Friday, December 30, 2005

Livingwater Video

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Hey everyone! We recorded this at CCLivingwater after the Wednesday night service. The guys were practicing for the outreach that they will do at the Coffee Depot on Thursday night. We had a good time messing around.

Evening dinner at the Joyce's

After Wednesday night service, the Joyce's (Segmon's family) invited many of us over their house for an evening dinner. It was incredible, they had lumpia, and empanadas (Philippino food) we thought that this was the main course. We found out that it was just the appetizer. The main course was Turkey, pancit, pork, chicken, rice, you name it, it was there. We had a blast! In the center picture is Segmon's sister Melissa, Dad Ben, and Mom Guiua.

Wednesday night service a CCLivingwater

We had a great time at CCLivingwater. Pastor Jerry gave a great message Wednesday night. Anytime we bring out the camera, the hams all want to get in the picture. What is cool about Livingwater is that after service, the young people jump on the instruments and start jamin for Jesus.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Clown'in with Quint

Tuesday night, Quint and Yolie Betts invited all the missionaries over their house for dinner. Yolie cooked a wonderful meal. So, Tim, Ayu, Itsuki, the Ruiz's, David Downs and Mario Mendoza all went over. After a good meal, Quint took some of them for a ride on one of his many dirt bikes. As you can see in the top picture, Tim Newell was holding on for dear life, while Itsuki and Ayu were having a blast. On the bottom pict, Tim is loving helping his new bride strap on her helmet. He loves her so much, he does not want to take any chances on her getting hurt. (Click on the pictures to get a closer look on their expressions)

Fun Tuesday with Itsuki

Today we had the opportunity to take a drive down the Coast to CC Costa Mesa and Hunnington Beach. In the center picture, this was taken in front of the entrance to Calvary Costa Mesa. Pastor Chuck a few months ago had this fountain installed in the courtyard. After we took this shot, we headed over to the bookstore and purchased some CD's. The picture up top, was taken at the Pier in Hunnington Beach. It was a cold afternoon and the surf has been high. Surprisingly, there were only a few surfers out there. It was Itsuki's first visit to the Southern California beaches.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

e3g Christmas party

Friday night the Youth group at CCLivingwater had their Christmas party at the Horne's house. They had such a blast. Like always, the gift exchange got the most laughs. As the youth look back on 2005, they have so many good memories. Praise God, next year will even be better.

Itsuki in California

Yesterday Itsuki Kudaka arrived safely from Okinawa. She will be with us for 2 weeks, spending time getting to know the Church family at Livingwater. She will also attend the CC Missions conference in Murrieta. It is such a blessing to have her here.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Biblestudy at CCDelano

Thursday night we were blessed with the opportunity to head out to Bakersfield and visit with Pastor Gil and his family. After a time of fellowship at Gil's gamestor, we headed out to Delano and had a wonderful time of fellowship with the body. It was a blessing to see the beginnings of a new work in that area. Please continue to lift up Pastor Gil and the fellowship in Delano. We believe that this is just the beginning of great things in this area.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Rosie in Jerusalem

This is a great picture of the students at CCBC Jerusalem. For those of you who do not know, Rosie (center left) has been serving at the Bible College for about 2 years. Her mother and brothers attend CCLivingwater in California. It is such a blessing to see the students serving and loving the Lord there in Israel. Please continue to pray for everyone at CCBC. They will begin their next semester in early February. We love you guys.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Final Men's Breakfast at the Hacienda

Saturday morning was the last breakfast that will be held at the Hacienda Del Rey. For some of you who know, my father has owned a Mexican Restaurant for the last 34 years. I grew up being around and working there. In fact, when we began the church CCLivingwater, we held our very first services in this banquet room. It was a wonderful morning filled with memories of the blessings my father has given to the church for many years. He has recently sold the property and will be retiring. Pictured on the upper right is my father and the same cook that has worked for him for 34 years (Elena). To the upper left is Daniel Sedota leading worship (for some, you remember Daniel, he was a part of the 5 week summer team to Okinawa). On the bottom left is Jesse Hernandez, the teacher for the morning, and to the bottom right is Able and Mario. God bless you men, we have many great memories in this place. Pastor Tommy

Day at Disneyland

We had a fun Friday afternoon. Segmon's sister (pictured in the center photo) works at Disneyland, but her last day was Saturday. Segmon hooked it up so when we arrived in California, we were able to take the family for the day. Everyone had a blast! It is cold in California, I am so glad that we took our coats. Because we arrived in California the day before, we tired out quick and called it a day, towards the early evening. Thank you again Joyce for blessing us, and may the Lord bless you as you move on to other things.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas in Cali

