Saturday, April 28, 2007


Tuesday night the Japanese I and II class met at the Ruiz's for a special time. Satsukosan and Atsukosan came and taught the students how to make Okonomiyaki. You might be asking "what is Okonomiyaki?". We are glad that you ask. The special meal originates in Osaka, Mainland Japan, but many people here in Okinawa love it. Near the Seawall at Sunabe, there is an "all you can eat" Okonomiyaki. This dish is made primarily with cabbage and eggs. You add in the fixin's like seafood or pork, and it is yummsters. We were so blessed with these ladies coming out and serving the students. It was a blessed night.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Da boyz

Pastor Jeremiah sent me these pictures that he took while he was here during the Worship Conference. We were so blessed to have these guys come down and serve us here in Okinawa. Please continue to pray for them, that the Lord would continue to lead and guide their steps.

Picture from Pastor Tom Hallman's blog

This picture Pastor Tom Hallman put up on his blog. He has some great photos on his sight. When you get a chance please click on the link here and check out all of his stuff.

Andrew Neely

Hi everyone! Let me introduce to you, Andrew. He is praying about coming out here to Okinawa to serve the Lord. We are looking at either late summer or early Fall. Andrew has a real heart to come and minister to the Japanese people. Please pray for him that the Lord would lead and guide all of his steps. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Joanna!

Joanna's Birthday is April 24th, but we celebrated it a day early. I took her out to her favorite Cafe (not the Koinonia Cafe) but the "Sometime Cafe" in Okinawa city. It was such a joy just to hang out with my Beautiful Bride. When you get a chance, please click the comment button below, and leave an encouraging Birthday greeting.

Yomitan Cave

Close to the water in Yomitan Village is a famous cave. During the war, over 1000 Okinawan's hid here when the American's landed in Okinawa. The first wave of Soldiers landed in Yomitan Village. Many of the villagers hid here and would have died if it was not for the brave heroicts of a Hawaiian Japanese Soldier. He risked his life and encouraged the Okinawan's to come out of the cave. If they would not have come out, most if not all would have been killed through the bombings. There was actually a movie that Hollywood made about this situation. The cave is huge! The guys only had one flashlight, so we were not able to travel very far.

Structure Jumping!

After some good lunch, the guys went out for a swim. They swam from the wharf to a concrete structure about 150 yards away. When they got to the structure, they climbed a three story latter and jumped off into the water! If that was not enough, they climbed a four story stucture and jumped again. These guys are diehard adrenaline junkies! Double click on the pictures to get a better look.

Fisherman's Wharf - Yomitan Village

We were all hungry, so we headed straight for some good tempura. At the Wharf, you can order some breaded fish, Squid, or Seaweed for only 50 yen (about 42 cents) a piece. Pictured above to the left is Vunder getting his order. Matt in the center picture is amazed by all the different fish. On the bottom left are some heads of Swordfish that were caught just off the Yomitan coast, and the picture on the right (you guested it) a 20 ft. Great White Shark. That Shark was caught a few years ago right off the Wharf, it is huge! This picture does not do it justice. We were not going to let a little shark stop our day of swimming, next stop, you got it, Swimming!

Sightseeing Monday's

Today we took the students out to Yomitan Village. The day began with heavy rain, but like it always does in Okinawa, the sky's began to clear up. We took them down to Suicide Cliffs. During WWII in the "Battle for Okinawa", the American forces thought that they would encounter another landing at Normandy. But instead the Japanese Forces planned a war of "attrition" (fighting to the last man), they hunkered down in the soft limestones of the caves. They say, that you were not be able to see the water, there were so many American ships on the Ocean. Well, many Okinawan people commited suicide rather than surrender to the Americans. They jumped off these cliffs to their death. A sorrowful and terrible time in Okinawan history.

Just a little known fact.....

