Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Nevada Gang


It was a blessing hanging up at Daniel and Riannon’s house Tuesday night. They have a sweet apartment located on the South Side of Vegas. One last thing to point out; Check out the sweet beard that Daniel is sportin, he gives Keisho a run for his money.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

There is something in the Water

ehdfhzdfhsThis is what Pastor Travis wrote on his email as he sent it to us. Rusty is looking pretty good with that long hair. I think that he is trying to look more like Tom Cotton. I don’t know how the rest of the congregation feels about the new hairdo, but it looks pretty good Rustyman. Is this the direction that the rest of the missionaries at Tokorozawa are going, if that is true, then Snider is next, go for it Michael, this just might be the ticket.

Present from Wakayama

Pictures by Izadbndznbzxnb wethsdhhdf Rob got a cool gift in the mail, his friends from Mainland Japan sent him a case of Micans (Japanese tangarines) they taste excellent. Well, these guys look great, they still look healthy. We love you guys and miss you both, we miss you all in Okinawa. Also, Rob, save me a mican, seriously bro, just put one in the freezer (chest freezer) and I will eat it when I get back. It will thaw out great.

Rock Band at the Rodriguez’

DSC08795DSC08796Everyone got into it playing the Xbox 360. Tom was tomahawkin, Joanna was jammin, Reannon was rockin and Brent was baken hardcore. It was a lot of fun.The Rodriguez’ invited us over for dinner (excellent pasta, salad and bread), afterwards as you can see, everyone got rockin!

Riannon and Cathy

DSC00505The Lord continues to use these gals in a beautiful way. Both girls were trained under Joanna in Children’s ministry back at Living Water and now they are both leading Children’s Ministry here in Nevada at the Calvary Chapels that they attend. Cathy leads at CC Meadow Mesa, and Reannon leads at CC Henderson. God is doing a great work in these girls.

Red Rock Canyon

DSC00493DSC00498DSC00480 Brent and Cathy took us for a day trip starting at McDonald’s, then to Costco for some ice cream, then the finale, Red Rock Canyon. A beautiful National Park located in the hills of Nevada just outside of Las Vegas. The mountain hills were so beautiful, perfect for climbers, hikers and land lovers alike. It started to get dark, and the full moon was absolutely beautiful, a great day.

Brent’s Air Force Job

DSC00467DSC00466 Brent is a part of the “Red Horse”, their job is combat engineers. His job specifically is Special Capabilities Instructor. He works with a lot of different machinery teaching different classes for Air force personnel from around the world. A cool job for the Air Force.

Stealth Fighter

DSC00463This amazing fighter plane was conceived a few decades ago. It played such a major role in the Gulf War I. It is no longer the jet of choice when the Raptor F-22 made its debut a few years ago, but even the Raptor F-22 will be out of production. What took its place, the F-35. The F-35 is supposed to be the elite stealth fighter. It was cool standing next to this amazing machine.

Daniel, Riannon and Mila

DSC00459Family from back at CC Living Water. The Rodriquez’ have been special to our family for so many years. We have seen the Lord do a marvelous work in their lives. They are living now in the area of Henderson Nevada. Daniel is one of the most special persons in Vunder’s life, and vice versa. Daniel cannot stop talking about the Boy Wunder.

The Mize’s

DSC08797 Brent, Cathy, Aaron and Ashton, the Mize family. We are blessed with the opportunity to stay with them for a few days. They have a beautiful house, and the first night we were there, Cathy made us Filipino Lumpia, Chinese Chicken Salad with white rice. An excellent dinner, we were so blessed.

Nellis Air Force Base


We made it to Nellis, this is where Brent and Cathy live. We are signed in and able to come on and off the base no problem. They have a beautiful house that is perfect for them and their family. It is great seeing the family. We all love the Mize’s.

Stateline Nevada

DSC00454DSC00447 We made it to Stateline. No longer in California but in the great state of Nevada. Las Vegas is about 40 minutes away and Nellis Air force Base is about 10 minutes from there. We are blessed to be able to stay with Cathy and Brent Mize, as well as see our close friends Daniel and Riannan Rodriguez. We are also scheduled to have lunch with Brent’s Pastor to talk about a missions team coming from their church to Okinawa. Last stop, to meet with Eder’s parents and hopefully share at Eder’s church here in Nevada. We are looking forward to a fruitful trip.

