Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chillin in Taipei

We are on our last leg of the trip. In a few hours we will be heading to Okinawa. The flight from LA was 13 hours but time flew by. For most of us we slept at least 6 hours straight. I was so surprised! The flight really blew by fast.

A Ring Overhaul

I lost my wedding ring over a year ago but I found it in my Jewelry box back in California. Praise the Lord! Well, while in California Joanna lost her wedding ring. My mother found it squished on the driveway two days later. We took it to our famous jewelry store in Corona (Cortez Jewelers) and they fixed it right up. We were missing a diamond for many years but my father gave us another one to replace it. It came out beautiful. Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday Morning Raul Ries Study

Pastor Raul teaches a Leadership Bible Study for the Pastor's in the area. I have not been able to attend in years so it was a blessing for Zach and I to attend with Pastor Jerry. Raul was not there this week, but Raul's assistant Dale did a great job!

A Living Water Surprise!

We attended Sunday Morning service at Living Water and low and behold the Samoan Crew was there. They were in California for Josh Sagiao's Wedding. Joanna and I were blown away and this surprise. What a true joy to see our Samoan family.

The Happy Couple

It was a fun reception, a lot of food as expected. Eder's family was great, we had so much fun. The cake was delicious, they added a side of strawberries and chocolate pretzels. Everyone went home happy and full.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Big Kiss

There you have it, they are officially married! Eder gave her the big kiss. Congratulations Eder and Amanda, you ate now hitched!

Eder washes the feet of his Bride

We see the example of Jesus washing His Disciples feet as a humble servant. So Eder washes the feet of his bride as he commits to love and serve his Bride.

Let the Vows begin!

Amanda is absolutely beautiful! (Eder, you look good to) The wedding is wonderful. They are exchanging their vows even now.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Amanda's bridesmaids are so beautiful!

A Beautiful Moment

There is Eder, at the Altar waiting for his Bride. Truly a Holy moment.

It's about to Start

In just a few more minutes the wedding will begin. The family has arrived, and everyone made it here safe. To God be the glory!

Ina has Arrived!

She drove in from St. George Utah all by herself. It is a blessing to have her here to be a part of Eder and Amanda's special day. It is always great to see Ina.

Big Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Meari is forming off the coast of Okinawa. The weather should cool down but this is a big storm. It will not become a typhoon but it will dump a lot of rain as it heads up "typhoon ally" on its way up to Korea. So for all of our brothers and sisters in Okinawa, don't leave your windows open and make sure the drains are all cleared. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Japan's Big Roadblock: 25M Tons of Debris

This is heavy duty. This is not just ordinary trash. 

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Chillin in Eder's House

Literally we are chillin. It is 110 degrees in Las Vegas, so it is so hot! But it is nice in the Eder mansion. As you can see Adam is here too, get in some cool A/C.

A Beautiful Rehearsal

Everyone was here, the gang was ready to get it going. Weddings are so beautiful, everyone is here for Eder and Amanda. Oh the Joy!

We Made It to Nevada

Both Joel's and our family arrived today for the rehearsal. It is a blessing to be a part of this wonderful celebration. God is so good. Thank you Jesus for this beautiful celebration. Praise the Lord!

Eder and Amanda's Rehearsal

The practice has begun! The rehearsal before the real wedding. Eder forgot the live worship so his pastor reminded him that it was the "rehearsal" before the wedding. I feel good, I am not the only pastor who rebukes Eder.

Japanese ordered to take siestas to save power - Telegraph

This is what I call a good order; you are ordered to take a nap in the middle of the day to cut down on electricity, good call. Pastor Travis, Santo and Rich are going to love this!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chillin in Gallup

We are getting ready to head out, our final destination; Corona, California. But before we leave we are checking out the news wit the freakish storm that has hit Chicago stranding everyone in the airport; last days living.

Leaving Clovis

We have left Clovis and our next stop is Gallup, NM. We are going to spend the night there and head out in the morning. We are breaking up the trip so we don't have to drive too far in one day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Boyz of Clovis

Cool picture of the boyz hanging in Clovis NM. As you can see Niko is here in the picture but Dave is missing. He is on an exercise with the Force. This is a good looking crew, having a good time of ministry. This is the last day of the Conference, God bless you all.

Finishing Off the Worship Conference

Here is Pastor Quint finishing off the conference with a good word. We ended with an afterglow allowing the Lord to speak through the body. God is so good! The people had a blessed time, we had a blessed time! Thank you Jesus for allowing us to be here!

R&B (Ruiz and Barrios)

We make a smooth jam together. We are going to miss you Liz and the kids. It was so much fun hanging out but it was too short a time. The kids are growing up to fast (a-iho). God bless you Barrios' and we totally missed you David. Hey David do you remember last time us laughing our heads off at the park eating oranges?

The Girls of Clovis

Since we had a picture with the guys we had to take one with the girls. This wad taken right before Liz and the gang had to head back home. But what is Iza doing in the background? No it is not Iza but her twin living in the Midwest.

