Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cold in Shanghai

This morning, the air was brisk but nice when I ventured out to work out. But now, this afternoon it is getting so cold. I am in the lobby of the hotel doing some studying and it is cold. The sun is going down so I walked outside and came right back in, burrrrrr! I would not look forward to Shanghai winters.

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Flight Cancelled

All dressed up and no where to go. I was in line for my tickets and I got the bad news; Flight cancelled to Okinawa today. I tried to get re-routed to Tokyo but there was not enough time and I would have to pay for the ticket from Tokyo to Okinawa. That would be doable but then I realized I had too much luggage! To God be the Glory! He is in control. Better than flying on a broken airplane huh? That would be "no bueno" (I am using the last of my Spanish before coming back to Japan) I got to do some type of joking. I WANT TO GET HOME!

Chinese Breakfast

In the morning when you venture outside there are street venders selling breakfast. How do I know it is for breakfast? I only see this in the morning. So after my morning workout I grab some local food. Fruit and Chinese dumplings. Delicious!!! The smell and flavor is out of this world! And the best part; 8 for $1.00usd (6RMB).

Man Dies on the Plane

It was such a sad event as you can imagine. About 2 hours into our close to 14 hour flight an older man who was sitting to the left hand side isle to me stood up from his seat. He had some health problems as he had an oxygen small tube connected to his nose. He seemed fine but when he went to the bathroom he collapsed. They called a doctor on board to help but to no avail. After a long while of giving him CPR they were unable to revive him. He was of India decent over 6' tall a larger heavier man. As you can imagine his wife was frantic. I did my best to bring comfort to his wife, prayed for her and gave her the best compassion that I could. This was the difficult part; the Chinese as well as many Asian people are very superstitious. Because the man died no one wanted to sit by him because of ghosts and they made it so clear. Even to the point that they did not want to put their luggage close to the dead man's luggage and one lady was adamant about it. We kind of got into it a little as she was "cramming" her luggage into another persons space. We had a few words along the line of "so the ghosts cannot cross over to your seat". (I thought about it, I could have freaked everyone out if I would have told them I saw ghosts, but I didn't, but I was tempted, i was a little upset.) I finally gave up my seat for another lady that was frantic and I sat in the "ghost seat". Honestly, I had a lot of room, but I spent a lot of time praying for the deceased man's wife. It was a sad situation, it was truly heartbreaking.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Thanks Michael for the Great Blessing

Michael, our Church was super blessed with you coming down and serving CCGinowan. Thank you for taking your week off and coming and blessing us. To Go be the Glory bro!

Some of the Gang

Because Michael Snider was in Okinawa while I was gone covering my teaching schedule for the week; the Smith's invited a few over their house to bless him with a great Lunch. Looks like they had a great time.

Totally blessed to Pray

Pastor John Bonner took me to the new property of the Bible College in Peru. It is simply awesome! I was honored to be there to pray for the new work!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Wow! What a difference. These are my favorite shoes, and the guy brought them back to life! It cost only 10soles ($4.00) and that was with the tip. All I need to do now is "wash the pants".

Saturday, October 27, 2012

All the Rain

In Cajamarca because of all the rain your shoes can get a bit muddy. Well, since I have some time to but while in the airport I thought I could get my shoes shinned. I have always wanted to do it, but never the time. Well, here we go!

Interesting Observation

While in Peru, I hardly drank any water. When I arrived people told me to drink a lot of water because of the high elevation I might experience head aches (in Cajamarca it is like living at the top of Big Bear Ski lift except no snow). They are right you are supposed to drink a lot of water. Well, I trained 6 days a week, drank my normal 2 cups of coffee a day, but..... I ate a lot of fruit, bananas, oranges, apples. I could tell I was not dehydrated (sorry, when you go to the restroom). Listen people; "fruit does the body good".

A First

I have flown all over the place. In all the years of flying I have never been the first person off the plane. It was an interesting experience. The door opened, I was greeted with a smile, and off I went. No crowding, no pushing, I felt like the President of the United States, well, I am I Peru, maybe like the President of Peru.

Glacier Andes Mountains

Pastor John helped me get a great seat on the plane heading to Lima. Seat A1; because on the A side of the and you can see the glacier top mountains of the Andes. An awesome sight.

