Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Acts 2:42 (Koinonia Meal)

On Wednesday night before the Mid week service we gather for our Koinonia meal. It is such a blessing to gather and break bread together. Such a joy to gather in Jesus Name.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today Alexzandra shared her testimony with us. Let's hear a shout out to all you PK's out there. But this one is from New Mexico. It is such a blessing that God has brought another Pastor's Kid to our College, and Zannie is a super blessing, a real joy to have here at the Bible College. It is joy to have the opportunity to shape and disciple these students. Thank you Jesus!

Prayer/Send Off

Sunday night we had a special w2 "Sending off Service" for both the Robb's and John Piper. The body was there for a great send off service. God bless you Warriors for Christ!

John Piper leaving for Iwakuni

John will be heading to the Mainland, that is Mainland Japan. He will be helping Pastor Mike Silva at CCIwakuni. Please pray for him as he heads out today. Praise the Lord!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday Night Prayer

We had a blessed time at prayer this Friday night. A group heads out to Mihama for witnessing while a group heads to the Ruiz' for prayer. We prayed for so many people this week. Time flew right by. The church moves forward, on their knees.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pastor Masaru at Lectures

This week we were blessed with Pastor Masaru from CCNaha who came out and taught us the Word. He is such a good teacher. Everyone was blessed by his style and openness. Calvary Chapel teaching style is not just for Americans, as we were shown Pastor Masaru has the anointed skills. Thank you brother for coming and blessing us!

Asa's 9th Birthday!

We celebrated Asa's 9th Birthday at the Koinonia Cafe after service. We had cake and he opened up his presents. We were all blessed! Happy Birthday Son!

Miku gets Saved!

It was a special Wednesday Night Service; Acts 2:42 Koinonia Fellowship. After the Communion service Tatsuhiko's friend Miku accepted Jesus into his life. It was a powerful night!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beautiful Living Water Church

A total blessing! Calvary Chapel Living Water recently received a face lift. The church exterior was painted and trimmed. God provided the laborers and the paint. But I will leave that story for Pastor Jerry to inform you. So if you are his friend on Facebook, drop him a line and he will tell you the amazing story! The Church looks Beautiful! Thank you Jesus!

Precious Prayer Request

Please keep Baby Noah in your prayers; this week he will be going into surgery because the soft spot on the top of his head has closed and for those of you who have children know that the soft spot needs to stay open to allow him to grow. So he will be undergoing surgery to correct the problem. Please join with us in prayer that the Lord would guide the surgeon's hands and that the surgery would be complete. Please pray for Richard and Jeanine that they would have the peace of the Lord.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pastor Mike Loudermilk is Famous!

In Pastor Mike's own words "I am famous". They are advertising him all over Korea! All he needs to do is spray paint the churches name and phone number and he is set. Well, this is a good time to remember to pray for CCDaejeon in Korea. Pray for blessings upon the church and Pastor Mike's family. Oh yeah, don't forget to pray for Daniel too. God bless you all! Pastor Tommy

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dinner in Tokyo

Because Rika is in Tokyo attending a Wedding, she invited Tokito and Zach to her Mom's house for dinner. They ate like Kinds! Rika's mom made them sushi and the works! They were so blessed!

Open Mic at CCBC Murrieta

Hannah was performing with a band at the open mic concert at Bible College. The Lord has been blessing her ability to play the cahone. She is having a great time at Bible College.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The New Piper

Two and a half months can make a big difference. Jon has been dropping to pounds! Eating healthy, getting to bed early and being involved in the Lord's Work does wonders for your Body, Soul and Spirit. Johnnyboy is looking good! Keep up the good work Piper, we can hardly recognize you.

Lectures in Ministry - Zachariah Ruiz

Straight up from Tokyo Zach Ruiz was our feature speaker for our "lectures in Ministry" class. He did a great job, clear cut points and the video feed was perfect. We did have one glitch when our internet went out, but Joel quickly fixed the problem. God is doing a good work with Toki and Zach, all of the students were truly blessed. God bless you guys!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Juan Diego and John-Michael

Great to hear from Juan Diego, he is working at Disneyland in Florida. John-Michael lives close so they have been hanging out together. This picture was taken in Japan (the Japan section in Disneyland). Juan said that the workers there are straight from Japan. This is a good picture, we sure miss these guys. God bless you brothers! Please leave a greeting comment below.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Free Udon

A new restaurant opened in our neighborhood so they offered free food to the first 200 customers. So after dinner (did you hear that "after dinner") Rob and I headed out for some free Udon and Tempura. It was delicious! Joel and the crew followed afterwards.

