Friday, December 31, 2010

Nago Christmas Party!


It is not the best quality picture, but I was not able to download it from the internet properly. The house was packed and it seems like the all had a blast. If you were there at the party, please send us a little update on the comment button below, we want to hear the details. Please pray for Pastor Tim and the good work at CCNago.

Joanna and the Girl’s Having Fun

photoThey were playing the new Kinect for XBox360 at the Garcia’s house in Bakersfield. They had a lot of fun, this game is amazing. Gil has a Game Store so he is able to get all the high tech games fast. Again, the girls had a good time.

CCFuchu–An Exciting Day!

画像 923They have already began breaking ground for the new church in Fuchu. Rich and Candice are so blessed! We are all so blessed as God continues to do a good work through the Calvary Chapel’s in Japan. We continue to pray for God to have His will in and through out lives. God bless you Rose’s, to God be the Glory!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Down Town Los Angeles

DSC00295DSC00294On our way to Bakersfield, we stopped by Downtown LA and took a look around. I was looking for some Clipper Tickets so we traveled to Staples Center. It was a lot of fun! They put in a portable Ice Skating Rink in care of the LA Kings Hockey Team, so we watched people skate (and fall down). Afterwards it was time to load up in the car and head up to see the Garcia’s in Bakersfield.

Beautiful Mission Inn in Riverside

DSC00277The Mission Inn boasts the hotel that has hosted past Presidents. It is a beautiful old hotel in downtown Riverside which at Christmas time is transformed to a wonderful winter land! Joanna took the girls out for a fun time before Christmas. But on Christmas Night we came back and were blessed seeing all the beautiful lights. They were truly blessed.

Happy Birthday Aya!


We celebrated Aya’s Birthday in Southern Central California at Pastor Gil’s house in Bakersfield. Olivia cooked us a great dinner (Barbacoa, beans and rice) and afterwards we sang Happy Birthday to Aya. It was a blessing to celebrate her birthday. Happy Birthday Aya, we love you!

Mariko in Okinawa

P1000046It is great to see Mariko in Okinawa again, she is just visiting on break from College in the Mainland. Great to see you girl! Be blessed back home and make sure that everyone shows you a good time. Natsuki and Paul, you look great too!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dinner at the Amargo's

What a special day! We were invited to spend the evening at the Amargo's eating some delicious food, and having great fellowship. We have not seen Ira in over a year! The rest of the family are doing great!

Surf Town USA

After ministry at CCLA we took a trip to Huntington Beach. It was a good day to walk the boardwalk. The girls had a fun time.

Ministry at CCLosAlamitos

Zach and the gals led in Worship at CCLA for their Sunday morning service. They did an excellent job, the Spirit of the Lord was definitely there. Praise the Lord!

The Robb’s in Savaanah

IMG_1970 (Large)IMG_1996 (Large)This is Chuck’s family on Christmas Day. They are a good looking family. It is great to see that Yumi and Chuck are having a great time. God bless you Robb’s be blessed with the family back East.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve at Pastor Cisco's

It was a blessed time celebrating with Cisco and Micah. They have opened their house up to the Japanese gals as well as to the Ruiz Family. We had a blessed time with the family. Merry Christmas to all!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Spearman’s Wish you a Merry Christmas

SPEARMAN2010 (1)They also want to wish you a Happy New Year! They both look so good and soon there will be one more! They are waiting, any day now their new baby will arrive. We love you Amber and Rusty, be blessed and have a Merry Christmas!

Jack in the Box

After service we all headed out for a late snack. The Japanese gals ordered a sirloin burger set with a handmade shake. Don't worry girls, they shared it.

Tom Cotton’s Sweet Looking House

What surrounds my houseFront of house 2This is Lord of the Rings status; check out his view from the front window, beautiful. Tom is doing good down under, people miss him here in California, but it is good that he is spending time with the family. God bless you Mate, be blessed and allow the Lord to use you back home for His Glory.

The Betts Family

258This is my best friend in 5th grade; Quint Betts. He is now pastoring in New Mexico with his wife Yoli and their 4 kids. They are a good looking family. We will be driving to visit them in a couple of weeks. Please pray for the Betts as they continue to serve the Lord in the new work in New Mexico.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chara and Taliya Return Home

P1000037The girls are returning home for the semester break. Taliya to Ishigaki Island and Chara to Wakayama. Please continue to pray for these gals for the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives. They are great Bible College Students and wonderful sisters in the Lord.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Emi Arrived Safely!

Her flight was slightly delayed but she arrived in great shape. It is a blessing to have her here. We drove them around at night and even showed them Pastor Tim's house in Norco. They finished the night off with a fun time shopping with Joanna and Micah.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Naoko’s New Friend


At her first American White Elephant Christmas Party at Joel’s Church College group, Naoko opened her present and both her and Aya screamed! In the package was a white lab mouse in a round clear walker. Don’t worry Kayo, she is not bringing it home, someone else wanted it more and stole it from her. It sounds like the gals had a great time!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Dean's

They are living in Lake Elsinore and like before, Josh is working hard and doing well. It is so good seeing them. We are hoping to hook up with them at the missions conference in January.

Hey, it's Dean!

Dean is here at Joel's house. The graduate has arrived! He is looking good and praying about his next move. Pray for the leading of God's Holy Spirit in his life.

