Friday, August 31, 2012

We are safe - Tsunami Warning

Tonight: there was a big earthquake off the coast of the Philippines. If was a 7.9 so it was pretty strong. There are tsunami warnings off the coasts of Japan. Here in Okinawa in Ginowan City we are pretty safe. We are on high elevation. In fact we live on the ridge, the high place on island. Usually it is a bit cooler where we live. So don't worry mom's and dad's we are all safe.

Once in a Blue Moon

Because there are two full moons this month. The second full moon is called a "blue moon". Thus the English idiom "Once in a blue moon". It is absolutely gorgeous tonight. So bright you can see the sky lit up. It would be a great clear night to go "night surfing".

Friday Night Witnessing

On Fridays we head out to Mihama and share the Gospel, and pass out tracts. It is a blessing to share the Gospel. This week we made sure to take the new students out. After a week of classes, it was good just to get out and share.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Obon Begins

Tonight is the beginning of Obon in Okinawa. It is a celebration that honors their dead ancestors who come back to their homes to visit. Some people practice it hardcore, but many use it as a time to get together with their family and friends. I sure wish we could somehow use this time to glorify the Lord. The celebration goes on for 3 days. The Asa dancers come through the neighborhood singing and dancing. They do this at the beginning and ending of Obon.

Happy Birthday Joel!

Today is his 26th Birthday. One candle though; the interns wanted to take him out. But he winnied out and said that he had to be in bed by 9pm. Hey, who is that who is stealing the show in the background?

Our last Okinawan Student

Let me introduce you to Ainsley; she was headed to Okinawa by the typhoon diverted her to the Tokyo Campus for a few days. But she has now arrived safely. God has good things in store for this gal.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday night Acts 2:42

Our midweek fellowship is a great celebration. We gather for the Koinonia meal and then get into the Word. We had a blessed night.

3 Years in Okinawa

Today is a blessed day in that we celebrate Anna Hebel's anniversary being here in Okinawa. Thank you Jesus for bringing our sister to us. Love that new hair style.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yuko's One Year Anniversary

We have been so blessed as we celebrate Yuko's One Year Anniversary as a missionary here in Japan. God bless you Yuko!

Apologetics via Video live Feed

At CCBCJAPAN we are able to be taught live via video feed by Chuck Robb in Higashimatsushima. It is such a blessing to continually have Chuck teach here at the Bible College. He always teaches good classes.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nice and Cool

The typhoon is bringing in some great cool weather. We are enjoying the comfort but we know it should get a lot warmer and humid as Boleven gets closer.

Big Gabriel in the House

Six foot Gabe, watch out Rob another big guy in in the College. Too bad we don't have a basketball team. We look forward to the things that God has in store for Gabriel.

Kristen Lopez in Japan

She arrived last night right before the storm. This is her first semester so she is a rookie but we will get her involved right away. To God be the Glory!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The First of the Students Arrive!

This is Daniel Mondragon, that is right, the "fierce bird". He comes to us via San Diego, we are so looking forward to getting to know this dear brother. He has a great testimony.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Safe Arrival

Naoko has arrived safely in Tokyo and for those of you who don't know both students (Naoko left, Hannah right) are both Bible College Students here at CCBCJAPAN. Please continue to pray for them.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Darwin Sunset

We began our trip to Darwin with an Australian sunrise and end our trip with an Australian sunset. There were two Aborigine kids playing on the beach. It was quite a sight to remember.


Tuesday early morning we will be flying out of Darwin at 3AM. There are many things to reflect on with our stay here in the Northern Territory. Many of you do not know why we are even here in Darwin. This adventure really began about 10 years ago when Pastor Eric Sorian had a vision to come to Darwin as God gave him this vision for a missions trip. Well, Pastor Eric went to be with the Lord 4 years ago and never was able to make this trip. Eric was always supportive with me and my family moving to Okinawa Japan and has always given me encouraging words while being a missionary oversees. So when he passed away Darwin was always in my heart knowing that he wanted to come here. Last year news began to spring up with the military pact that President Obama and the Prime Minister of Australia signed to have 2,700 US military stationed here in Darwin. When I heard that news I began to pray more and then spoke to the guys if they were interested in taking "another step of faith". They were in and next thing you know we were buying our tickets and less than 6 months later we are on ground in the country.
Most of this trip has been one of exploring, sightseeing and praying. Our goal is clear. In the next two years we would like to plant a church and Bible College in this area and we will actively wait upon the Lord to continue to open doors for the near future. If Jesus comes back in the mean time Praise God! But we will continue to go forward in His Name battling and doing battle for His Kingdom. We are all in a race, and this race is a marathon and not a sprint. So the baton has been passed to us; and this baton began as a dear brother Pastor Eric Sorian had a vision, a vision for Darwin, Australia.

