Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Aya!

Such a beautiful pictures of the gals! Happy Birthday Aya, we wish we were there to celebrate with you, but we know that you had a great time! Have a super time and my The Lord lead, guide and direct your steps.

Fellowship in Bakersfield

Kumiko and Lewis are visiting his parents in Bakersfield. The man in the middle is Kevin, Lewis' Dad. It was such a blessing to see them on this side of the world. Pastor Gil and Olivia are such good hosts, they fed us homemade Posole with all the fix ins, we were all super blessed.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Heading to Bakersfield

The Lord opened the door for us to travel North to Bakersfield to see Pastor Gil and the family. It is always a blessing to see our brother. As we passed over the "Grapevine" it was snowing. I could not enjoy it, I was worried about the icy road. God gave me His peace.

Wednesday Night Service at CCLW

Super blessed to be able to teach the Word at Calvary Living Water this past Wednesday night. What was also a blessing was being able to see Davis Downs, Sosimo Avila and the Spalding. Good times, Good times!


Yoshua's breakout new album is set to hit the markets any day now! His hit single "Celled out for Christ" is sure to rattle the cages. And his second hit "Solitary Con-"find"-ment" tells of his testimony on how Christ found him on death row. You can purchase it at

Christmas Breakfast at Ginowan

The gang gets together for a Christmas Breakfast at CCGINOWAN. Naoko is making some good food! The gals really know how to cook! GO GINOWAN!

Asa with Grandpa

Asa loves his Grandma's cooking and loves eating with Grandpa. They chow down on some good food!

Taliya back in Okinawa

It is a blessing to have Taliya back with us here n Okinawa. I totally look forward to hearing of the good things that The Lord has done. Please keep her in your prayers.

Made it to California

We have been here for over a week but I have not updated e3 for a few days now. Blessed to be serving in the States.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Brother's After Church

We were wearing our glasses and I thought that we looked the same. Zach took this picture of Carlos, Jesse and myself. We are getting older but still full of joy!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Looking Forward to Seeing this Guy!

We have totally missed Choichiro these past 3 months. Praise God he is coming balk to Okinawa soon. God bless you Choich-, we will see you soon.

Higatsusatsushim Outreach

The outreach looks like a real blessing. Please continue to pray for the Robb's as they continue to minister in the Tohoku area.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Heading to China via Shanghai

I won't be able to blog from China they block the e3missions sight and also Facebook. God bless you all I will contact you back in the States. We are ready to fly.

Okinawa is Beautiful even from the sky

Good picture of the airport and our beautiful island. We are blessed to be able to serve the Lord here. "God, reach these people for Your Glory"!

Spread out on the Plane

There is a lot of room flying out if Okinawa. We are flying on JAL. I cannot remember the last time I flew out on JAL. JETSTAR and AIRASIA' planes are a lot more modern; Leather seats, etc. but at least we don't have to pay for beverages on this plane. Thank you Lord!

Ruiz' Heading to California

Well at least 4 of us are today. Hannah is already in the States and Zach leaves tomorrow. They changed our flight; we were supposed to leave at 5:30pm today straight to Shanghai. But instead, they re-routed us Okinawa to Narita, Narita to Shanghai. We fly out of Okinawa at 10:45am. Well, God is in control. At first they cancelled our flight, but instead they re-routed up. God opened up a way! Remember "Getting there is half the adventure".

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ladies Christmas Tea

The ladies at Ginowan got together for a Christmas Tea and did they eat some good sweets. Everything looked delicious! It was a blessed time.


It is a tradition; on 12/12/12 we head out and have an ice cream together. Whatever students were left we headed to Drug 11 and celebrated. Only happens once a hundred years. So we cannot forget. To God be the Glory!

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Girl's Heading to Tohoku

Aya, Takako, Yuko and Naoko are heading to Higashimatsushima to help in an outreach in the area. They are taking with them the presents that they brought with them all the way from Okinawa. Please pray for this group as they head out in the Name of Jesus. To God be All the Glory!

Two Nice Dressed Teachers

Pastor Andrew is teaching and Toshi is translating. But I had to take a picture because both of them look so good. Good looking teachers with a good looking solid message. Thank's guys.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Aaron Heading back to California

Aaron, you were such a blessing! It is hard to say Goodbye. Aaron was with us close to 6 months. I cannot believe that it first started with SOS, then Hong Kong, and finally the Bible College Semester. We are so proud of you Aaron, you were definitely a "Man of God". We are going to miss you bro. Hopefully God will bring you back to us again.

God bless you Sumi and Justin

Sumi has been visiting us for the last week, she is from Nagano. We were super blessed with her stay here. Justin is heading back to Hawaii. We are looking forward to Justin's return in that he will be attending CCBCJapan this coming semester. God bless you both, and safe travels.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Safe but Late!

That is ok, everything is in God's timing. Remember what I told you all "Getting home is half the adventure". Well, that came true for Kristen. While transferring from Okinawa to Narita Kristen missed her flight! It is ok, Hannah was there to meet her and Joel soon followed afterwards. She is scheduled to fly out today. Just one day behind. The good thing; no transfer in LA. She will fly directly to San Francisco. God bless you girl! We love and miss you already!