Joanna's Mom; Adorable!

I am super blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law. She is a prayer warrior who loves Jesus Christ. Me and my family can always count on Grandma Irene to be praying for us and lifting us up before the Throne Room of God. We are super blessed!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Mr. GQ - Tatsuhiko

Tatsu is a total blessing! He come to us via CCWestTokyo with Pastor Santo. Tatsuhiko is taking classes at Okinawa International College, but he is also taking classes with us at the Bible College. He is growing leaps and bounds. Keep styling bro!

w2 with Pastor Dan Pallman and Alex

Dan did a great job and Alex did a good job of translating. They were the "dynamic duo"! A very encouraging word for the right time. Thank you boyz!

Sunday Luncheon after Church

We have a great congregation! They love to just "hangout". So we decided to have a luncheon for them. Joel cooked his famous "chicken a la King"(Actually Joanna's recipe) but Joel gets the glory. It was delicious. Andrew made an incredible potato soup! A blessed time of fellowship.

Lonely Boy

Like always Rob takes his time and eats slow. He was the last one at the table but Joel had the most slices. He ate 18 pieces of pizza! Can you believe it, the smaller guy chowed down the hardest.

English Outreach

We started a new English outreach on Saturday mornings for the younger crowd to come and learn English and share with them the Gospel. Please join with us as we "step out on faith".

Pizza Inn Happiness

We took the group out to Pizza Inn here in Okinawa. Pizza in Japan cost about 30.00 dollars for a large pizza. But we like to go to this "all you can eat" place for $9.50 a person. Because we had such a large group they included for us fries and fried chicken. What a deal! This is a first! Zach is going to flip out! I love Japanese pizza, it is thin crust and delicious.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

House on the Hill

Hello everyone! This is a picture that Pastor Kiomasa sent to me and also from Chuck; this is the house that they are praying about renting. The owner is going to check out things and see if the house can be set back up with electricity and water soon. If everything is good this might be the house that the Robb's rent. But it is in God's Hands. As you can see the house is on the hill, it is a nice house but everything was destroyed below by the Tsunami. The construction workers have been bulldozing the place below as we speak. Please keep the Robb's move in your prayers. God bless you, Pastor Tommy

Joel's Green Creation

It was a lemon pie creation that went green. It was homemade with sugar, lemons, you name it. It did not look good, but it tasted good. Everyone was surprised. Attah boy Joel!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Lectures in Ministry - Mike Snider

Straight up from Tokorozawa, Mike Snider blessed us in our Lectures in Ministry Class. I am still blown away that we are able to via "skype" and "Facetime" to be able to hear these men of God lecture to us here in Okinawa. Because most of the Pastor's are here in Japan, there are no time zone problems, just meeting up at the right time. Please pray for Michael, for the Leading of God's Holy Spirit in his life. Thanks Michael for blessing us here in Okinawa.

Youth Takoyaki Party

Sunday morning after church the youth had a takoyaki party in the cafe. The munched down on octopus and hamburger "yaki". They had a blessed time. There is always something good about cooking your own lunch. The best way to get full, they best way to have some good fellowship.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Madison Shares Her Testimony

It is a blessing to have our second Australian attending the Bible College here in Okinawa. Madison comes to us via Kyoto where she was serving the Lord as an exchange student. She is pretty fluent in Japanese. A young gifted gal. A good missionary for Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Newlyweds

This is a good picture of the Wunderlich's praying for our Koinonia meal. Vunder called her over to lead in prayer and grabbed her hand. Didn't know there was this romantic side to Rob. Next time I pray, I am going to hold my wife's hand.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Robb's at the Toma's

Chuck and Yumi made it up to Sendai and spent a few days with the Toma's. Please continue to pray for them as they apartment hunt and also do an outreach with Kiyomasa and his group. Prayer is the key that unlocks the doors God wants opened.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Pray for Tony

This is Pastor Tom's oldest brother Tony. We are just getting the details, but he was in some kind of a bike race and must have wiped out. He broke his collar bone but Praise the Lord it was not much worse.

Joanna with our Samoan Family

Sheba is in town for the Pastor's Wives Conference so the boys came down for a visit. It is so good to see the Sagiao' we miss them so much. Sometimes I find myself day dreaming of American Samoa. Have a blessed time family.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Joanna in California

Joanna is doing great and Candice from Fuchu is also blessed. The girls are staying at Pastor Cisco and Micah's house. So Cisco is not getting any work done. The girls are too loud and he cannot study. But they are blessed and ready to head out to the Conference on Monday. Please keep them in your prayers.