Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Missionary Podcast

Pastor Jerry at CCLivingwater in Corona, California started a new missionary blog. He calls up different missionaries through Skye and interviews them to find out what the Lord is doing in thier ministries. Well, recently we sat down together and he asked me how are things going, so I shared with him what has been happening in the last 6 months. So much has been happening and it takes a long time to share it all. In this interview I shared with Pastor Jerry all the details, I think that you will like the interview. If you listen to it, you will be up to date on what is happening with us in Okinawa. You can also download it because it is a podcast. God is doing a wonderful work in Okinawa and we are in total awe of what He is doing. Check it out for yourself;

Justin Sharpe Baby!

Hello everyone! Justin Sharpe had a baby and this is what he wrote to us in his email, be blessed;
"Merry Christmas everybody. We've been blessed again. Julian Jovani (J.J.) Sharpe was born yesterday morning around 0900. He was 6 lbs 13 ounces, and about 19.5" long. There's some pictures attached. He and Mari are still recovering, but doing well. Thank you for the prayers, I can't wait to show him to you, and have a happy new year. Justin M. Sharpe"

Spearman Blog

The Spearman's have a new blog that we want to make available to you. The picture of Rusty getting his Christmas gifts cracked me up! Well, this is another blog that you can follow up with. I really dig on how they had an extreme White Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the Newell's

These are the newest pictures from the Newell's. Pastor Tim just emailed them to me. Masaki is so cute! Everyone is so blessed for them. Don't worry, I know that Pastor Tim did not pinch him, but is just holding him with love.

A Beautiful Church

We were standing in front of the church today and realized that CCLivingwater looks great! It is such a pretty, relaxing church, even though it is located on a busy intersection. The church owns a lot of land, and as Pastor Jerry and myself were talking, it is only a matter of time before the Lord blesses the congregation with another building. God is so good.

Patio Painting

All the guys got together (and Hannah) and had a painting party at Living Water. We repainted the deckings at the Children's Ministry and in front of the Spanish Ministry Building. With many people "the load is light". It was such a blessing, everyone got together and joined in on the work. Pastor Jerry even provided all the Pizza, Praise the Lord! The work came out beautiful.

Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Snow Time!

After Sunday Morning Service we had lunch and then head out for a snow trip. We were driving towards Wrightwood on the I15 but the freeway was so crowded that we journeyed towards Lytle Creek instead. There was so much snow at a low level. Everyone had a blast throwing snowballs and the girls made a sweet snowman. Check out Michal's perfect snowball throw that I cought on camera midair. It was a beautiful day.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Joanna and Mariko in Santa Cruz

Today, Joanna, Mariko, Pastor Cisco and Mika went up North to visit Pastor Dylan at CCWatsonville. They are located close to Santa Cruz and about two hours away from San Francisco. Pastor Cisco has to partner in a Spanish/American wedding Saturday afternoon. After the wedding, Joanna and Mariko hooked up with Jessica Birchard and went out for dinner. Sunday afternoon they are planning a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge! I know that they are going to have a great time, and I can't wait to see the pictures.

The Sign is Complete!

Steve Spalding did an excellent job! Please check out CCLivingwaters' blog and see the pictures. Also, there are a lot of interesting things on the blog, what has been happening this month. I think that you will really enjoy it; .

Stomer is Here!

Yasutomo arrived a few days ago but he was staying with the Dean's. Today he arrived to hang out with us for a few days, so we headed out to Lake Elsinore Shopping Outlet. Check out the huge Christmas Tree in the background! This is the largest tree that I have seen in the area, it was beautiful. I really enjoyed the hills in the background (middle right picture). They are definitely not as green as Okinawa but still look awesome. Well, it is great to have Stomer with us, we went shopping right away.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The New Living Water Sign!

It is looking sweet! Steve Spalding did it 3D style! It is not complete, he still is working on the lettering but I had to go. I can't wait for what it looks like when it is completed! Thank you so much Steve, he drove this sign all the way from Colorado through the wind and the storm. Steve made sure that I was not there when the sign went up, last time I broke it during installation. Praise the Lord for your hard work.