Joel heading to the States

God bless you Joel as you head back to Cali. May you have lots of rest and catch good vision. Please pray for Joel for those two things, rest and vision. Hopefully you will recognize the place when you get back; Anna Hebel is planning on re-arranging everything. Watch out! She is going tornado full force! Be blessed bro!

Hannah leaving Japan

Well, what can I say; I love my daughter very much and I am going to miss her being here in Japan. Even though we did not get to spend a lot of time with her because she was on the Mainland it was good knowing that she was close by. She did such a good Jon of being in Bible College and serving at We go Eigo. Thanks Rich and Candice for all your love and support. God bless you Hannah!

Anna and Kristen heading Home

Anna is heading to Colorado and Kristen is heading to San Francisco. We are going to miss both of these gals. Such a joy to have them a part of this semester. God bless you girls and safe travels.

Happy Birthday Kazuki

After w2 we were blessed to celebrate Kazuki' Birthday. We have seen so much growth in this young man and it is such a blessing to have him a part of our lives. We all know that God has great things in store for him. To God be all the Glory!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pastor Pat from Arizona at w2

We were blessed with a special presentation of how The Lord works with us as the clay. Jesus is the potter we are the clay in His Hands. A powerful presentation of the Word of God!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Pastor Tim CCNago Christmas Outreach

Pastor Tim every year puts out a wonderful outreach to his community. His Christmas Outreach is always packed out! This year is no different. Please continue to pray for CCNago.

Zach Live at CCIwakuni

Zach is teaching at the Youth Conference in Iwakuni. The group are having a great time. May God be glorified. Go for it Tokyo/Ginowan Team.

Friday Night Prayer Group

This is the last prayer night of the semester before the students head back home. This has been a great semester filled with wonderful blessings. Thank you Tokyo and Okinawa students for being here this semester. We were so blessed by your presence.

Okinawa Bound

It is always a beautiful sight heading back to Okinawa. We are blessed to serve God in such a lovely country filled with wonderful people. "Lord Jesus, reach these people with Your Love".

Friday, December 07, 2012

CCBC JAPAN Bible College Graduation

CCFUCHU hosted the Bible College Graduation at their Church and we were grateful to Pastor Rich. We had 3 graduates this semester and all of them will be involved in full time ministry. Alex at Horizon Chapel, Julia in Cambodia and Naoko at CCBC Japan. Congratulations Graduates! You did a great job!

The Gang are Heading to Iwakuni

Zach is leading the group to Iwakuni as they will be serving the youth with the conference. Please keep them in your prayers.

Kristen heading to Okinawa

She will be with us in Okinawa for a few days and then she will fly back to California. It was a blessing having this girl with us. Hopefully she will be back again soon.

Jordan is heading Back to California

We are going to miss this guy. Jordan was a real blessing. Be blessed bro. Have a safe trip back home. We love you bro!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

CCBC Tokyo Bible College Banquet

Tonight we had a blessed time as we gathered for a special meal with our special interns and students. We grubbed down at Ken's Steakhouse. So much food and ice cream, the best way to eat.

Black Gold 2!

Black coffee is Gold #1. But then, Japanese Dark Chocolate is #2. Put them together and you get close to heaven. Japanese chocolate is delicious, and reasonably priced.

The Tokyo Crew!

Cotton, Anna and Reed will be heading to Iwakuni, but before that we will be traveling to the Tokyo Bible College to join in on the Bible College Banquet and then the Graduation. Keegan will be fly back to Arizona. Please pray for fruitful trips.

The Wrapping is done!

Tomorrow we begin transferring the gifts to Tohoku via Tokyo. Takako and Aya will be taking the rest next week. This is a real blessing.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Sumi is here from Nagano

Aya's friend is visiting here with us from Nagano. She will be with us for one week. We are looking forward to getting to know her and being blessed!

Christmas Presents Outreach

The students and interns are wrapping the presence for the Children in Tohoku. December the 15th and 16th Chuck and Yumi in Higashimatsushima are planning an outreach to the kids and people in the area. Please keep us in your prayers.

A Good Looking Crew

We had a super blast with the Second Semester Bible College Students. God has great things in store for every one of these guys and gals. Now, off to Tokyo for the Bible College Graduation.


We had our semester banquet at the Grand Mer Hotel in Okinawa City. They always have great food. It was a good time. We are going to miss these wonderful students.

Anna Times Two

Both Anna's look beautiful as Michal dressed them up for the Banquet this Afternoon. She did such a good job as she was trained by Kayo Neely. You girls look adorable!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Koinonia Communion Luncheon

After second service we gather at the Koinonia cafe for our Communion Luncheon. It is such a blessing to fellowship with the body!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Couple's Bible Study at the Smith's

It is a blessing to gather at the Smith's house to be encouraged in our marriages. In these last days satan is attacking the very core of the family. We need to be equipped to stand against the wiles of the enemy.

Bible College Outreach

Some of the students and interns served at a Christmas outreach today. They went to a children's party and did Gingerbread houses and shared the Christmas Story. We pray that it was a fruitful time with the kids. Thank you, everyone who went and served The Lord!