God bless you all, we are heading to California for 3 weeks. We will be ministering in different churches as well as spending time with our family and our church family back at CC Livingwater. We are looking forward to seeing my mother as some of you know that she broke her hip 3 weeks ago and is still recovering. Also my father will be closing his restaurant that he has owned for over 35 years, so we will be helping him with that project. So, we will keep you informed on how ministry is going. Also, if you would like to hear an audio message from me, please click the box below. May the Lord continue to bless you, Pastor Tommy

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Taking to the Streets of Okinawa

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Hi everyone! We have a new video for you. The other day, I heard a message that said that 95% of the Japanese people do not know who Jesus is? I have heard the statistic before, and I thought wow! Let me try that out. So Joanna gave me this idea to go out on the streets and talk to people. I hope you like the video. Pastor Tommy

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

CCLivingwater Winter Youth Camp

These are the pictures that Jon Horne (bottom right) sent to us from the youth camp this year up at Green Valley Lake. They has such a wonderful time. There were so many guest speakers and worship leaders. Pictured above on the top right is Scott Cunningham, who is worship leader for Worship Generation Orange County. Also to the top left is Royce Rull who was a missionary to Idaho and now is attending CC School of Worship. Pictured below to the bottom left is Pastor Cisco, and boy is his hair getting long, but looking sweeto (japanese for cool)! In the center picture is Lena Ochoa (soon to be Lena Horne) and my daughter Hannah on the right. Hannah and Zach were totally blessed this year in that they left Okinawa a week earlier and were able to attend the Youth Camp with everyone from CCLivingwater. Good job Jon and everyone who put together this years Winter camp, may the Lord continue to lead and guide your steps. Pastor Tommy

Monday, December 12, 2005

Mike in Pakistan

Hey everyone, this is Mike Langley in Pakistan. He emailed me the other day and said that things are going well, but he misses everyone back at home (Okinawa). Mike is in Pakistan helping with Relief efforts from the earthquake that hit a month ago. Pictured above is Mike refereeing a basketball game for the guys on one of thier free times away from work duty. Please continue to pray for Mike and all the servicemen and women who are serving oversees. Remember, many of them will be gone this Christmas season, and the best thing that we can do, is to lift them up before our Heavenly Father in Prayer. God bless all of you oversees and remember that we love you. Pastor Tommy and your church family.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Rob teaches Tsunami

Sunday mornings the Jr. Highers at Calvary Okinawa meet downstairs for thier own Sunday morning service. Pictured above is Vunder praying and Natsumi interprets for the Japanese speakers.

Arriving back home tonight

These are the latest pictures send from Nile in Italy. The guys had a great time visiting the land. They were able to attend some of the Calvarys in Rome. As you can see from Damien, no missions trip is complete with out trying some of the local food. That is one big burger Pastor Rick.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Back in the swing of things

We are back in Okinawa, and the wheels get turning. Thursday we had M.E.L.T. (my english lunch time) and Tim Newell resumes duties in ministry. Tim and Ayu are back from thier honeymoon and serving the Lord together.
Tonight is Friday night and we had a wonderful time seeking the Lord in Prayer. For the past month we meet on Friday nights at my house for p2 (Prayer and Praise) We gather for a time of seeking the Lord through prayer and offering up songs of praise. We spent much time praying for Okinawa and the ministry that God is doing over here. This weekend I have the blessed opportunity to speak at the men's breakfast as well as we have a concert at Hansen Marine base on Saturday night. Segmon returns from the Philippines, and Pastor Rick, Damien, and Niel return from Italy soon. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Monday, December 05, 2005

Ministry on Central Philippines University

Monday we were also invited to minister at Central Philippines University. Rob was able to lead in worship and we taught the students on "the renewed life in Christ". It was a great time, Rob also met some skaters on the campus and fit right in. Also, on the campus we were invited to visit thier butterfly sanctuary on the campus. If you would like to see more picts, click onto We put up a lot more pictures.

Ministry at J.B. High School

Monday was our last full day in Iloilo. We went to J.B. High school and did some ministry to the students. The students just finished studying Japanese culture and have begun learning about Israel. It worked out perfect. I was able to share Japanese culture, and then Pastor Mike and I shared about our adventures in Israel. Mike did a wonderful job of sharing the Gospel message with the students. Pastor Tommy