Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Today we celebrate our 4th year Anniversary here in Okinawa. It has been such a blessing to be able to serve the Lord out here in Okinawa Japan. Times have changed and so have the Ruiz's. This year is different as you notice that Zach is not with us but is now living in California waiting to start Bible College this fall. We love you all, and we "thank you Lord for allowing us to serve You these years, may our 5th year, be filled with more blessings than the past four". In Jesus Name we pray, Amen!

Day 4 - Ginowan VBS

The kids had a great time at the park again, this time they focused on the Soccer part of the Olympic Games. After they were done, they had a fun time throwing water ballons at each other. But I'll tell you the truth. I would have thrown the ballons at Naokosan (top picture) she was sitting there too perfectly. Tomorrow is the final day of the VBS, and the kids will top it off with Snowcones. Yummy! I can taste them now.

Solomon is Now Here!

It is a total blessing that Solomon has arrived from our home church back in California. He will be visiting with us for a whole month, before he goes back home and begins his Senior year in High School. When he arrived in Tokyo he stayed one day with Pastor Travis in Tokorozawa. He was not able to get a connecting flight from Tokyo to Okinawa on the same day, so he flew out the next day. He survived Tokyo like a champ! He traveled through the airport on his own and is now with us, Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Double Blessing!

Today, Cotton and Sosimo received their Missionary Visas from Japan. They are officially missionaries here in Okinawa. These guys are a blessing and we appreciate them greatly. Sosimo insisted that he takes a picture with his ice cream stick; something to do with he gets a free one. Go figure, he is one happy camper.

Clownin with David

One thing for sure about the Team from California; They don't like BUGS! Well at least the guys don't. Once the interns found out, that was it, it was all over. Here are the guys having fun with David. We love you bro, remember, they were just messin around.

VBS Day 3 - The Park Adventure

Wednesday the VBS at Ginowan was held as the park for the morning Olympic Games. The kids had a blast with the squirt guns, playing baseball and learning from the Bible. Today we had our very own Semi-pro Baseaball player, Robert Wunderlich helping out with the kids, showing them tips on how they too can become a Japanese "Semi-pro player". Again, the kids had a blast.

Making Adjustments

Four years ago we were blessed with an American Dryer. Yesterday it stopped working, so I took the beast apart. The belt broke and american parts are hard to come by. So I decided to do a little experimentation on my own. I rigged the belt by connecting a piece of plastic and wire. But to no avail it did not hold. The plastic held, but the belt broke again, too old. Praise the Lord, we found a place that does have the belt, but it is expensive, so we will work on it today again.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Last Goodbye

We dropped the team off at the Naha International Airport. The plane left right on schedule. We were not sure if they were going to fly because of the Typhoon in Taipei, but we were given the all clear sign as everything was a go. Please pray for them that they will have a quick and safe flight home.

Heading Back to California

It was sad to see the team head home. They were such a blessing to all of us here in Okinawa. We want to thank everyone back in the USA who were a part of this team sent from San Bernardino. Thank you for supporting them financially and most importantly Spiritually through all of your prayers. As they departed, I was reminded of the Scripture how King David said that those who go into battle will share the same blessings as those who stayed back with the baggage. We are all blessed as the family of God. Fly safe team, we love you!

Kayo's Grandma

Before we left Naha, we were able to meet Kayo's Grandmother. It was a blessing to see her and to take this picture also with Kayo's Aunt. God bless you Kayo, we love your family.

One Last Good Meal

Bambohe, All you can Eat (Yakiniku) BBQ. At this place you cook your own meat as well as all the fixins with it. It was a blessing chowin down on the teams last day. As you can see, Sammy really loved it. Check out the girls desserts, they love ice cream.

Kokusai Dori

Kokusai Dori is a main shopping street in downtown Naha. We took the team there of one last shopping event. He had a lot of fun just looking around. Afterwards we went out to Kayo's Family restaurant; an all you can eat restaurant!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ginowan Vacation Bible School

This is day 1 of the beginning of the week for outreach to the kids here in Ginowan City and the surrounding areas. We are blessed with the opportunity to reachout with the Love of Jesus Christ to these beautiful kids. Will you pray with us that the Lord would bless this week, and that new kids will come and hear of the Love that Jesus Christ has for them.

Thank You Cali Team

We wanted to show our appreciation to the Cali team for coming out here and serving the Lord with so much love for the Okinawan Japanese people. There was something for each team member (sorry I grabbed my camera too late). Pictured above are the gifts; Japanese bowls, chopsticks, and souvenirs. Thanks again team, we love you!