Hailstorm for the Barrios Family

Back home Liz experienced a hailstorm that put many dents into their new car. Golf ball size hail rained down on their car and caused a lot of damage. But not only their car, but a lot of cars were damaged on base. We were checking out all the damage.

Worship Conference Worship

Zach led most of the sessions but Hannah led in one of them. Jillian helped sing, it was such a blessing to see her ministering. We had a blessed time.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Calvary Chapel Clovis

Here is the new building that Pastor Quint found for the church. They rent they gym of a Methodist Church in the city. It is big, and they have access to children's ministry rooms too. Thank you Jesus for your provision.

The Ruiz Family

A good picture for the ages.

Proud Papa!

My oldest daughter is a graduate, and I could no be prouder! Great Job Hannah! Praise the Lord!

Eder and Amanda are Here!

They look so good! It was a blessing to see them at Hannah's Graduation party, and did we ever all party down! We are so excited for this couple, in a few days they will be married. Please continue to pray for these blessed two.

Hannah Valedictorian

Hannah graduated at the top of her class this year. She is the first Valedictorian in our family and we are so proud of her! She studied so hard in Okinawa. Most of her classes were in the afternoon here in America, so that means she was getting up at 6am for most of her live classes. God bless you Hannah and Congratulations!

Joel Crew in Corona

Joel arrived safely from Okinawa and brought his whole family for Hannah's graduation. If you look closely you can see two other special guests, but I will leave them for another post.

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

Wednesday night Pastor Brian Broderson teaches at CCCM. It was a blessing for Zach and I to be there. We try to visit Costa Mesa at least one time when we visit California. We tried to talk to Pastor Phil Twente but he was busy ministering to the body of Christ.

Fellowship at the Pastor's Conference

The Senior Pastor's Conference in Murrieta was such a fun time. The guys hanging out together, spending time in the Word. The ice cream late night outings were fun too. God is doing such a wonderful work in the churches through Calvary Chapel. We are blessed to be a part of the Calvary Chapel Family.

Renewing of Vows

Joanna and I were so blessed to be able to renew our vows in front of our parents, friends and family at CC Living Water Church. It was a great celebration and a blessed time. Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Technical Difficulites

Hello everyone,

There is something wrong with my ability to post from my Iphone. For some reason it is not posting right. I am so sorry. We are in Clovis, New Mexico right now. Please continue to check in. Pastor Tommy

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tamiko Leaves to Germany

Photo1 (7)We are going to miss our dear sister but we are excited for her trip to Germany. Tamiko will be there for about a month. She will be staying with people that she knows. God bless you Tamiko, you will be in our prayers, have fun with Anna when she shows up.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

2011 Senior Pastor's Conference

It all begins today! Most of the Calvary Pastor's will be gathering in Murrieta to be encouraged through the Word and through fellowship. Please pray for us that we would be blessed, encouraged, refreshed and filled with vision and directions for our churches.

CCLivingwater's 20th Anniversary

What a blessed event! We celebrated Living Water style with plenty of food. Pastor Jerry put on a special spread for everyone, and we were all joyful and rejoicing together. Thank you Jerry and everyone at CCLivingWater.

Beautiful Picture, Beautiful Couple

Zach took a great picture of Daniel and Nayeon at their reception in Murrieta. We are so blessed for this beautiful couple. They begin their new life together in Korea as they serve the Lord at CCDaejeon.

Kazuki Leads Worship

Awesome! So blessed to see Kazuki leading in Worship at CCGinowan. God is doing a good new work. We are so blessed to have different anointed worship leaders.

25th Anniversary Getaway

After 25 years I was able to take Joanna to stay at the Missions Inn at Riverside, California. It is a historic place well known to many people. It was a blessed and special place to take my blessed and special Bride.

Baby Bueno

Hello, this is Richard Bueno's little boy Noah Bueno. He is a beautiful boy, and we were so blessed to be able to hold this little angel. God bless you Bueno family.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Meet Tara Barba

Hi everyone, Tara will be attending SOS this July. It was a blessing being able to meet her and the family. Please pray for Tara, it is going to be a blessing for us all.

PoOkela and Family

Po's sister just recently graduated from High School in Hawaii. This is a picture of PoOkela and his family. We are totally blessed for our brother. He recently just went on staff at CCHonolulu in Aiea. He is serving full time in the youth and whatever Pastor Bill Stonebraker needs him to do. God bless you Po, be blessed, we miss you here in Okinawa. You have a good looking family!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Visit to Pastor Cisco

We arrived safe and sound to California, so we just had to go and visit with our brother Pastor Cisco. He is doing great, a little soreness in the belly, but that is expected. Please keep our brother in your prayers. He wants to be fully operational by this weekend.

Hannah's Graduation Gown

Hannah graduates Thursday June 16th. Her robe came in and so did her special cap. The second Ruiz kid to graduate from high school, this is very exciting. You go Hannah! God bless you.