

First Trip to the Dump

I remember as a young kid when my dad took me for the first time to the Local City Dump. That was about 40 years ago. I remember the weird smells, the junk everywhere. Back then you were able to rummage through the stuff and I remember seeing some cool junk, bikes, toys, you name it. Well here in Okinawa I took Asa for the first time. He was amazed! First of all he had a good time driving in the big dump truck, and seeing the huge cranes as they were grabing all the trees, wood and plastics. After we left I asked him if he liked it, he said he had a good time. I asked him about the smell, he said, "yeah, it was weird"!

Okinawan Guava

While we were working at Kayo's Dads house, the next door neighbor came over and gave us some guava that she has been growing on her trees. They were delicious! She was so excited that we liked them and gave us a bag full to bring home. She said that at night the bats come and eat them because they are so sweet and tasty. Well for us, better we eat than the bats!