Missionaries' Best Friend

A large bottle of Tapatio hot sauce. This stuff goes good with anything. Missionaries from all over the globe love this stuff. The guys in Israel tell us that this taste great with humis and pita bread. For you missionaries; grab your suitcase, passport, Bible, and don't forget the Tapatio Sauce.

Friday, December 26, 2008

"Gift Hop" 2008

photos by Daniel Sedota

Gift Hop was a real blessing at CCGinowan last week. Daniel Sedota sent me a few pictures of the event. The top picture is "Ricky Gentile" the rapper, while "Hakugaijin" performed in probably their last concert as the original band. It was a blessed night.

Archive Video

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I was checking up on some old videos and I came across this one that Pastor Pule, Sonny and Fiki did last year. It is really cool and I think you will like it. This video was made 2 years ago, some of you will remember it, so enjoy. Just click on it above. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Christmas Morning

Christmas came so fast! We had a huge breakfast at the Ruiz home and after that we opened our presents. Asa had a blast as usual and the Lord blessed everyone. Happy Birthday Jesus! Also, a warm Christmas greeting to our family back in Okinawa, Merry Christmas everyone!

Martin and Valerie in California

They both were sent here from Okinawa to do some work, but they are free for Christmas eve and Christmas day. So they gave us a call and we hung out at Joanna's sisters house Christmas eve and they are staying at the Sedota's house Christmas day. It is so great having them with us here in California. It is also great having them with us here from Okinawa.

CCBC Okinawa Tonaki Jima 2008

The Bible College group had the opportunity to travel on a short missions trip. We are also getting ready for the Spring 2009 Semester. Please click in the video above. If you are interested in atteding this Spring, you need to send in your application soon. God bless you, Pastor Tommy

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kickin Back at the Ruiz Home

The girls just came back from spending the night at one of the girls house. They had a lot of fun. They just finished lunch, except Mariko had one mouthful left. It is a blessing having Mariko with us.

Jake Jeanson

Little Jake, well that is what we used to call him. He is now State Champion Jake for Woodcrest Christian School. He is a Senior in High School and he is Number 1 in the State of California at Cross-Country Running. Joanna used to teach his sister and him in Sunday School. I was reading the paper the other day and said the myself "that guy looks familiar". Well, turned out to be little Jake, State Champion Jake now.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nate and Damon

Hey everyone! This is Nate and his older brother Damon. They are skiing in the mountains of Colorado. This is a good action picture of Nate hitting the slopes. Check out his cool form. I am trying to hook up with Nate while we are here in California. When we do, I will make sure to post the pictures. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Monday, December 22, 2008

John and Kyoko Connolly

Some of you might remember John, he visited with us a few times here in Okinawa. Well, this is his beautiful wife Kyoko. We have wanted to meet her for some time now and John brought her down to Corona to attend the morning service. John and Kyoko are now stationed in San Diego California. We are hoping to meet with them again next week and take a trip up to the snow covered mountains of Wrightwood.

The New Baby!

The Joyce family look beautiful! Many of you know Segmon here in Okinawa. For a time he served as a missionary at CCGinowan. Little Brandon is growing so big, but we call him "Segmon Jr." The whole family is doing great. Segmon is in the Navy reserves so he only serves one weekend a month. God has great plans in the future for this family.

Calvary Living Water Christmas Service

Living Water held their Christmas Service today and it was beautiful. The women's choir helped lead in worship and they did an excellent job. Everyone was blessed. It was great seeing the family here at Living Water. Pastor Jerry gave a great message.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

South Gate Christmas Dinner

Jesse and Chuck Rodriguez started a Bible Study in South Gate 6 months ago. Their purpose is to out reach to the Hispanic Community in that area. This Saturday they hosted a Christmas Dinner for their Bible Study that meets there. It was a blessed time with Kay and Scott leading in worship. May the Lord continue to bless this Bible Study for His Glory.