Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Milestone 128 Posts

In the 8 years that we have been posting here at e3missions we have never posted 128 times. A lot happened this month and it was a blessing to keep you informed. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Pastor Tommy

Best Bagels Ever!

Today Joel and Tamiko made bagels from scratch. They boiled and baked them like a professional I am amazed and totally impressed. They were awesome! Really the best bagels that I have ever ate. Who would have thought that the best bagels were made in Okinawa. Thanks gang, delicious!

Friday, March 30, 2012

To Tokyo Crew

This was taken this morning from CCBC Tokyo. The crew were having lectures with Pastor Kiyomasa who came in to teach. They are having fun but it is still cold in the mainland. Please pray for Pastor Tim, Vunder and myself as we will be heading up there next week. We will be taking the Bible College crew to do a follow up concert and outreach to the Franklin Graham Celebration that happened earlier this month. We need your prayers, there is a little emergency in that we thought that we would be able to get freeway passes but they stopped issuing them this month. "Lord, thank you for your provision before hand". In Jesus Name, Amen!

Israel Crew

This is a great picture of our California Crew in Israel. It was a blessing to be with Pastor Quint and Yolie and Pastor Tom and Jeanne. This past year Joanna and I have had the privilege to be a part of their lives as we have visited their congregations in both New Mexico and Virginia. It is so good to be with them and to also see their churches growing in the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. To God be ALL the Glory, Praise, Honor and Thanks!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Cafe Signs are Up

I don't know if we put up the new signs on e3 as of yet, but they came by and made a few changes. Thank you everyone who worked so hard, it paid off.

Pastor Tim and Masaki

Half of the Newell's came by the cafe today to say hi and hang out. We had a good lunch together and fellowship. Thank you Pastor Tim and Masaki for coming down, and thank you for bringing your special guests.

A Great Surprise

The Lord brought us some special guests today at the Cafe. Eder and Amanda arrived with Pastor Tim. They are doing some passport work and since they were done early they stopped by the cafe and had coffee and lunch. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Best Cup of Joe!

This is the best cup of coffee that I have had in the past 3 weeks. I had some good cups; Turkish, Espresso, Israeli blends, but this is the best, siphon blend.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Israeli Antiques

While shopping in Jerusalem, we took time to look for antiques. So I stuck gold! I found an antique Turkish Coffee maker (my right hand) and an antique coffee boiler (it is not complete only the bottom half). I have never seen one like this. I haggled and haggled with the owner. We came to a buyers conclusion.

Okinawan Sunset

We are approaching Okinawa, and we have some of the most beautiful sunsets. It is 6:35pm and the sun is going down. Summer is approaching, the days are getting longer. That is good, more time for outdoor activities.

The Best; Hong Kong Fried Noodles

Just one more time before we leave HK. My favorite food; Hong Kong Fried Noodles. I was feeling better so this was my last order. Goodbye Hong Kong and God bless you.

Hong Kong Gardens

We had one night in Hong Kong before making our way back to Okinawa. Right next to our hotel there is a beautiful garden park. We took a nice stroll. I caught a stomach bug so I could not be too far away from the hotel.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hong Kong

We made it to HK via TelAviv. The flight was easy, only 10 hours. One problem; there was a baby that cried almost the entire way. Bummer, but everything worked out. We will be here one night and then head back home. Praise the Lord!

Flying Home

Well, almost; we have to fly to Hong Kong and stay there over night. We won't be able to catch our flight until the next day. But it is time to leave. It was a great trip. I would totally love to take the Japanese people with me some time. This was the most reasonable and best trip to Israel that I have ever taken. To God be the Glory!

Leaving Jerusalem

It is time to head to the airport. It was a blessed time in Israel. God is so good. To God be the Glory. We are heading to the airport via the "sharuk" (airport discount shuttle). If you call it 24 hours in advance it picks you right up at your doorstep. Not bad, only $18.00 USD each person. Better than a taxi at $87.00 dollars.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Macho Combo Burrito (Israel Style)

They call this a "swarma" it is a laffa filled with roasted chicken, vegetables, french fries and sauces (delicious). In Tourist Israel they cost close to $10.00 bucks (USD). But if you chill out with the locals and eat where they eat it only cost $4.25. So I took Joanna to a local place where I took the boyz close to 2 years ago. Again, it was delicious!