Time to Jump on the Plane

God is good! The whole week it has been super foggy because we are so high in elevation; over 9,000 feet. The mornings are foggy and cold (great for training in the morning) and I had a lot if those good training days. For the first week, I was loosing a lot of weight (my pants were falling off) long morning runs and PT Strapping. But then the great food started to catch up (lots of potatoes, rice and delicious dishes, Peru has over 3,000 different types of potatoes, seriously). So I began to taper off.
Well, back to the original story; when it is foggy the plane cannot land coming in from Lima. I have a connection in Lima so the plane has to come in. Well, I woke up this morning and it was clear as day, beautiful, the plane came in, perfect timing! To God be the Glory!

It's the Cheese!

But it is also the beef! Cajamarca is known for its dairy and beef; and I had a lot of both. The cheese was familiar to what I call "Mexican cheese", but it is here in Peru. The beef is plentiful and super tasty, always fresh, and the yogurt, Joanna would go crazy. Delicious!

Saying Goodbye to Pastor John

We had to get up early to be at the airport at 6am. My flight left Cajamarca at 7:30am. The time in Cajamarca was incredible. Truly a blessed time.

One Last Celebration!

Before I left Cajamarca we celebrated the last night at the students favorite restaurant "Via Rica". Incredible chicken dinners but Sebastian and Brandon talked me into trying their hamburgers. They ordered the double burger, but I just got the single. It came with a fried egg in top, nice!!

Visit to Calvary Cajamarca

There are two Calvary's here in Cajamarca. Pastor Diego has been here for 6 years. He originally was Pastor John's Youth Leader in Lima. God sent him out here to start a new work. I was totally blessed to come and visit at his Church.

Mike Snider is Here!

Mike is covering this weeks teaching schedule for me while I am teaching in Peru. It is such a blessing and honor to have him here with us this weekend. If you are in Okinawa drop by and say hi. He already taught this Wednesday night service, but he will be teaching Sunday morning service and w2 Sunday night. Here he is with Pastor Tim, family and Stomer. They are eating a good burger up in Nago city.

Peruvian Fried Rice

Honestly, I thought food could not get any better in Peru. Then they cook up this; Peruvian Fried Rice (Chinese influence) with won tons and special Peruvian sauce. Absolutely off the chart!!!!!!!

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Friday, October 26, 2012


I have had a lot of these moments here in Peru. This is my view as I walk home at night from the Bible College back to the Bonner house at 10:15pm at night. No one is on the street, it could be creepy but instead you think "Wow, I am walking down a cement cobblestone street in Peru" no one is out, it is just me alone. Incredible!

Ice cream Outing

The guys wanted some Peruvian style ice cream so we headed to the local shop and got 2 scoops. It only cost 3.5 sole ($1.35). Interesting flavors, great taste.

The South American Homeboyz

These guys are really cool guys. From left to right; Victor-he is now a missionary here from Lima, he lives in the church and is one of the assistants to Pastor Brian. Victor is a graduate from CCBC Peru. Next is Sebastian, he is from Columbia. This guy is so funny and great to be around. He got me to play in my first soccer game Sunday afternoon. I was just a body trying to block (I should have learned more from my friend Tino). Next is Jesus, he come from the jungle of Peru, literally, he is great. So fun to talk with, you see Jesus all over him. And finally is our good friend Brandon, he also is from Columbia. He has great English skills and plays the Cahone awesome. I get to hang out with these guys a lot. We always have a blast. I am really going to miss them.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Devotions at CCBC PERU

The worship teams always do such a good job every morning. It is a blessing to worship so early in the morning here in Peru.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This Pict is Way too Cool!

I love it! Thank you for taking this. The students rockin it in Korea! Have fun team and have a safe flight back to Japan.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Birth-Dazed Out!

This is Monday afternoon following his birthday weekend. Too much Lego partying. This is what happens when you are addicted to Legos'. Watch out folks he has been rockin but he just can't handle it. Happy Birthday Son!

Ceviche Cajamarchan Lunch

The boyz took me into the city for a local lunch. Ceviche, fried fish, fried corn, salad and a small crab claw, all for under $2.50usd. A tasty lunch, for a good price.

Sunday Morning Service Cajamarca

It was a blessed Sunday morning at Calvary Refugio in Cajamarca. Pastor Ryan did a great job and we were all blessed. It was a great morning.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Me with the Dude-et's!

Me with the Dudes!

5am Hike up the Mountain

There is a Hill overlooking the whole Banos del Inca/Cajamarca Valley. Some of the students wanted to hike it this Sunday morning. I had to get up at 4am. But it was totally worth it!

Back in Oki-ville

Some of the group took went to lunch with Eder's parents. They rocked the all-you-can eat Yakiniku! (Japanese BBQ)

Rockin the local Kombi bus

Well, it is more like a van. The locals take these back and forth to the cities. We took this one from our city "Banos del Inca" back and forth "Cajamarca" city. It was super cheap, under 1sole (35 cents). Super fun, super crowded.

