Saturday, September 29, 2007

Braddigan coming to Koinonia Cafe

The band Braddigan will be playing at the Koinonia Cafe on Wednesday October 3rd, at 7:00pm. They have been traveling all over Japan and are making a brief stay here in Okinawa. The band does a lot of ministry with Christian Surfers and you can check out their site at or you can check them out at But best of all, you can come on down to the Koinonia Cafe and check them out live. Come on down, you are all invited. .

Bonfire at the Beach II

photos by Andrew Neely

Here are a couple more pictures from the youth camp in Nakajin. The beach bonfire was such a blast! The kids had a great time. There is nothing like just hanging at the beach at night.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Way Cool Pictures!

photos by Daniel Sedota

Daniel took so many good pictures. I could upload all of them. But I saved the best ones for his blog. Thanks Daniel for all of the pictures of the camp. When you get a chance, check out Daniel's blog. For those of you who know his blog send us a link by pressing the comment button below.

Bonfire at the beach

photos by Daniel Sedota

We had a blast on the beach! At night, we had our fourth session out near the bonfire. The kids had a great time. We were blessed, there is nothing like singing and having a good time on the beach at night under a full moon.

Pictures from Camp Nakajin

pictures by Daniel Sedota

These are some photos that Daniel took from the beach at Nakajin. It was such a blesssing, this beach was directly behind the camp that we were staying at. They had their own beach. I cannot say "private beach" because there are no private beaches in Okinawa. We have a law here that no beaches can be private on the whole island. So you can go to any resort and use thier beach. Awesome isn't it? Well, who needs a private beach anyways when you have a view like this one.

One hard working dude!

Sosimo Avila gave us the teaching on the beach. As you can see in the big picture that is not a fishing pole, but a long flexible twig. Sosimo was using that as an object lesson so we could understand the beating that Paul received from preaching the Gospel. He gave us a good teaching, and Sosi worked so hard at the camp. He lost his voice the first day, as he led us in the games, (which all the games that Sosimo and Jesse did were a hit with the kids). Praise the Lord he did not use that stick on any of us.

Worship on the beach

It was great having some sessions on the beach. There is just something about worshipping the Lord in the sand looking at the ocean. The weather was perfect. Before we left Ginowan city, the forcast was "rain all week". We just got a little wet in the afternoon, other than that "perfect weather".

Ouch! Collision Course

During the camp Daniel met Sosimo up close and personal. We were playing "capture the flag" at night, and while the guys were playing, these two dudes hit head on! Well, it looked a lot worse the night it happened, as you can see, it is healing up well, but there is a little swelling. Daniel you are a trooper, hang in there dude!

Teacher/Lifeguard - Aaron Megeide

Aaron like most of the students were doing double duty. Here we see him teaching the students, but then during organized free time, he was in charge of the lives of the students. Well, that is while they were in the water. He was the "lifeguard on duty". The students were blessed with his abilities in and out of the pulpit.

Mr. Animation

Rob taught the first session and also participated in "charades". We were blessed with Rob's message. A few of the kids gave their hearts to the Lord as a result of hearing about the Love of Jesus Christ in John Chapter 3. The students learned, as well as got to know the leaders personally.

Session I - Let is all begin

The worship was excellent! Daniel and Andrew did a great job, these guys are really talented. In the other pictures the students are playing a game that Sosimo set up. It's called "McDonald's happy meal". They got the happy meal from Mcdonald's and blended the whole thing up. The first student to drink the glass full won! It was discusting, but they had a blast. The camp was divided into three groups, may the best team win.

It's Camp Time!

New Life Academy, a Christian School on island, invited the Bible College students to help out with their camp this year up at Nakajin Camp site. We are blessed with the opportunity to serve the kids at thier yearly camp. The students have all be divided up and know their separate duties. It is exciting that Sosimo and Jesse will be in charge of games and the rest of the students will be teaching and camp councelors.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Prayer Request

Hi everyone, we would so much appreciate your prayers. We have the opportunity to rent this building in Ishikawa City. We would like to start another Koinonia Cafe as well as teach english and start a new Calvary in this area of Okinawa. We are putting an offer with the realtor tomorrow. There are 4 large A/C units that we need to make sure that they work, as well as get the ok to do some cosmetic work inside. Also, if it is the Lord's will we want to get the rent cheaper. If it is His will our requests will be granted. We know that if it is not this building, God has something better for us, so we want His perfect will. Please join us in prayer on this new venture of faith. God bless you, Pastor Tommy

Monday, September 24, 2007

TheYakisoba Queen

Ayu can cook up a mean Yakisoba! Chowwwww, it was awesome! Those girls can cook. As you can see the picture of Andrew on the upper right, he is ready to chow down. We better watch out for Pastor Tim, Ayu is one awesome cook. We are going to watch Tim go from a sleek fit to a slack fit real fast. Thank you girls for all of your great cooking.


A New Disciple of Jesus Christ

Joy unspeakable

Beach Baptisms

There were so many pictures to choose from, here are just a few of them. It was such a blessing to proclaim the Name of Jesus Christ out in the open at Tropical Beach. We went to the North Beach area which is closed off to swimming, but they let us do the baptisms there. There was a testamony that as we were on the beach, someone who just came to see what we were doing was touch by the Lord and we offered her prayer, she started to cry as she was seeking after something but she did not really know. Our prayer is that she will come to know Jesus as a result of the witness that we have her, that she will come to the Koinonia Cafe, learn more about Jesus Christ and give her life to Him. We were so blessed.

Tropical Beach Bash III

This was the last beach bash of the summer, and boy was it a blessing. There was so much food and fellowship it was a blessing inviting people we did not know to come and join us for the celebration. It seemed like we started eating and never stopped. Following Jesus is the greatest thing in all the world.