I don't know if you know this, but banana's do not grow downward but upward. The handle of the banana is not the top, but the bottom. Most people peel the banana from the wrong side. If you peel the banana from the top (opposite from the handle) you will pinch away the bitter piece, and eat only sweet banana. Banana's grow everywhere here in Okinawa, you can't help but love them!

w2 - Worship/Word

Because of the different events (Easter Weekend, Sambi Fest) we have not had the opportunity to meet together on Sunday nights. It was a blessing to come back together, worship the Lord, and get back into His Word. At w2 we make sure to spend ample time in prayer with one another.

3/4 completed

The Bible College Students have completed 12 of 16 weeks of Bible College. The Semester has flown by. Where did the time go? These guys and gals have been such a blessing, it is going to be a bummer to see them leave. A few will be graduating, but most will continue on in their studies. Please continue to pray for this group, that the Lord would lead and guide all of their steps.

It's Election Time!

At this time of the year, some Okinawan Citizen's are running for public office. Right now, there are a few seats open for the House of Representatives. During the day, the Polititians stand on the street corners with megaphones, call out and wave to the people passing by in their cars. In the large center picture above are two candidates waving, a guy and a gal. Both are running for the public office. The noise is very loud, but thank the Lord, the elections are almost over.

Friday, April 20, 2007

A match made in Heaven

Jon Horne and Lina Ochoa, they are both such a blessing. They have know eachother for many years and this June they will be married, Praise the Lord! They are a special couple and the Lord has much in store for them. How time flies. I remember Jon as a little boy and Lina as a young gal when they first came to church, look at them now, Adults! When you get a chance, please leave a wedding greeting below in the comment section. We love you Jon and Lina, may the Lord lead, guide and bless you both. Love, Pastor Tommy and Joanna

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Staff Sgt. David Barrios

Pictured below are David and Liz Barrios. A little over a year ago, David gave his heart to the Lord Jesus Christ at CCOkinawa. He continues to grow in the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the photo above he recently was promoted to Staff Sgt. in the United States Airforce. He is presently Stateside doing some more training for his new job. Please continue to pray for the Barrios' and their three beautiful children.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Morning Devotion with Tom Cotton

Tom helps in ministry with Pastor Travis at CCTokorozawa, Mainland Japan. This guy is a real blessing, and great to hang out with. He is pictured above, giving the devotion at the Bible College. Tom is originally from Australia, called to minister in Japan. When you think of CCTokorozawa, don't forget to pray for the Aussie named Tom Cotton.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sambi Fest - Spring 2007

A night totally dedicated to Worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ. We gathered at 6pm, Sunday night at the Ginowan Civic Center. We had a total of 7 groups that led in worship that night. The time went so fast. We are just so appreciative of those who ministered that evening. God is so Faithful. I cannot express in words how wonderful it is when the Body of Christ gathers together for a time lifting up the Name of Jesus.

Baby Dedication - Mika Pallman

Beautiful Baby, little Mika, it is always a joy and a honor to dedicate children to the Lord. More than a dedication of Baby Mika, we are dedicating Dan and Deb as parents who will raise up their children in the ways of the Lord. Jesus loves little children, they are special to Him, and they should be to us. Thank the Lord for his beautiful angels.

Pastor Jeremiah Boek

Jeremiah blessed the people with a wonderful message at the Worship Conference. Pastor Jeremiah pastor's two International church's in the Tokyo area. We were blessed to have both him and his wife Gigi with us for this time in Okinawa.

Dinner at Colonel Dunston's

The Bible College students were invited to a great dinner at the Dunston's house. They wanted to invite some of the young people in their neighborhood and introduce them to the Bible College Students. We were blessed with a wonderful Saturday early evening dinner.

Friday, April 13, 2007

CCWilliamsburg's Youth Group

Affects Youth Group in Williamsburg has their own blog. When you get a chance, you can check them out and see what is going on. Patrick Hallman is the administrator of the site, so you can stay in touch with the crew in Virginia. You can scroll to the right of the e3missions website and click on the site, or you can just click this website here;
God bless you all, Pastor Tommy