Pastor Tommy

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Australian Famous Meat Pies

Tom Cotton always told us that we had to eat a meat pie when we visit the AU. So we decided to try them out. Vunder and Joel got the plain steak while Zach purchased the steak and mushroom. Joel didn't care for it while Rob said "it was good". Zach said "not bad". It was a glorified Pot Pie. I thought it was tasty.

INChurch night service

Sunday night we went to a new church called "Imagine Nations Church" thus InChurch. Pastor Troy was a good guy. Later that night he met us at McDonalds for some fellowship. We had a great time together.

Tropical Depression Sixteen

The 16th storm should be heading past Okinawa Saturday. Please pray for the safety in all the areas around Japan and China. There is another typhoon heading right for Taiwan right now and it is pretty strong. Please pray for everyone's safety.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Visit to C3 Church

We visited a non denominational church in Darwin called c3 church. (Community City Church). We had a good time of fellowship after church. God answered our original prayer of hooking us up with a person to hang out with and get to know more about the area. The guys name was Jon-o (Jonathon), he was a cool guy.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Visit to Berry Hot Springs

We traveled out of Darwin and headed South about 30 minutes away to Berry Springs. The water is warm because of the underground hot springs in the area. The only problem is that you have to be aware of Crocs in the area. But don't worry Mom, there are a lot of people who were swimming and they check at the beginning of the low season for Alligators. There were absolutely none in sight. After an early morning devotion, training and studying, it was a good way to relax.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Darwin Cliffs

The views are quite amazing here in Darwin. We are here at Coconut Point overlooking the Bay, the weather was perfect. We got up at 6:30am and did our devotions (it was still pitch black) and then the sun began to come up at 7am. We went for a 53 minute run throughout the city and docks, blessed time!

Darwin Lunch

Fruits and vegetables are really reasonable in Darwin, Australia. Cokes, chips and snacks are expensive. They say when a country can sell chips and junk food cheaper than fruits and vegetables something is wrong. We have been eating bread, cheese, apples, oranges, carrots, you name it, we have been super blessed!

Great Job Paul and Natuski!

Sorry for the grainy picture, this was sent to me via Joanna. She said that Paul did a wonderful job! I am so proud of all the teachers! To God be the Glory! Thank you guys for stepping up in Jesus Name!

We are Driving in the Outback

Darwin is located in the N.T.(the New Territory). This is truly the Outback! We drove back a new way home taking the outback trails. Joel was not happy. Not is so good! We experienced Darwin true "Outback Style".

Termite Mounds

We are at the World Famous Termite mounds in the New Territory of One of the National Parks. These are amazing! Can you believe that Termites made these mounds? They are Everywhere!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coconut Grove/Fannie Bay

The water and weather is beautiful here in Darwin, the days are hot and the nights are cool. It reminds me of the weather in So. Cal or Mexico. There were so many yachts in the bay, simply beautiful.

Sleepy Head in the Back Seat

It is like being in Israel again. Zach is so tired he just keeps dozing off. Rob, Joel and Zach were super tired. When we stopped, they fell asleep.

Darwin Sunrise

We landed in Darwin at 5am. We are only 1/2 hour ahead of everyone in Japan! We drove around in the morning checking out the sights. We stumbled upon the beautiful sunrise. Darwin is gorgeous!

Monday, August 13, 2012

We are all Together

We are flying out of Narita and stopping in the Philippines. We will change planes. This is Joel's first trip to the PI. I hope we can get a bite to eat.

