Thursday, January 31, 2013

The First of the Students are Here!

Shannon and Toshiya are here! It is always a blessing when the new students arrive. Please keep them in your prayers for a blessed semester. Praise God!

Ganko Surf Shop

After our surf session we took the pict in front of Jeremiah's favorite surf shop. We rented a SUP and went out for some fun. It was pretty flat, but we did get some small waves. It was a blast!

Super blessed Outreach

God brought so many new people to the church. Pastor Jeremiah knows many of these people in the community and also in the Japanese classes that he takes. It truly was a Cross Culture night with different nationalities that were present. All Glory to God!

Finished Stage

We were able to finish the Stage Tuesday night. We were blessed. Now it is off to other things for The Lord. Planning now for the Wednesday night Outreach.

Local Beach Break

This is the beach break where Pastor Jeremiah surfs. It is a nice sand break. Awesome clear water. I am not used to this especially being in the coral bottom in Okinawa and the rocky bottom of San Onofre in California. It was nice being able to get away after finishing the work at the Church.

Gotta buy the local fruit

While in the place you are at you have to buy the local fruit. Kagoshima Sakura island where the big volcano is located is known for its "Mikan's" or Tangerines. They were delicious!

Heading back to Okinawa

It had been a blessed trip with the Boek's. I am going to miss the family and the wonderful people at CCKagoshima "Cross Culture Church". The Lord super blessed our time. Praise The Lord!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Night Rockin

Joel sent me this picture while I am in Kagoshima. Packed house and having a good time in Jesus studying His Word. To God be the Glory!

Wednesday Night Worship Outreach

At CCKagoshima we are havingf a worship cafe night. We will see who The Lord will bring tonight. We will have coffee, tea, snack and some good worship to The Lord.

The Real Last Samurai

Saigo-san; he was the real guy the movie "The Last Samurai" was written about. He did a lot and he is honored here in Kagoshima. This is one honored dude.

Geigy takes care of You

After some tasty ramen it was time for some strawberry Mochi. We just finished the fresh strawberry one and now it is time for the Strawberry cream filled one. Strawberry Mochi filled with cream! Incredible!

For Joel; Kagoshima Ramen

Black Pork BBQ Ramen; it was delicious! I had to get the egg because Joel loves Ramen with Egg. Check out the cabbage, a must eat in Kagoshima.

Kagoshima Active Volcano

Mt. Sakurajima, located in the heart of Kagoshima. I was blown away at its power are you see the ash cloud overhead. It has been constantly erupting and is a real sight to see.

First Missionary to Japan

Francis Xavier (The Real Xmen) landed in Kagoshima harbor and began his ministry here preaching the Gospel. So my grandmother is the result of his preaching because she was Catholic. An amazing site.

Kagoshima Secret Waterfall

Well, not so secret but is is a beautiful waterfall. Pastor Jeremiah said that he ones with his boys here in the summer. It is a beautiful place.

Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Cold in Shima

Kagoshima that is; it is cold out here. Look at the snow/sleet/frost on the equipment and ground. Whooooo! Keep your jackets on!

Beautiful Morning

I am at Osaka airport. I spent the night here coming from Okinawa. From Osaka (KIX) I will be heading to Kagoshima to meet up with Pastor Jeremiah and his family. Hopefully we will be able to do some work at the church, building a small stage. On Wednesday evening we will have a Worship Night/Coffee House get together. To God be the Glory!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Po'okela from Hawaii

Zach and Joanna were able to run into Po at the Youth conference in Murrieta. It was so good to see him. I wish that I could have seen him too! Also, they were not able to talk to him but saw him at a distance; Martin! He was crossing the street, probably getting a burger. God bless you Po, we love you bro!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Back in Okinawa

We arrived right on time! It is super good to be back on the island again. "Thank you Jesus for safe and blessed travel". We were re-routed, but on Jesus timetable. All Glory to God!

Beautiful Sunset in Fukuoka

Our plane leaves at 6:30pm today and the flight is only 1 1/2 hours to Okinawa. It will be great to get home and see our wonderful Japanese Church Body. To God be the Glory!

Japanese Service

Only in Japan! They opened my box through Japanese immigration and 6 workers helped package it back up. Now that is service, and they did it all with smiles. Honestly, in the first 10 minutes in line we were greeted with more smiles than in our whole trip back and forth from Japan. 

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Landed in Fukuoka

From Shanghai to Fukuoka we are back on Japanese soil. Praise The Lord for a safe flight and hardly any turbulence from LAX to Shanghai. Asa is happy drinking Ginger Ale and Joanna has her lemon tea. Yeah, next stop Okinawa!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Heading back to Okinawa

Time to roll! The bags are pack inside and out. Now it is time to head to LAX. Please keep us in your prayers for a safe flight.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ruiz Kids with Grandma

She is doing so well. My mom is done with the Chemo and Radiation treatments and now she begins taking medication. Pleas continue to pray for her complete healing in "Jesus Name"!

Youth Conference in Virginia

Let's get Rockin! As the conference is in full session. There were great speakers, Solid worship, and a whole lot of fun!

This is for you Anna!

This is Anna Hebel' former Pastor; Nick Long. We talked with him about Anna and he said "Oh yeah, I remember her". Hummmm, I wonder If Anna was a troublemaker?

CCWilliamsburg Family

Zach celebrated his Birthday in Virginia this year. He had a great time with the CC Crew. The Hallman's Rock the House.

23 Years Ago

23 years ago Zach was born here at Riverside Community Hospital. We were in the area on January 10th, so we had to stop by; Happy Birthday Son!

Pastor Mike Loudermilk

Pastor Mike spoke at the missions conference on Thursday Morning. He was supposed to speak Tuesday but they "bumped him" to a different day. He had a lot of fun with it.

CCMissions Conference Booth

We were blessed wit the opportunity to serve by having a missions booth at the Conference. We were able to speak to a lot of people. May God be Glorified.

I love this picture!

The Ruiz Family. We are all getting older in The Lord. "God, use us for Your Glory"!

Zach heading to Virginia

For a week Zach will be in Virginia serving The Lord with Pastor Tom Hallman. They are hosting the Youth Conference at his Church. There will be over 7 Calvary's represented. It should be a blessed time.

Zach's Birthday Steak

Grandma hooks Zach up every birthday. But this time Grandpa BBQ the steak. It was delicious! Happy Birthday son.

Worship at CCLosAlamitos

Pastor John invited us to come and minister at his church teaching and leading in worship. It was a blessed time in The Lord. Praise God!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prayer for "Coming of Age Day"

In Japan at this time of the year we pray for those who have turned or will be turning 20 years old. It is a special day! Here are the words of Pastor Andrew "I wanted to send a picture from when we prayed for the 20 year olds this morning. From right to left it is Nozomi, Yuna, Funa and Shota. We encouraged them to 'remember their creator in the days of their youth". God bless you Calvary Chapel Ginowan, and God bless you "Coming of Age'ers"!

Thursday, January 03, 2013


I love the new way we are informing people in Okinawa of our Church. We are putting different people on the adds that we are running in the paper. Pastor Andrew and Kayo look beautiful. Next month it is either the Smith's or the Wunderlich's. I told Joel if he does not line of people pictures in time, the next one has to be his. He is doing a good job!