Saturday, October 31, 2009

Asa’s School Sports Day


Today, Asa was involved in Sports Day at his Japanese School. It is a day where the students do sports activities, they parade around with there classmates and the parents are allowed to be a part of the activities. It was a blessed morning.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Living in the “Blue Zone”

3356037924_48f0f9b757A new study that was just conducted that living in the “blue zone” you are 6 times more likely to live to be 100 years old that living in the United States. They contribute it to fresh clean water, fresh air, high vegetable diet, laughter, and believe it or not religion. This is what I have been telling the students for years. Okinawa is one of the few areas in the “blue zone”. So remember Bible College students, eat your cabbage and have a fun time this semester.

Typhoon Mirinae Forming


Another typhoon is forming and its projection is to hit the Philippines again. They have been hit a lot this month so please pray for our brothers and sisters again. God forms the weather, it is all in His Hands, He can redirect the Storms.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tetsuyasan's Unique Job

Tetsuya has one of the most unique jobs in all the world; he hunts for unexploded ordinance in Okinawa. During WWII so many bombs were dropped on Okinawan that many did not detonate. They are still buried in the Okinawan soil. When his company finds them or they are reported, they are in charge of digging them up and disposing of them. A unique and dangerous job. Tetsuya is a wonderful brother in the Lord, pray for his continual protection.

B.O.B. Fellowship

The guys Monday night Bible Study gathered at Ondish for a time of fellowship. We were able to rent the back room of the restaurant for our special gathering. Everyone "chowed down" especially on Blue Seal Ice Cream, it was a blessed night.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mini Typhoon Party

We are getting the effects of Typhoon Lupit that has really become just a tropical storm, but it is bringing a lot of rain. We could not go out witnessing Saturday night so we decided to have a "mini typhoon party", we watched a movie, ate a lot of snacks and just had a good time together. Praise the Lord for the rain, we need it, but some sunshine would be nice.

Whopper 7

Microsoft is releasing its new operating system in Japan, windows 7. With a joint marketing event with Burger King, they are offering to the first 30 customers a day the 7 patty whopper for 777yen (about $8.50) but if you are late it will cost you close to $17.00 dollars. This super burger has close to a kilo (2 pounds) of meat and the calorie content is 2,100 calories, nearly the whole amount of daily allowance in one burger, the super chubs. Just one more thing to love about Japan, we hope you like the video.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Morning Discipleship

This Saturday morning we met with the interns and 4th semester students for breakfast and leadership teaching. We studied the chapter from Henry Blackaby's book "Spiritual leadership". It was a good chapter on the 5 responsiblities of a spiritual leader. It was good to gather together.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


At Calvary Ginowan we are committed to lifting up our missionaries to the Lord every Sunday night, Wednesday and Friday. They are out on the front lines serving the Lord and we are so proud of them. The Lord is way more proud of them as they commit their ways unto Him. Please continue to pray for these beloved Christians, that the Lord would do His complete work in their lives.

Iza heading back to Korea

DSC09530DSC09531 It was great having Iza with us for almost a week. But it is time for her to head back to Korea for more ministry. God is doing a good work with her out there at CCDaejeon, we look forward to what the Lord has in store for her next.God bless you Iza, we love you! Your Ginowan Family

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And They Crucified Him - Art Katz

Happy Birthday Koinonia Cafe Style

DSC09522We had a little party for Asa right after dinner Monday night. We had Ice Cream Sundae’s and they were delicious. Asa got some cool toys. Happy Birthday Son, we love you!

Hey kid, wait!

DSC09513I like this picture because as you can see all the kids are to wait until they eat their lunch. But check out Asa, he just jumped right into it. Chowin down. Happy Birthday Asa!


Happy Birthday Asa!

Asa celebrated his 7th Birthday Japanese style. We ask his teach "Reinasensei" if we could bring some cupcakes for the kids to celebrate with Asa, she gave the go ahead. The kids had a great time. Don't they all look so cute! He had a good celebration with his classmates at school.

Revelry Girls

Monday we went to work out and as the girls were getting signed in they got caught in Revelry. They were supposed to stand at attention but they were doing their own style "relaxation". I do like the way Megan and Ina are saluting, kind of "three stooges" like. You go girls.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Iza Arrived Safely

DSC09465DSC09470 Iza is visiting us via Korea. She is here just for a few days. What a blessing to have her here. Her trip was to be a surprise, but a few people let the cat out of the bag. It does not matter, the important thing is that she arrived safely. God bless you Iza, great to have you here for a few days.

JM is Back!