New CCBC Shirts

The New Takamiya design is now out! "Shingakusei" (Student of the Bible), or Bible College Student shirts are now here. They are really cool as they sport the Calvary Bible College Logo in the back. Thanks Liz for sportin the new design. God bless you all.

Free Stylin at Koza Music Town

It got real fun as the two groups combined and did some free styling music. It was a blessing to see and experience the talent that the Lord has given these guys and gals. Check out the video, I hope that you like it.

Happy Anniversary!

Today, Monday the 28th of July is David and Liz' 7th anniversary. Praise the Lord! We have seen such growth in this couple. We know that this is just the beginning of what the Lord is going to do in their lives. Happy Anniversary Barrios Family, may this day bring special blessings to you. For the rest of us, please leave an Anniversary greeting below.

Video: Koza Outreach

We really want to take this time and thank the missionary team from San Bernardino California for coming out to Okinawa and serving the Lord so unselfishly. The team was such a blessing, never complaining, just willing to do whatever for Jesus Christ. Thank you team, we know that the Lord is going to contunue to bless you.

Koza Music Town

Sunday night was the last night of the Rockin Weekend. We finished everything off with a night at Gate 2 Street at the new Koza Music Town. Hakugaijin as well as Soapbox Poetz performed and ministered in music. It was a real blessing having the opportunity to share the Love of Jesus Christ. More video will follow.

Ayu Watch

Last night we headed back to the Ruiz' house for fellowship and the baby started to move. So the girls wanted to feel the baby. It was a perfect time for a picture of Ayu watch! Pastor Tim said that when he plays music the baby likes it because he starts to move. Oh no! Another rapper in the making, maybe a breakdancer or a popper. Just what the world needs....... Another Tim!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

This is a Big One!

Typhoon Fung-Wong is set to hit Taiwan straight on, then it will move onto Mainland China. We are starting to feel the effects of the storm, but again Taiwan will be hit the hardest. It looks like the team from California will not be leaving Okinawa tomorrow. They will probably have to stay with us another day. Better safe than sorry, you do not want to fly into a storm like this. Please continue to pray for Taiwan and Mainland China, as you well know they have been hit with a lot of disasters lately. We will keep you posted. God bless you, Pastor Tommy

God is Awesome; Sambi Fest 5

There is so much more video but it began to get dark. Even though there was ample lighting for the other bands my camera did not pick up good lighting. The evening was such a blessing with all the other worship teams that were there. God is so good. There is a typhoon brewing near Taiwan and I asked Pastor Tim if we should still do the Sambi Fest. He said "let's do it", and I followed his lead and we went forward. At times the clouds blew over with the threat of rain, but we did not have one drop! After the Worship fest was over, Hakugaijin played one more song; right when they finished the Fireworks went off from the Chatan Matsuri (Festival), it was like it was staged perfectly. Before the firework finale, it started to pour. We quickly loaded up the equipment. It was such a blessing to see the Faithfulness of God. After we were done the rain came. Praise the Lord. I was so glad that we went forward in faith in the Name of Jesus.

Vacation Bible School Meeting

We are making final preparations for the VBS here in Ginowan City. We are looking forward to a wonderful week filled with fun and games for the kids. Please pray for us as we outreach to the kids in Okinawa. Our heart is to reach them with the Love of Jesus Christ.

Two Videos: Sambi Fest 5

We doubled up on these videos for you. The top one has some Japanese Rap in it and the bottom one is with the Foster Chapel Worship Team. This is a great team led by Daniel Sedota, a real blessing.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pastor Tim shares the Word

It was such a blessing to hear Tim share the Gospel in Japanese so clearly. It seemed so natural for him. During the Salvation message hardly anyone left the building. It was so awesome to see the power of God at work. I'll tell you also what is so amazing; To see God use a young man who barely graduated from high school, who struggled all through school, mastering the language of Japanese. They say the two most difficult languages to learn are Chinese and Japanese. There is no way to relate these languages to any other communication. God uses vessels that are open to be used by him. I hope you like the video.

The Amazing Bufa!

During the middle of the Festival, Bufa (Sammy) came out sportin his new Okinawan Jymbe. This is the summer dress of the Japanese Okinawan's during festivals. They can also be worn as comfy summer clothing and or pajamas. He looks like a natural in the Okinawan garb. You go Sammy! Go for Jesus!