The Shuk

This is our last hours here in Jerusalem before we leave and ride the "sharute" (local airport taxi) and board our plane back to Hong Kong. We did some local market shopping and here you see Joanna holding her precious avocado. She loves them in Okinawa and here in Israel they are only about $2.00 US dollars per kilo (2.2 pounds).

Tommy Tours #6

The Valley of Gehenna. This is the place where during Jesus time the people would burn their trash. The place continually smoked and smelled like sulfur. Jesus uses Gehenna to explain to them what Hell will be like; a place of continual burning.

Tommy Tours #5

The adventure continues..... This time it was unexpected. We decided to walk around the Old City walls from the Zion Gate to the Jaffa Gate and as we walked we noticed a small sign at the cemetery saying "Oscar Schindler" when we went inside the small cemetery we were greeted by this old man who pointed out where he was buried. Oscar Schindler was famous (Stephen Spielberg made an Oscar award winning movie about him) in that he saved many Jews from the Nazi' during WWII. In a nutshell, at the end of his life the Jewish people moved him to Israel where he lived his end of life here in the Holy Land. A great honor to visit his grave. In Israel to show respect and to show that you were there visiting someones grave you put a stone on top.

The Rose of Sharon

That is what this flower is called. It is a bright red poppy. In California we have this flower but it is deep yellow (orange). it is so beautiful isn't it? (Joanna you are prettier)

Jerusalem is Rocking

Shabat has completely ended. In Israel their Sunday is like our Monday. Everyone is hard back at work. All the shops are open, and the city is hopping. This will be a good day.

Shabat is Almost Over

You can begin to see the people coming back on the streets. The Sabbath is almost over and the people will again fill the streets. It will get super packed as people come out to celebrate.

Tommy Tours #4

The rampart walls tour continues, this time from the opposite side. We had to return back to the Jaffa Gate and them get back on the wall and head toward the "Western Wall" in the Jewish Quarter. We passed by the Armenian Quarter and overlooked the Kidron Valley below.

Tommy Tours #3

The Zion Gate was our next stop. What is interesting here is that as you look at the walls you can see the bullet holes still there from the war as Israel was liberated. Some serious fighting went on here.

Tommy Tours #2

Our next stop took us to the stones at the Roman Pratorium. This is the place that Ponticus Pilate had Jesus whipped and He received His Crown of Thorns. These are the actual stones that Jesus would have walked on and been beaten by the soldiers in Jerusalem. Heavy thoughts.

In Front of the "Lion's Gate"

Tradition tells us that Stephen the first martyr of the Church was put to death at the Lion's Gate right outside of the city. As we walked the "rampart" the walk stopped right here, close to the Temple Mount.

On the Damascus Gate Looking Down

On top of the Damascus Gate you can see everything below. It was cool walking on the Walls of Jerusalem. Awesome!

Tommy Tour #1

Since Joanna and I are on our own I was able to start a personal tour of things that she has never seen and things that we did not get to see. I took Joanna on a journey on the "rampart walls" of Jerusalem. I have not done this in 17 years. The last time I fully walked the walls of Jerusalem was with Pastor Chuck Smith as he gave Quint, Dylan, Gil, myself and whoever was willing to be at the walls at 7am on our day off. The walk was free back then but now they charge a modest 16 shekels (about 5.00 usd). I was able to point out some good stuff. Here we begin part 1 heading towards the Lion Gate.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

100th Post!

It was almost one year ago April 2011 that I last posted 100 entries at e3missions and it is fitting that I put one up concerning our 26th Anniversary. I took Joanna out to eat at an elegant Italian Restaurant. We shared a good pizza together. Delicious! Happy Anniversary Honey! I love you!