Joel's Catered Awesomeness

The get together at Joel's is Rockin. A lot of fellowship and fun. Naoko and Aya are having a good time. Joel's mom is a great cook.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Japanese Christmas Party

Dan Bolinger hosted a Japanese Christmas Party in the city of Irvine. I was hoping that Zach would get a good picture of the group. But instead he took a good picture of Sir Bolinger himself. Naoko and Aya had a great time meeting new friends.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Girl's Made it!

We picked up the girls from LAX, and as you can see they are doing great. They are at the host families house and we have a big day planned tomorrow. We will go shopping and then they have a woman's Biblestudy meeting at night.

Ruiz's Arrive in California

The Ruiz clan made it to America safely (and Joel). Thank you George Sedota and Melinda for picking us up. Adam picked up Joel right on time. Thank you Jesus!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Small Delay!

This is our plane arriving from it's last destination. We were able to see it come in but it was delayed. We should be 1/2 hour delayed. Hopefully the pilot will make up the difference in flight. Our next stop; LAX.

Leaving the Cafe

Well it is time to head back to the States for Ministry and Christmas with the Family. Please pray for a fruitful time. Naokosan, Aya and Emi will be joining us and also attending the Missions Conference at Murrieta. Most of the students are now gone. Please pray for the crew that will be staying back with ministry. Everything continues on in Okinawa even when we are gone.

Taipei Bound

The Ruiz Family plus Joel minus Hannah and Michal are heading back to the States for Christmas and ministry. Joel, Zach and Tom will be doing some teaching and speaking at different Churches. Pray for our family back in Okinawa, we love you all.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MELT Christmas Party

The guys put together a "Rockin" outreach party for unbelievers, to reach them with the Love of Jesus Christ. They had a good turn out, and had a blessed time.

Fukiko back to Osaka

Our only graduate is heading back home. But hopefully she will be back. We are looking forward to her teaching the Evangelism class. God bless you Fukiko, have a great time in Kansai.

Amanda leaves for Tokyo

She has already arrived and is hanging with the Spearman's. She will be with them until the baby is born. Have a great time girl. We are going to miss you but we know you will have a blessed time.

The Costa Rica Team

The four dudes on top with Dave Shirley have headed to Costa Rica. The two Amargo gals are not going but they look good in the picture. God bless you guys, be blessed as you go forward for Jesus Christ. We are so blessed for you all.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Takako in Portugal

IMG_3383Our dear sister made it safely to see the Pallman’s in Portugal. We are so blessed for them and the girls looks great! Have a blessed time Takako and give all the Pallman’s a big hug for us all!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Australia Bound!

Our favorite mate is heading back home for Christmas. We are going to miss him but we know he is going to have a blessed time with his family. God bless you Cotton, come back safe.

Michael heading back to Virginia

What can you say about our brother Mike? We are going to miss him. He was such a servant of God, always thinking about everyone else. He did so well with the Japanese language and really connected with everyone. Be blessed brother, we are going to miss you.

Women's Christmas Tea

The ladies gathered together for a blessed time at the Church. They played games, got into the Word and ate some good food. The Sanctuary was decorated so beautiful. You gals did such a good job!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

NEWS FLASH! Engagement!

It is official! Eder and Amanda are engaged! We are totally blessed for them. Please leave them an engagement message below.

The Boyz back to Korea

Hyun-chul and Moses are heading back to Seoul. These guys were so awesome we all are going to miss them. The kimchi awaits bros, save some for us.

Cole heading back to the States

We are going to miss you bro. Thank you Cole for being a part of this semester. You were such a blessing to all of us. Be careful back home, don't tear up too may dirt tracks with your motorcycle.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Studying for Pastoral Epistle Final

No time to waste. Late night studying for tomorrows final. These are good students. They want good grades. Praise the Lord!

Cole's Last Meal

Since this is Cole's last meal we had him pray in Japanese and English. He has done a great job of learning the Nijongo language. Good job Cole, you have been a great student.

Tom in front of the Tokyo Tower

The mate is traveling on his own. He has about 10 hours left before he comes back home. He is doing a great job of entertaining himself.

Tom and Ben

Picture0015Tom Cotton few out to Narita Airport to meet up with his brother for a few hours. His bro is heading to Sweden to assist at a church out there. Ben is a graduate of Hillsong school of Worship. He is an excellent drummer. Music skills run in the Cotton house, their dad is a professional musician. Praise the Lord Tom that you were able to spend a few hours with your bro. Be blessed, and we will see you at 2am Friday morning in Naha.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wednesday Midweek Service

Fellowship after service is always sweet. It is a blessing after service to hang out and share the love of Jesus.

Tom heading to Tokyo

Tom Cotton is going to see his brother at Narita Airport. His bro will be stopping by for 5 hours on his way to Sweden. Tom won't see him for one year. Be safe Tom, we will see you at 2am Friday morning.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

King Kong Yakiniku

The King of Yakiniku, thank you Pastor Rick for blessing all the students this semester. It is always a blessing to help out at CCOkinawa. The students always enjoy it. Today everyone had a blessed time.

Brandy, we miss you already

Girl, have a safe trip back to the States. I will never forget that you were the first girl I knew who ever did chins ups off a Marine Helicopter. God bless you girl, and have a safe flight home.