Friday, September 30, 2005

The Crew from Cali

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Hey everyone, this is some of the College group from CCLivingwater. They just want to throw a shout out to Vunder and Segmon in Okinawa. Vunder and Segmon have been in Okinawa about one month, and they are doing a great job. God keeps on opening up doors for them to minister. As you remember them, please keep them up in your prayers. Also, please continue to pray for all the youth that you will see in the video, I totally believe that God as an awesome calling in their lives and He will use them in an incredible way.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Last day with the Hallman's

What a wonderful time I had with the Hallman's. The Lord is doing a great work within this family and the ministry. It was so good to see the boys leading in worship, God has gifted them in so many ways. Please continue to pray for them, as they faithfully serve the Lord in Virginia. Also pray that the Lord will continue to give us vision for the future. Before I left, we talked about stepping out with some new outreaches in December. It will be exciting to see what the Lord will do with this family in Virginia. God bless you Hallman's and may the Lord continue to lead and guide your steps. Love, Pastor Tommy

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Steven and Pastor Tommy

Steven (left) is a guy who attends CCWilliamsburg and he loves the Lord! He is on fire for Jesus. He rededicated his heart to the Lord within the last 6 months and began picking up the guitar about a month ago. He is already leading worship for the kids group. Please continue to pray for Steven that he would grow in Jesus. Pray for Pastor Tom Hallman as he continues to disciple this young man.

Pastor Tommy at CCWilliamsburg

I had the opportunity to share Sunday night at CCWilliamsburg. It was such a blessing. We began with Worship (Patrick, Matthew, Tony and Aubry led) and then we got into the Word.

Tom and Tommy at College Creek

Monday morning we had the opportunity to go to College Creek about 15 minutes away from Pastor Tom Hallman's house. We spent some time in the morning praying, and then we took a swim. It was a good morning.

e3missions table at CCWilliamsburg

Pastor Tom took the time to stand at the e3missions table at his church. We had a great service together and afterwards had some sweet fellowship. They have begun a midweek service on Thursday, and in the beginning of the year will begin Sunday morning service.

Josh and Chris Wilson

Josh and Chris attend morning services at CCNewportnews, but also attend CCWilliamsburg on Sunday nights. They are both a wonderful couple with a heart to serve the Lord. God has been speaking to both of them about being missionaries to China. We spend much time together talking about how, and when would be the best time to step out in faith. Again, both are gifted young individuals with hearts for the Lord. Please continue to pray for them for open doors in Asia. God is always working, and they want to be in His perfect will. God bless you, Pastor Tommy

Pastor Tom Hallman at the Sunday night Service

Pastor Tom Hallman at CCWilliamsburg. This is the stage at the Library in Williamsburg that the church rents. It was such a blessing to be at the church. They have been holding Sunday night services for the past two months. Please continue to pray for the Hallman's and all the body there at CCWilliamsburg.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Missions table at CC Newport News, Virginia

Hey everyone, we had the opportunity to set up the table at CC Newport News in Virginia, the Pastor of the church is Tony Clark originally from CCVista who was pastored by Brian Broderson. We had a great time, staying for all three services. Jeanne, and the Hallman boys did a great job of helping tell people about Okinawa.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pastor Cisco and Pastor Pule Baptizing

Recently, CCLivingwater had a baptism service at Bolsa Chica Beach in Southern California. I saw this picture on the wall of Pastor Jerry's office. I was so blessed. This is a picture of the heart of these guys, truly servants of the Lord. This picture captures it all. For those of you who know Pastor Cisco and Pastor Pule, there could not be a better picture of them.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Pule and Colleen are having a Baby!

Yes, You heard it right. First here on e3missions. Pule and Colleen are expecting a baby! She is about 12 weeks into the pregnancy. Praise the Lord! We are all so excited. We are praying for one thing though, that the baby will look like Colleen. Just kidding, we love you guys and may the Lord continue to bless you Colleen and Pule on this new blessing.