Pastor Tom’s Best Friend

DSC00444DSC00443Many of the Bible College Students have heard me talk about my best friend in my College years, Bob Solorio. We were getting ready to head out to Nevada when we saw Bob and his mother at the grocery store. We were so surprised and blessed to see each other. I have been trying to get in touch with him but unsuccessful. So it was a blessing to see him.

Bob has taught me so much through the years in my Christian walk. I remember the days when I was a shy believer and Bob encouraged me to get out of my shell. Also the funny stories revolve around the times he would teach me about being a giver. Sharing and being a person who learned it is “better to give than to receive”. At this time in life, Bob is battling a bad knee. He will have to get surgery unless the Lord heals him, please keep our good brother in your prayers. God uses people in your life for important reasons, Bob is one of those guys that the Lord used to shape my life.

Magic 100


For only the second time in the 5 year history of e3missions have we hit the 100 mark for blogs. Amazing! Some people ask “how can you put up so many blogs"? I guess it comes naturally just blogging life as a missionary, never a dull moment. Maybe you can tell us in the last 5 years, what has been your favorite blog that comes to mind? Please write it in the comment section below.

New Release


Recorded on the beaches of Southern California we have Joanna Ruiz’ newest release “Winter Walking”, soon to hit the stores nationwide. Who can forget her hit song “Mexipan Marvelous” or her other hit “Special Spouse” written about her special husband Tom Ruiz also know as “Mr. Wonderful”. Keep a look out at Christian Bookstore World wide.

Surf Town USA

DSC00438DSC00436DSC00434DSC00431DSC00425Huntington Beach boasts the title “Surf Town USA”. The surf breaks 360 days a year! You always have some kind of surf here. This is the reason why Pastor Chuck Smith fell in love with Huntington, he used to surf when hardly anyone else did. Today was a big day, some of the pictures do not show the big sets. But check out this bottom picture, look at the clear lines in the surf, at least 5 lines in this set and they were big! Overhead! Watch out! This is surf town USA.

Sunday Morning at Calvary Los Alamitos

DSC00424DSC00422We had the blessed opportunity to head out to Calvary Los Alamitos to lead worship and teach for their morning service. It is always a blessing to see the family at CCLA. Afterwards we went out to lunch for a blessed time of fellowship.

China Town in Los Angeles

DSC00421DSC00417DSC00416DSC00410DSC00406DSC00408Down the street from Olivera Street is Downtown China Town. This place is famous because most of the Chinese films that come out of Hollywood in some way have China Town in their picture. A really fun place to visit.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Olivera Street

DSC00399DSC00401DSC00400DSC00398Olivera street in downtown Los Angeles is the place to be to get authentic Mexican food. Many of the shops are famous for Mexican food and goods. In fact, the picture with all of us standing in front is the oldest house in LA. As you can see in the pictures there are a lot of different things that you can buy. The sights and smell, remind me of being in Tijuana Mexico.

The “Kodak Theater”

DSC00396 DSC00395This is the place where every year the “Oscar’s” are held. Well this is the word they use for the Academy Awards where Hollywood gives out awards for the best picture, best actor and actress, best director etc. There is a beautiful staircase leading up to the theater. A very beautiful place to be.

Famous “Hollywood” Sign

DSC00393DSC00391 From the shopping complex in Downtown Hollywood you get an excellent view of the Hollywood sign on top of Mulberry Drive. I think that this is the most famous sign in all the world, definitely the most recognized. When you see this, you know you are in Hollywood.

For Dave Barrios

DSC00389DSC00390This is the actor that Dave and myself liked to make reference to and laugh. Cantinflas was a Mexican actor who was famous for his comedy. His most famous American movie had to be “Around the World in 80 days”, not the recent one, but this one was made in the late 50’s. God bless you Dave, I was thinking of you.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Real John Wayne!

DSC00382DSC00381 Here you got it, the John Wayne. Really this is the John Wayne. We were walking looking around and saw this “John Wayne”. We were saying check out this John Wayne, this is John Wayne. We thought, how did they get John Wayne’s John Wayne. It was a John Wayne morning.

Grumann’s Chinese Theatre

DSC00387 DSC00388 It does not get any better than this in Hollywood, right in front of the famous “Grumann’s Chinese Theatre”, where many of the top movie stars signatures and footprints are located. We had a great time seeing everyone from Shirley Temple to Johnny Depp, the fun continued on.