The View from the Top

We are located in the heart of the city of Cajamarca. On the top of the mountain overlooking the city below. Seriously, the picture does not due the beauty justice, incredible. This is my good buddy Columbian Student named; Juan-Sebastian. There is never a dull moment with him, he is hilarious!

Exploring the City

Saturday afternoon some of the students took me out to Cajamarca city. It was a great time of shopping, hiking, and checking out the sights. There are people here at the Bible College from the States, Peru, Columbia, you name it. They are a great group of students.

Incredible View

This is the great view that we have from the roof of the house that I am staying at. You can see the Andes Mountains which surround the whole valley around Cajamarca. As I was running this morning I was overwhelmed by the surrounding view.

Japan Students in Korea

Hi everyone ,
Check out to see all the great pictures, articles and fun the students are having in Korea.

Saturday VBS

It was a blessed outreach with the kids. The students did a great job of planning the outreach with the kids. Time now for some exploration. Let's see the city!

Famous Statue "Last Inca King"

There is some serious incredible history here in Cajamarca, Peru. It was here at the "Banos de Inca" (Baths of the Inca - there are these incredible outdoor hot springs that you can swim in, Pastor Tim Newell would love it ) is where the last Inca (Peruvian King) made his stand before he died. Some awesome stories, I am amazed.

Newest Calvary in Cajamarca

This is the new Calvary that has been started in Cajamarca. Ryan is pastoring this work in the city of "Banos de Inka". Pastor John Bonner asked Ryan to start this new work because the students need to attend service somewhere on Sundays, and the other Calvary is too far away. Ryan wanted to reach the people in the area so they started the work here. It is a real blessing.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prayer Before the Event

The Peruvian crew are gathering for a time of prayer before they head out to the neighborhood outreach event cot should be a total blessing.

Happy Birthday Asa!

October 19th, today is my son Asa's Birthday! Happy Birthday son! You are getting so old and I am proud of you, I love your Ninjago cake, you are a big 10 years old today! Where did the years go, you look wonderful son.

Dean Pera Interaction

Here is our buddy Dean in action in Korea. It is a blessing that the students get to know our brother for the next few days while they are in Korea. I really miss Dean. Maybe God will open the door for him to come and visit with us in Japan for a few days again.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Okinawan Crew Heading to Korea

Well, they are leaving; bittersweet in that they are leaving Okinawa but after Korea they are heading to the Tokyo Campus. We are going to miss this crew but we know that God has good things in store for them. God bless you Gang!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Devotions at CCBC PERU

This morning we are gathered together for a time of worship and to study His Word. We are in James chapter 5.

CCBC PERU Outreach

The students are preparing for their outreach to the community as they will be having a play for the Peruvian kids. They are practicing tonight.

Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken

Check out the fries! It was a mountain size seriously! The best part, the restaurant has an onsen right in the middle, so after you eat you can take a dip. Cajamarca is known for its "hot water springs". Many of the houses have separate faucets that brings the water right into your tubs. Amazing! Eat and take a dip, that is a new concept for us in Japan.

Deborah "Noel" Holt

I hope I spelled it right, this is Anna's sister. It is a blessing to see and meet her. But she is one tough cookie. She is brave; How brave you ask? Well, she is not afraid to eat the Peruvian delicacy; fried guinea pig. She said it is delicious!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Safe Arrival

I arrived safely in Cajamarca. A blessed flight! I slept most of the way. I was able to train early in the morning, catch breakfast, and jump on the plane. The weather is cool and dry, no humidity. I start teaching tonight, session one: Matthew chapters 1 and 2. Time to get going. How do you like the shot? I took a picture with the Nun's, I hope they were not upset.

Two Typhoons Out There

Well, we have two storms off the coast of Japan. Praise The Lord they are far off the shores. Please join us in prayer for safety all over the Pacific Islands. God is good and we know His Hand of protection is on us.

Made it to Peru!

I am now in line to get my new ticket to fly to Cajamarca tomorrow. It was a super nice flight in a totally modern airplane. The flight attendants were really helpful but I was surprised that they did not speak fluid English. A good easy flight from LAX to Lima.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

At the Radisson Hotel at LAX

The plane broke down so they put us up at a nice hotel in Downtown LA. This is the view from my room. I am bummed out. We don't fly out until 11:00 am tomorrow. That means I will miss Church and even more I was supposed to teach at a Calvary Chapel in Lima. By the time we got to the hotel it is 1:30 in the morning.