College group from CCLivingwater

Hi everyone! I am in California right now. This is a picture of some of the college group from CCLivingwater. Some of the faces are familiar, some might be new to you. I head out to Virginia soon. Please keep me in your prayers as I visit Pastor Tom Hallman and family. God bless you all. Pastor Tommy

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Boys from CCWilliamsburg

The guys are passing out fliers inviting people to come to Sunday evening service at CCWilliamsburg. To the far right is Pastor Tom Hallman, and to the far left are his two sons, Matthew and Patrick. The other three in the middle, I do not know, but I am sure that I will meet them soon. I leave Okinawa on September 21st, stay a few days in Cali, and then fly out to Virginia to see Pastor Tom and his family. I am blessed with the opportunity to teach at his new fellowship as well as teach at Tony Clark' s church (CC Newport News) Sunday morning. Please contine to lift up the Hallman's and the great work that God has begun in Virginia. Also, please keep me in your prayers, as I am blessed to come back, visit and do ministry in the States. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Monday, September 19, 2005

Pastor John and Tom Greenroyd leave Okinawa

Today Pastor John and Tom left Okinawa and are heading back to California. It was a blessing having these guys here for a week. Next time they need to stay longer. There was so much more to do and to see. We want to say that we love you guys, and again, thank you so much for blessing us here on the Island of Okinawa. Love, Pastor Tommy and all your Okinawan family

Outreach on Futenma Marine Corps Base

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Last night we had the opportunity to minister on Futenma Marine Corps Base. It was a real blessing. We cooked hotdogs and hamburgers, and everyone had a great time of Food, Fellowship, and Fun. Pastor John Greenroyd from CCLosAlamitos gave the evening devotion. 5,000 Fed and Middle Man Band played that night. If you would like click onto and check out the picture album labled Futemna outreach. We hope you like the little video of the night.

Broken board

The other day, Vunder and I went surfing after the Typhoon. The waves were big. Rob got caught in some soup and he lost his board, his leash broke. Well the rest is history. His board was floating in the surf and then a wave crashed his board on the seawall jacks. His board literally exploded! What a bummer, but the Lord will provide him with another board. So Rob says "please God, bless me with another board...... Amen"

Sunday, September 18, 2005

"The Gathering" ministry event

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Saturday night we were invited to minister at Foster Marine Base for their first ever Christian night. There were different Christian bands invited from all over the Island. It was a wonderful night. Pastor John and Tom were at the event, and it was a blast. We hope that you like the little video. Check out more picts at , look for the photo album entitled "The Gathering". God bless you all. Pastor Tommy

Best way to study

Sometimes I get the guys out of the house and we study at different places. Here Rob is studying his Japanese. It is surprising, these guys are picking up Japanese so quickly. They are learning Hiragana and Katakana (Japanese alphabets) and are already beginning to read the road signs and billboards. Please continue to pray for these Bible College students, and also the future ones who will be attending CCBC Okinawa.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

They are catching, not just fishing!

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Well, this is the answer to our question, "did they catch any fish"? Here is a short video of them in action. After the catch, Max and the guys cut it up and had a lot of sashimi. We gave some to our neighbors, and they were blessed. Good job guys! Serving Jesus is a blast! For more picts of the trip, please click onto

Gogo Eigo live!

The other night, we popped into the gogo eigo house and checked out the classes that were going on. It was Thursday night, and Tim Newell and Kayo Yamaguchi were teaching that night. For some of you who do not know, Gogo eigo (evening english) is a ministry that we do here in Okinawa. We teach english to Japanese people who want to learn. We use this ministry as a friendship ministry to get to know the locals and love them through friendship evangelism. Pastor John and Tom had the opportunity to introduce themselves to these students. After class, some of the students come into our house and fellowship with us. That is how we get to know them better. Please continue to pray for this ministry, that we would minister to many Japanese people. Pastor Tommy

Youth group Friday night

Friday night, Pastor Tommy as well as Pastor John, and Tom, had the opportunity to join in with the youth group at Calvary. We had a great time. The youth group are a bunch of great kids. Damien Velarde is the Youth Leader and does a fantastic job. Many of the youth attend OCSI and are driven to the church from the school. Please continue to pray for OCSI as well as the other youth from Calvary Chapel.

Friday, September 16, 2005

They're going fish'in

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Pastor John and Tom from CCLosAlamitos had the opportunity to go deep sea fishing with Max. Max is a great brother in Okinawa who is an excellent fisherman, diver, and all around aquatic guy. He was blessed with the opportunity to take these guys out for the morning and afternoon. We hope that you enjoy the short video. Check back with us tomorrow and find out how they did. Remember, leave a comment below to say Hi to Pastor John and Tom.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pastor John and Tom Greenroyd

Pastor John and Tom Greenroyd arrived safely from California yesterday. So today, we took them down south to Memorial Peace Park to do some sight seeing. It was a real blessing to hang out with them here in Okinawa. Pictured from left to right is; Jason Arbogast, Danny Brody, Vunder, Pastor John, Segmon Joyce, Zach Ruiz and Tom Greenroyd. When you get a chance, we started a photo album with picts from their trip, Check it out. Also, write some comments below by clicking the comment button. Pastor John and Tom, would love to hear from you.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Vunder's skater buddies