Empty Streets of Shabat

It is now the Sabbath here in Jerusalem and just a few hours ago this place was busting with people. It is now a ghost town as people are home honoring the sabbath. Most of Israel shuts down from 4pm Friday to Sundown 7pm Saturday. Them everyone comes out to party. The streets will be Rockin.

The Shuk

This is where the locals buy their groceries. The prices are low! One other thought; someone had a pedometer, we walked over 100 miles on this tour.

Incredible New Train System

Two years ago they were building this system. It is now complete! It is awesome! Two dollars to ride as long as you want and you can get on and off within 90 minutes. Good for us travelers.

Old Friends!

Vilad and Staf, they are workers at the Palatin Hotel. The group tour is over but Joanna and I have a few days together in the Holy Land. Zach, Rob, Joe and Chuck all remember these guys. I was surprised, they remembered me too. We are staying here at this small hotel for two days.

In Tokyo!

The group has arrived! Praise the Lord! They are going to have a great time in Tokyo. Some of the group are in Korea, but they will all meet up soon.

Our First Magnum Bar

We have been stuffed with great fruits and vegetables; we finally sat down and shared a famous "Magnum Bar". I was amazed, the price has doubled in almost two years. It now cost $4.00 dollars!!!!?

The New Temple?

It is gaining steam that people believe that the "dome of the rock" is not the real place where the Temple was located. But over to the right at the "dome of the spirit". The Temple can be built right next to the existing dome. Interesting?

East Gate on the Temple Mount

We are now on the Temple Mount and looking at the East Gate from the I
Side. The Muslims have sealed it off and buried their dead there in case the prophecy is true and the Messiah returns to Israel.

Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane

Jesus would often come here to pray with his Disciples. It was here that He prayed three times and "sweat great drops of blood". Jesus would be betrayed here by Judas and led away to be tried by the Romans and the Jews.

The Eastern Gate!

We have never been this close before. They opened up a new walkway right up to the Eastern Gate. When the Tribulation is over Jesus will come right through this gate. Exciting!

Joanna and Jeanne

We walked home to our hotel at night right near the Jaffa Gate. It was a beautiful night. A cool walk.

Jesus Lay Here

This is the place where Jesus would have laid. Remember, it was a borrowed tomb by Joseph the rich man. Don't worry, Jesus only borrowed it for 3 days.

"He is not here, He is Risen"

The Tomb is empty! Jesus has risen from the dead. The early church in the 5th Century believed that this was the place. They held church services here and even etched a small Cross in the stone wall.

Golgotha: The Place of the Skull

This is the place where the Christians believe is the traditional place where Jesus was Crucified. Can you see the skull in the background? On this hill Jesus took our sins away.

Joanna on the Southern Steps

Here Jesus would have made His famous statement out of John 7:37-38. "If any man is thirsty......... Out of your inner most being will flow rivers of Living Water".

The Original Stones thrown down

These are the original stones that would have been thrown down by the Romans from the Temple during Jesus time. Remember, Jesus said that "not one stone would remain upon another".

The Kidron Valley Below

A beautiful site today with the village below. Jesus would have crossed this valleys my times. But the most important time would have been when the Romans took him by force to Caiaphas House to be tried.

Present Day Damascus Gate

This would be the direction of the original way that the Christians believe that Jesus would have exited the city and went to Calvary. The place of the Crucifixion is not far away, either is the Garden tomb.

Original Damascus Gate?

Could this be the original Damascus Gate located under the present one? It could be, but it is very interesting to see what the gate would have looked like during Jesus time.

The CC Israel Team

Here we are all together at a former place in Wadi Musha Jordan. This is a good picture of the group. I just had to put it up.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pastor's and their Guide

This is Adrian our Israeli guide. He did such a good job. We said goodbye to him as we toured on our own in Jerusalem. Thank you Adrian, you were a real blessing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We are on the Mount of Olives overlooking the City of Jerusalem. It is a hazy day but you can still see it clearly. The weather is cool, we are so blessed.