Pray for the Philippines

There is another Tropical Storm forming outside the area of the PI. They have had so much rain and flooding this might cause more damage. "Lord, please protect the people of the Philippines.

Michal and Asa Heading to Okinawa

I arrived into Narita at 2:40pm. Asa and Michal were leaving on the same plane that I arrived on back to Oki. The plane was delayed because of our late arrival. I missed seeing them but then a worker went and brought them back to me so that I could give them a big hug. If I did not see them I would have not seen them for a month. I was totally blessed. Well, they are heading back to Okinawa and Zach and I are heading to Australia. Here we go!

Tatsuhiko's Parents Visit

We were blessed in that Tatsuhiko' family came for a visit to Okinawa. They are traveling to Ishigaki Island and blessed s with a stop at the cafe. We had a good time. Rika was happy to see good friends again.

Australia via Narita

We are heading to Mainland Japan to pick up Zach at Narita Airport. From there we will head to Darwin, Australia. Please keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The SOS Group Clownin Around

We are in the final days of the SOS Team in Tokyo. They have had a blast serving the Lord in the VBS at CCFuchu. God has blessed us with a great group this year. It is going to be sad to see them leave. Please pray for Aaron as he will be staying back and attending the coming Fall Bible College Semester. Brian will be heading back to Christian College to finish his last semester and hopefully will be back to serve in the Country. Jake will be coming back to Okinawa to finish High School and Jacob will be heading back to Idaho. Airam will be coming back to Okinawa for a few days and then heading back to California. God bless you gang!

Christian Surfers SUP Challenge

This is an old picture (January, we are in our wetsuits) Mr. Lacar posted this picture to remind everyone to pray for their Christian Surfers outreach that will happen August 18th and 19th. On the 18th they will have an outreach showing a movie and preaching the Gospel. On the 19th there is an SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Challenge (Race) where 40 teams will be entered into the competition. It should be a blessed event, please join us in prayer.

Central Manila

Please pray for the people of the PI. They have been hit with continual rains. There have been a handful of people who have died. Can you imagine the sewer system backing up with those millions of people who live there. For those of us who have traveled to Manila you know how densely populated that area is. Tens of thousands of people have been forced out of their houses with no place to live. "Lord be with the people in the Philippines".

Happy Birthday Takako!

Some of the gals gathered for a birthday luncheon for Takakosan. Takako is one of our missionaries from Okinawa who has been serving in Israel off and on for the past two years. She is praying for the Lord's next step. They look beautiful, this is a great picture. To God be the Glory! Have a wonderful Birthday Takako!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Tropical Storm 13

There is another storm brewin way out in the middle of the Pacific. If it keeps heading upward we don't have to think about it anymore. So please join with us in prayer that it continues to move upward. Tropical Storm Haikui is right upon us now and all it is doing is giving us medium rain which is great. We are super blessed. We had a wonderful Sunday morning service today. Most of the body showed up. We had a good Koinonia Communion Celebration after Church. Everyone was encouraged in Jesus Christ.

Tom in Shimae

Tom Cotton is on a missions trip all by himself in Shimane. Last night he went witnessing at a Matsuri (Carvival) in the area. He passed out tracts and shared the Love of Jesus Christ. He said he shared Jesus with one person for over an hour. Please keep our brother in your prayers.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Tropical Storm Haikui

This is the twelfth storm of the season thus far. Please keep us in your prayers. It is only a tropical storm but you don't want to take these things for granted. Please pray for Mainland China, it is going to hit them a lot harder. So we appreciate all of your Prayers for us.

Asa on the Tokyo Platform

Zach took the SOS Crew on a trip to the Edo Museum today. They had a good time seeing the Tokyo sights. This will be their last week in Japan and try will be heading home. Please keep them in your prayers.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Tropical Depression Twelve

It is so early that they have not yet labeled this storm. But as the picture shows it is heading our way. Thank you for praying for us, for our safety and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Like always, we need the rain, but not the wind and the danger.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Aya in Clovis, New Mexico

It is a blessing to see that Aya made it safely to Clovis. In the words of Yolie Betts "We love her!". Please continue to pray for our dear sister Aya, that God will continue a good work in her at New Mexico. Be blessed Aya, we all love you!