Friday, August 31, 2007

Ministry on Foster Chapel

It was a blessing to have an orientation time with Denise who is in charge of the Sunday School Department for the protestant Chapel on Foster Marine Base. She gave the students all the ins and outs of what to do while ministering on base. Denise is a real blessing. Pastor Charlie Owens is our very own Calvary Chapel Chaplain who is the head Chaplain for the Protestant Chapel on Foster. It is a real blessing to be able to minister along side this group of believers.

Extension Campus in Iwakuni, Japan

It is such a blessing to see the vision that the Lord has given Mike Silva in Iwakuni, Mainland Japan. Pastor Mike will be teaching classes this fall and becomes an extension of CCBC in Okinawa. The Lord is doing a great work through this brother. Please continue to pray for the Silva's and the work that they are doing for the Lord. Things will get a lot busier for Mike and Sonya as they are involved full time with work, the Church and now stepping out in faith teaching at the Bible College. It is a blessing that Matt Gaston will be there in Iwakuni, please pray for him that the Lord will give Matt, clear vision as he comes along the Silva's in the work in Iwakuni Japan.

CCLivingwater in Mexico

They are on the move again. It is such a blessing to see the church back in California continuing to take steps of faith as a group from Livingwater headed over to Mexico to do an outreach and help out a local church. To my understanding they were there for one week. Some of the team members were there a few days, but most stayed the whole time. What is such a blessing about California, we have a missions field so close to us in Mexico. People can take short term missions trips on almost any weekend in the year. The destination from Corona to Pedregales is about 3 hours by car, doorstep to doorstep. It looks like they had a wonderful time outreaching to the children and the adults. For those of you who went on the trip, maybe you can leave us a comment below and tell us some of the things that you did while you were in Pedregales. Thanks Pastor Jerry for the sweet picts. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Special Prayer Request

For some time now, we have been praying for the Pallmann's as they have stepped out in faith and moved up to Ishikawa City. For the past few months we have been driving out there and having a prayer meeting on Friday nights that the Lord would do a great work in this city. We have been praying for the people as well as the work of God up there. Recently, it seems like the Lord is opening up a door for us to rent, for one night a week, a church that is located there. We would like to start having a Bible Study in the city. The small church has a meeting room as well as a place for Children's ministry. Will you please join with us in prayer? The owners say it sounds good, but they want to pray about it. It looks favorable, but we want the Lord's will in this decision. We will keep you posted. God bless you, Pastor Tommy

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First day of Classes

Aaron had the honor of teaching the first devotion for the Fall Semester "07" here at the Bible College. He did a great job. Classes are in full swing now, it sure is good to be back in School. Please continue to pray for all of the students as well as for all the believers here at CCGinowan, ministry will begin to go into full swing now.

Sosi and Daniel are here!

The last two homeboys made it safe to the island. It is a blessing to have Daniel back and great to have the newby, Sosimo. Sosimo was with us as a missionary a few years ago with the team from CCLivingwater for 5 weeks during the summer of "05". Please continue to pray for all of the students, it is a blessing having them with us here.

First day: Orientation

The first day of orientation began Monday morning and we so blessed with this wonderful group of students. They love the Lord and are ready to learn the Bible. For three of the students this is their first semester at Bible College. We spent the morning going over expectations, rules, and how to live in Okinawa (the do's and don'ts). Again, we are so blessed with the opportunity to have these students with us this semester.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

He made it! Jesse Spencer

Jesse arrived today at 8:40pm from LAX. It is a blessing that he made it here in time for orientation tomorrow. He arrived looking good, not a sign of jetlag. Hopefully tomorrow he will be full of energy just like he was tonight. God bless you Jesse, and it is a total blessing to have you with us this semester.

Happy Birthday Natsuki and Christina!

We wanted to take a lot more pictures but my camera ran out of "juice", no more battery life. But here are a few picts of w2 tonight. Afterwards we celebrated Natsuki's Birthday (Thursday the 23rd of August) and Christina's (Monday the 28th). It is always a blessing to celebrate at the Koinonia Cafe. When you get a chance, please leave a nice Birthday greeting below for these two special gals.

Obon Festival

At this time of the year, the Okinawan people celebrate one of their biggest festivals of the year. Obon is when the Japanese people believe that their ancestors come back from the spirit world to visit them in their houses. The families will prepare meals and set out food for the spirits. Groups of Eisa dancers (pronounced Asa) will dance in the streets welcoming the spirits of their ancestors back into their homes. Obon began Saturday August 25th and ends Monday August 27th. They celebrate for 3 days. The last day they will light fires, dance and send the spirits back on their way home. A lot of work is done in preparation for this event. The Okinawan people are into Ancestor Worship, they believe that their relatives become gods and they will become gods when they die. The Bible tells us there is one Creator and he created us all. If we believe in His Son, Jesus Christ, after death we go to heaven to be with God. God is our Father and we are His sons and daughters.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's Official! They're having a Baby!

