Monday, March 30, 2009

Brother Tim Tebow

For those of you who do not know College Football, that is ok, because I am not an avid follower either. But you need to keep your eyes on and pray for our brother Tim Tebow. He plays for the Florida Gators. He grew up most of his life on the Missions field. His sister as well as his family are missionaries (sister is a missionary in the Philippines). Last year Tim won the National Championship for College Football, he also was the Heisman Trophy winner (the best player in College Football) two years ago. Everyone thought that he would pass on his Senior Year in College and head right into the NFL, but he chose to pass on Millions of Dollars and play one more year for his College Team. Why? The only explanation, God told him to. He is an incredible leader, and an awesome witness. He is not afraid to share his faith and he is the one who has painted under his eyelids (above his cheek) Jn.3:16. Take time to check out the video above and remember, pray for Tim, the temptations of this world must be horrendous for him. Pray that he continues to be an excellent witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rob at the Kyocera Dome

Rob Wunderlich (baseball missionary) is at the Kyocera Dome for the opening ceremonies for the Kansai league. They continue to play many games this season and it has just begun. Please pray for Rob, that the Lord would lead, guide, and direct our brother.

Worship in the Sanctuary

We were waiting to decide if we were going to head out to Mihama for some witnessing Saturday night (it was rainy), the gals were relaxing and started a small worship sessions. They had a relaxing time with Jesus.

Asa's Kindergarden Photos

Well, Asa has finished Kindergarden and next he moves into 1st grade in April. He starts "Ichi nen sei" (Japanese First Grade). I am a little nervous as a parent, all of our kids were homeschooled and Asa is the rowdiest of all our kids. Japanese kids are kind of wild, they calm down as they get older. We will see for Asa, please pray for him (pray for his teacher).

1/2 way through the Semester

We 8 is now completed, we can hardly believe that 1/2 of the semester is finished, it is going too fast. So we celebrated the milestone by heading out to Araha Beach for a devotion and a time with Jesus. All the students are so great!

Testamony and Biblical Preaching

Dave Redondo our newest missionary shared his testamony with us Thursday morning while Joel Coronado was delivering his Biblical Preaching assignment. It was a blessed early morning devotion time. The semester is going so fast, but everyone is so blessed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

CGN - Calvary Japan Conference 2009

One of the Japanese Pastor's emailed us with the link that shows a short video of the Calvary Conference in Japan this past weekend. It was aired on the Christian Global Network here in Japan. The video is really good, try to see how many people you recognize. Not just the up front people but those in the background. We do not know how long the video will be up, but please click on the link here; The conference was a real blessing. Many people were blessed.

Hudson Taylor III with the Lord

It was a great honor to be able to meet Hudson Taylor III on our last visit to Hong Kong last year. He was an amazing man full of the Holy Spirit with a continued commitment to the work of God. He went to be with the Lord this past Friday the 20th of March. There is a great article written on his life that you will totally enjoy if you take the time to read it online. . Guys like him are modern day giants in the faith.

China Urges New Global Currency

Very interesting to read this article on Fox News as it says that China is urging the US to form a more global currency that will replace the dollar. The Bible clearly states that in the end times the anti-christ will set up a "one world government". Take some time to read the article for yourself.

Spring 2009 Semester Students

Originally uploaded by e3missions

This is one great looking group of students. This was taken at Hannah's 16th Birthday Party. Please double click on the smaller photo to see everyone's name and where they came from. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Night Service

It is great to see people stepping out in faith. Ina led in worship for the first time on the bass guitar, and she did an excellent job! Thanks girl for stepping out for Jesus. The worship tonight was powerful. Praise the Lord!

Testamony by Yumi

Today Yumi Robb gave her testamony for the Bible College Students. For those of you who do not know Yumi she is a graduate of CCBC in Hungary. She also served there for a few years as an intern. It is a blessing to have the Robb's serving here in Okinawa a full time missionaries.

Anniversary Lunch

We celebrated our 23rd Anniversary with the kids today, we went out to the EM Hotel for lunch. It was a blessing to hang out as a family. Time sure is flying when you are having fun. Happy Anniversary Joanna every day is a blessing with you.

Loosing His First Tooth

Asa was a little freaked out! He lost his first tooth the other day and Hannah being the good sister that she is, was real sympathetic to his grief (she took the picture). Well in America we put the tooth under our pillow to get some money from our parents. In Japan, they throw the tooth on the roof (I do not know why). Asa is still freaked out and tells his mom "throw it on the roof mom", he does not want it under his pillow. You'll be OK son, everyone looses their baby teeth.

Monday, March 23, 2009

More Conference Photos


The Japan Conference was a real blast! These are just some random photos if you want to check them out. God did a wonderful work at this gathering. Many people were blessed!

Visit to Calvary West Tokyo

DSC08247 DSC08248 

Joanna and I were invited to speak at Santo’s Church in West Tokyo. We had the opportunity to see the work that God is doing over there. Joanna at 2nd service helped teach the kids and she took these great shots. After the service they wanted to do a jam session of worship, so we had a fun time. For those of you who do not know Pastor Santo and his wife Ritsuko they are the two sitting on the right hand side of Joanna. Who’s baby is Joanna holding, is that Misaki?