John Michael is back in Okinawa. He arrived last night from Florida. His sisters wedding was a blessing and he is glad to be back. We are glad to have him back too, God bless you John Michael, may the Lord bless the rest of the semester.

Typhoon Lupit forming

all-00200910160100-00 Here we go again, another typhoon is forming out here in the Pacific. It is just in the forming stage, but check out its size! Looking big, and it projection is heading towards the Philippines again. The PI does not need more rain, they have been soaked by the last ones. But please pray for the safety of all people in its path.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back in Okinawa

Well, we arrived safely back in Okinawa. No problems with entering back into the country. The students are only here for about another 45 days, so we are ready to get back to studying the Word of God. Please pray for these students as well as the others back at the College. God has great things in store for them while they are here.

Second Grandma

Hello everyone, this is Josh Brevik's second Grandma. She lives in Korea right down the street from where we were shopping. Her name is Janie Stewart. We were able to spend some time with her eating lunch, getting to know her better. She is a DOD's teacher (Department of Defense) and she has been teaching in Korea for over 10 years. God bless you Janie, we were blessed hanging with you.

Massive Climb

On Monday Pastor Mike took us to a famous hiking spot on the outskirts of Daejeon. We climbed this huge staircase, pretty scary. Well you be the judge of it; listen to Eder's voice as he describes the ascension. Please click on the video above.

Girl's Only!

This is the first time I have every seen this; Ladies Parking Only. While we were shopping Seoul we came upon these parking stalls. Anna told us in Germany they have these types of stall, she says that they are wider for the ladies (I guess there is a problem with women dinging the doors). Well, I thought that you would think this interesting too, Women Only Parking. Good idea or not, you tell us in the comment section below.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What’s in that Milk?

DSC09451DSC09454DSC09452Eder has been downing the Banana Milk. You can get it anywhere here in Korea, and he absolutely loves it. But I guess it has its side effects. Check him out, he is out like a light, sleeping like a baby. Brevik is thinking “nothing worse that a kid who cannot handle his milk”.

Leaving Daejeon

DSC09446DSC09448We had a great time in Daejeon City with Pastor Mike and the Missionaries (hey, that sounds like a great band name). It is always sad when we have to leave the Daejeon area. But now we are on a way to Seoul for some shopping and Mexican food. Mike loves Mexican food. Tonight we will stay close to the airport and then back to Okinawa.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mountain Adventure

DSC09432DSC09435 The team were all blessed with the opportunity to go on a mountain hike with Pastor Mike. He took us to a famous place, Mt. Daedunsan. Many Korean people like to hike, so we were full on Korean’s. I was amazed by this picture; check out the two people on the edge of this cliff, it really freaked me out. I was worried that they might fall of the side, but they did not, Praise the Lord! We had a great time.

Drying Chili’s

DSC09429 These are the delicious chili’s that are grown here in Korea. They are used for many of their dishes. Mostly they are used in a paste that is mixed or used in a side dish. Without these chili’s there would not be most of the Korean dishes. Here they are being dried out in the sun. They are so bright red!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Unified Unicorns

This is Jesse Spencer's team; the Unified Unicorns. They rock! We hope you like their cheer. They were the winners of the team events. You go guys!

Teacher Eder


DSC09416DSC09415 Eder taught on Sunday night at CCDaejeon. He did a good job. No translator so he had to be slow and smooth. Good job Eder, keep teaching for Jesus Christ.

Nayeon Video

You seen it first here! That is right! The first video on Daniel's gal! She is such a wonderful gal and so gifted. She is a gifted Pianist. Awesome! We hope you like the video. God bless you all.

Daniel’s Special Friend

DSC09410 This is Daniel’s girlfriend, Nayeon. She is such a sweetheart. We had the opportunity to talk with her and get to know her better. We told her all the juice on Daniel! Just kidding! Daniel is a romantic kind of guy. Even though he is in Italy, he makes the time for video videos. What do you mean Pastor Tom? Well, he sets up the time and they watch a video on skype of the same movie at the same time. They even both have a bag of popcorn and empty half of it out so they can share the same bag. You romantic dog you. We love you Daniel, you are the ultimate video dater.

"Kimchi Krunchers"

While were were forming teams on the game night with the Korean Students, Eder's team came up with their team cheer. You be the judge on how it was. Go Kimchi Krunchers!

This is for you Dean Pera!



DSC09422 When Dean Pera was serving in Korea this was his favorite place to eat: “People Making Toast”. You can get all kinds of different toast sandwiches, from ham and cheese to pizza. As you can see it is delicious! This is for you Dean!