That's right! Jon and Lina are expecting their first child! Can you believe it! What a blessing! Well, congratuations Horne family, we are so blessed for you. May your family continue to grow in the grace and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please leave a special greeting for Jon and Lina by clicking the comment button below. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Friday, August 24, 2007

Group from Iejima (Ie Island)

A group came from up north to come and spend the day with us. The Pastor from Iejima wanted to bring some of his youth down to join the kids at CCGinowan for their youth group. Pastor Tim and I thought "why not invite them first for a BBQ and then have them spend the night with us"? They agreed and we had a wonderful evening and night. After the BBQ, one group went to youth group, the other group went with Pastor Tim to Japanese Prayer and the last group went to Ishikawa for prayer at the Pallmann's house. It is always a joy, when the Body of Christ gathers together for a time of fellowship and prayer.

The New Students are Arriving!

Last night 5 students arrived from the United States. In the center picture left to right, Ron Golden, Jamie Newmann, and Josh Newmann. Top left Andrew Nealy, top right, Kayla Hennessey. It is a blessing to have them here in Okinawa to study God's Word with us this semester. The students are still arriving, please keep them all in your prayers. God bless you, Pastor Tommy

Ministry at New Life Academy

Recently we had the opportunity to teach "Biblical Devotions" to the teachers and faculty at New Life Academy. What is NLA? It is a Christian School on the island that has students from pre-school to High School. It was a blessing to teach them on how to prepare Biblical devotions. It looks like we will be doing a lot of ministry with the school this year. We have the blessing of leading their youth camp, as well as beginning a new youth group on their campus. May the Lord bless all the teachers, students and faculty at NLA.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Keegan is in Israel!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop you a note and tell everyone that Keegan is now in the Holy Land. He has been spending the last few days just checking out the sights. He has been to the Garden Tomb where Jesus Rose from the Dead, and checkin out the sites in the old city of Jerusalem. Praise the Lord! What a blessing to spend time studying the Word of God and walking in the footsteps of Jesus. For those of you who do not know Keegan, he is the guy on the far right. His dad Mark is to the left and Mark Starr is in the center (cool haircut bro). Well I told Keegan "send me a better picture, your dad is going to kill me for putting a picture on e3missions with that spot on his face". He told me, it is ok, just put it up. So there you have it, obedience is better than sacrifice. Hopefully the sacrifice will not be that his dad cuts off his spending money in Israel. Please leave Keegan, Mark and or Mark Starr an encouraging word below by clicking the comment button. We love you bros, God bless you, Pastor Tommy

Monday, August 20, 2007

A blessed w2 (Worship/Word)

This Sunday night was really awesome at w2. First off, Kayo led in worship along with the group and it was so awesome to see God using her in her gifting. The other reason is as follows; Sunday night I was feeling kind of tired and I thought "I'm just going to kick back, worship the Lord and let my spirit get refresh". That is exactly what happened! The worship was excellent, the message taught by Dan Pallman was anointed. By the end of the service I felt like my tank was fully filled and charged. Then ministry took off! Everyone began to fellowship and share with eachvother. The Lord brought a new guy and Pastor Tim and myself shared the Word with him and by God's grace we answered all of his questions. By the time we got out of there it was 11:45pm, and even then, we had to start turning the lights out on some people. I went home amazed at the work of God in our lives. Pastor Tommy

Mike Snider visits CC Williamsburg

Say hi to Mike Snider (far right), he is visiting with Pastor Tom Hallman at CC Williamsburg in Virginia. Starting from left to right, Jeanne, Matthew, Patrick and Pastor Tom. Mike is making preparations to come out and live in Mainland Japan serving under Travis Takamiya at CCTokorozawa. We were so blessed with the opportunity to have Mike with us last semester here at the Bible College, he was a real servant of the Lord and we are so blessed that God is opening the doors for him to be back in Japan. Please keep him in your prayers that the Lord would lead and guide his every step. God bless you Mikey, Pastor Tommy

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Starting pitcher, BOY WONDER !

Rob had his first start as a pitcher in three years. It was great to see him in that Samurai uniform. We are in the process of uploading some video of the game. Be patient, stay tuned, to e3missions.

Everything is great! Trevor is back on Island!

It is so good to see Trevor again. He arrived back on island yesterday, the same day that Aaron arrived. Trev had a good time in Canada, and in his own words "it is good to be back on Island". We love you bro, and great to have you back.

A New Home for CCWilliamsburg!

We are all so excited. I just got the email from Pastor Tom in Virginia that they have just rented this large building for the church. Praise the Lord! We are so blessed for you Tom! Lord, please bless this new building that you have given Calvary Williamsburg. May many people come through these doors and find rest and comfort in Your Word. May the Church be a lighthouse to the whole Williamsburg area. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen! Please leave a greeting below for Calvary Williamsburg.

Friday, August 17, 2007

One leaves another Comes

Aaron Meigide is officially back on island. It is such a blessing to have another CCBC graduate back on island. Aaron recently graduated from CCBC in Murrieta and will serve as an intern here with us at the Bible College and church. We are blessed to have you back brother, everyone is so looking forward to seeing you again.