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

かわいい二人 It all started 23 years ago today. I married the most beautiful girl in the world. I am special because what the Lord has brought into my life. To tell you the truth, I am more in love with her than when I first met her over two decades ago. I have always wondered how a couple could be so in love after so many years. You hear people say that love grows “but you cannot really understand that until you experience it”. I love you Joanna, thank you God for bringing this special person into my life! Happy 23rd Anniversary!

Anime Paradise

20090319714 If you want to know where it all started and where it is all heading you take a trip to Nakano Station and visit the “world famous” Mandrake Store. Everything and anything you want concerning Anime is located in this part of the city. To tell you the truth I do not understand all the hype. But what do I know, I am just an old guy.

Everyone Loves Glenn

2009032072120090320720 We all grubbed down but Glenn was just caught with the goods. Here we are at Costco in Japan. The Dean’s were so excited to be there. After we shopped we could not resist from eating some pizza and hotdogs. Well, some of us went overboard with the “churros”. Can you believe it! churros in Japan! Don’t worry folks, Glenn did not eat all 6, he actually took back one so Takako and Yoko could share. See, he was not just thinking about himself, Glenn is a true giver.

Visit to the Family Gravesite

2009031970520090319706 On my last visit to Tokyo my Aunt asked that I would come and visit the family gravesite where my grandmother and a few relatives are buried. So I made it a point to go and be there this trip. These sites are very important for Japanese people and as Christians we can remember the dead but look forward to the future. I have been learning that my Grandmother was a Christian. My Father and Mother always told me that she was Catholic, but Aunt Ayuko said that she was a Protestant. My mother left Japan at a young age and my Grandmother must have converted to Christianity later in life. My aunt said that Grandma would teach her Christian hymns when she was little and insists that she was Protestant. My Aunt Ayuko is a Buddhist as well as her two sons in the picture (Gen and Masa). What is also interesting is our family history. There is a book that has been written about my Great Grandmother and some important things that she did for the country, there is actually a site in Japan that honors what she did. Well, she was also a Christian and she worked in a Christian Hospital as one of the nurses. So, my Great Grandmother was a Christian, so was my Grandmother, my mom is a Christian and so am I. It makes me think “I wonder if my Great Grandmother prayed for her children’s children to be saved”. I also wonder how she would feel to know that her great grandson is a Pastor preaching and teaching back in Japan and her great great grandson is studying for the ministry? Never underestimate the power of prayer. I am looking forward to meeting them in Heaven.

Chillin with Aunt Ayuko

20090319708 20090319709 20090319718 20090319715 My Mother’s Sister Ayuko lives in Shinjuku City. It was a blessing to “hang out” with her in Tokyo. The girls had a lot of fun talking with her and like always she took us out to dinner. We went to a “yakiniku joint”. She treated us to a lamb dinner. We were going to hang out with Mike Snider in the evening but she told us to “invite him along”, so he joined us for some fun. My aunt has some expensive items because she used to teach the “tea ceremony”. Some of you might remember that Kayo was in China for two years learning this ceremony, so she was blessed to see some of her items. This bowl that she is holding cost more that $3,700.00 dollars, amazing!

Travelin with Kayo and Naokosan

20090318695 20090318694 Being able to head to Tokyo was a blessing. Joanna and I were glad that the girls were able to come. God used both of them in a powerful way. All three of the gals assisted in 4 of the worship sessions at the conference, and Kayo translated my message in a beautiful way. It is amazing the things God will do through and in you as you make yourself available to Him.

Rie’s Baptism


20090315677 20090315685 20090315683 Rie is moving to Miyako Island to teach in the school. Before she leaves Okinawa she wanted to be baptized. So, we made an announcement at the church and many showed up at Tropical Beach to witness this wonderful event. God is so amazing! It has been so cold and rainy in Okinawa; I woke up Sunday morning and thought “we are not going to have a baptism today be cause of the weather”. But that afternoon the weather was so beautiful! Probably the best day of the year! After the baptism the weather turned cold again. God is so good! We were all so blessed.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Conference in Hachioji

The Lord has blessed us with great speakers at the Conference. Everyone has been blessed with the teachings, the fellowship and the food. God gets all the glory for what He is doing.

Let the Conference Begin

The Conference has begun in Tokyo. We are blessed to see some of our old friends, Jiai, Aki, and there are the Dean's. Praise the Lord, God is so good, it is great to see everyone again. We are having a blessed time in the Lord. Please continue to pray for the Conference that God will speak to His People.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mikey Snider

Mike is doing great in Tokorozawa. He is playing the guitar and learning the Cajon. Kayo and Naokosan are practicing with Pastor Travis for the Conference this Friday. They are sounding really good. We are looking forward to a great time in Mainland Japan.

Travel to Tokyo

The four of us are traveling to Tokyo today to attend the Calvary Conference this weekend. Please pray for us as the gals will be leading in worship and serving while on the Mainland. We are looking forward to a wonderful fruitful trip in Jesus.