On Monday nights, Tim Newell and Vunder head on down to the Ginowan city hall and meet some breakdancers and Skaters. They share the love of Jesus Christ by hanging out with these guys and befriend them. The Japanese dudes like hanging around these American guys. It is a blessing for Tim and Vunder, they learn Japanese fast, hanging around the locals. Please continue to pray for these guys as they continue to share the Love of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

w2 (Worship/Word) and prayer requests

We had a real blessed time tonight at w2 (Worship/Word) with the college age students. Tim led worship, he always does a great job. Below we have left an audio blog with this weeks prayer requests. There are a lot of them, and we would truly appreciate it if you would lift us up before the Lord. This week is packed with ministry opportunities, and we want to make sure that we are being led by the Lord. God bless you all, and have a wonderful week. Pastor Tommy

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CCBC Jerusalem Crew

This is a picture of the CCBC Jerusalem students for the 2005 fall semester. They traveled up to the Galilee area for a few days as part of their studies. If you look close, you can see Rosie, she is second from the right on the bottom level. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as well as all of the students at CCBC Jerusalem.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Friendship Day at OCSI

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This friday we were invited to join the High School Students at Okinawa Christian School International for their friendship day. Earlier in the morning, we were invited to speak at their Chapel service. It was a good evening hanging out with the students, we played volleyball, basketball and they did a little soccer, and in the evening, you guessed it; a Hotdog cookout. Please continue to pray for the students at OCSI that God would continue to do a wonderful work in their lives.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sorry for the inconvience

We are totally sorry. For some reason, our video stuff is off line right now. The server that we are using is experiencing technical difficulties, and all videos from this server are not able to be shown. But, stay tune, as soon as they are up, we will begin posting again. But for now, back to the old style, some good old articles. By the way, we are in the process of developing another web site that will be our own. So far, it is looking good, but you will have to wait a few more weeks before we unveil it. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to develop the e3missions website to further spread the Goodnews of Jesus Christ.
God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Super Typhoon Day 4 (last day)

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Well everyone, this is the last day of videoing of Typhoon Nabi. We have had a few fun days with the camera. Thank you for checking out e3missions, and remember, we try to post daily so continue to check back and keep us in your prayers. We know that God has a lot in store for us here in Okinawa and we want to keep seeking and serving Him daily. When you get a chance, write down some comments below. We love hearing from you. God bless you all, and we will be posting more stuff soon. Pastor Tommy

Super Typhoon Day 3 !

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The Typhoon has now passed us, but we are still feeling the effects of it. Thank you again, all of you, who have been praying for us. We did not get a direct hit, just a lot of wind, and not much rain, but as you can see, the surf got big. As the next few days pass by, the weather will again change, and the sun will come out, and then, back to business, ministry for the Lord.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Super Typhoon Day 2

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It is incredible! The prayers of the Saints are so effective. They have down graded the Super Typhoon to regular Typhoon status. The winds still will be great, but not as powerful as originally projected, they are loosing steam out in the ocean. So that means, the winds will be strong, but not as great. So, for day 2 we traveled out to Comprehensive park in Okinawa City and did a little video. We hope you enjoy our fun.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

This picture was take of Zach and me a few weeks ago at Iejima when we were on a short missionary trip. I don't think that we look alike at all. Just kidding! This was taken a few days before he decided to cut his hair, Praise the Lord! You know when you are getting old as a dad, when you are glad that your son cuts his hair. Well, when you get a chance, click onto the audio blog, as I was looking at the coming months calendar, I realized that a lot of ministry will be happening this month, as well as next month. So, please continue to keep us up in your prayers. Your prayers are like gold to us, we really appreciate them. God bless you all. Love, Pastor Tommy
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Super Typhoon Day 1

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Today we had the opportunity to get up real early and surf before the Typhoon will hit us. It was high tide early Saturday morning, so we had a good window of waves to catch. Keep watching e3missions for the storm watch report. God bless you all. Pastor Tommy

Friday, September 02, 2005

Prayer requests for this weekend

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Super Typhoon Nabi!

This is going to be a big one! It is a Super Typhoon, category 5, the first big one in awhile for Okinawa. If you can imagine, on the satelite map above, Okinawa is a dot on this picture. Katrina that hit the USA had winds up to 145mph. This Typhoon will have 170 mile winds. Okinawan houses are made of concrete and built to sustain these winds, but pray for us. First, that we do not get a direct hit, but that it will turn to the northeast of us. Pray also that we do not loose electricity or water. We will keep you informed on how things are going.