Monday, November 30, 2009

Bible College Banquet: Macaroni Grill

DSC00019 DSC00015 Today we had the banquet for the Bible College and had a wonderful lunch together. It is hard to believe that that Bible College semester is almost over. Every semester they are faster and faster. This is a great group of kids, we are so blessed that the Lord brought them this semester.

Bundle of Joy!

DSC00009DSC00011It was such a joy to hold Hikari and Aiya’s baby Sunday morning. She is so beautiful, a bundle of joy. Most Japanese babies are so small, I don’t think that any of our kids were ever this tiny, all 4 of them had big heads. Praise the Lord for His wonderful blessings.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mihama Outreach

DSC00008 Saturday night we went out for one final witnessing time with the students from the fall 09 semester. We passed out Cd’s that Campus Crusade for Christ made for Japanese people. We passed out a lot and also spent time witnessing to people that were willing to talk. It was a blessed night.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Mainland Japan Worship Concert

This past month we had the opportunity to head to Mainland Japan for a Pastor's Conference that CCTokorozawa hosts. The Saturday before the Conference, Pastor Santo from Calvary West Tokyo hosted a worship Concert that a few of the Calvary's participated in. We hope you like the video and the Japanese worship. Please click on the video above.

Blue vs. Red

 sfjthehssjsjdhfsfg777777777Here are the guys all in action. Praise the Lord no one got hurt, and everyone had a great time.Glenn was caught doing the “Bill Belichick” stealing the plays. Just kidding Glenn, you are still the top force to be reckoned with!

Turkey Bowl 2009

CCGinowan takes the crown! The guys were excited at their victory against CCOkinawa. CCO was a worthy opponent especially since CCGinowan has lost to them for 3 straight years. CCGinowan will hold the trophy for 1 year, until (Lord willing) next year when they play again. There is one problem, if Jesus comes back before next year, then Glenn for sure will not be getting his trophy back.

Victory 2009

The team is excited with their victory Thanksgiving morning at the Turkey Bowl 2009. Click the short video to see the action.

Archive Video: Thanksgiving 2008

This is such a funny video of Daniel last year at the Annual Turkey Bowl, that we played against CCOkinawa. Daniel was so sore from the game it was hilarious. Click on the video above, we hope you like it.

Serving Thanksgiving Afternoon

DSC09981 DSC09980Everyone did an excellent job serving the people Thursday afternoon for our blessed meal. There was so much food, and it did not stop at night. At night we busted out the leftovers and finished the night off with desserts. We have a wonderful time! Praise the Lord!

The Big Flags


On Special Holidays, Camp Foster flies the big flags on base. These things are huge! The picture does not give it justice. The are always beautiful to see, and worth pointing out as you drive by the base.

The Trophy is Home!

DSC09972 DSC09969 At least for one year. The Boyz of CCGinowan brought home the gold! They have been challenging CCOkinawa for the last 4 years and have always come home short. Not this year, they are the champions, and they are happy. When you come to the Koinonia cafe you can look in the center corner and see the trophy for yourself, on display for all to see.

It’s Cabbage Time!


Cabbage is dropping in price so we are really happy. 139yen a head, that is really cheap, about $1.60. In the off season they go about close to $4.00 a head. Remember Geigy, eat your cabbage and stay nice and healthy!

Preparing the Turkey

DSC09957 Wednesday night Joanna began preparing one of the turkeys right after our mid week service. Her turkeys are slow roasted for about 10 to 12 hours, and they come out so moist and tender. She starts first by buttering up the bird, add the spices and we are ready to go. The second turkey is already cooking back at the house.

Talia is here!

DSC09952 It is a blessing to have Talia from Ishigaki island visiting with us this week. Many of you know Teresa who teaches and ministers using Hula, well this is her daughter. We are so blessed to have her with us.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mesmerized by the Master

DSC09949Well, the guitar master that is; Eder was playing guitar and one of the young boys who comes over to the Koinonia Cafe was watching Eder groove on the guitar. Afterwards, Eder began to teach him some chords. He was really into it.

Pastor Tim shares the Gospel


Pastor Tim came down from Nago for the Monday Thanksgiving Celebration. It was a blessing as he shared the Gospel in Japanese. The Japanese people heard of the Love of Jesus Christ that afternoon.

Monday Thanksgiving Celebration

DSC09931 DSC09924 DSC09925





DSC09937 Monday is Thanksgiving/Labor day Holiday here in Japan. So we decided to have two Thanksgivings, one on Monday and one on Thursday. We used Monday as an outreach to the Japanese people. Thursday, the guys are going to play their annual “Turkey Bowl” against CCOkinawa. Then we are going to celebrate our traditional American Thanksgiving Holiday at the church. It was a blessing having the outreach Monday at the church.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Fest Part II

Part I began Thursday evening at Camp Kinser. Part II was tonight at Camp Courtney. Amanda is the intern up North at the Chapel and they celebrated their Thanksgiving Dinner Sunday night. As you can see these two ate too much. Megan was supposed to go with them, but she came down with a little touch of the flu. But this is just the beginning folks, tomorrow (Monday) begins the first of two Thanksgiving Dinners at CCGinowan, Monday is a Japanese holiday and we will celebrate it Japanese style. Thursday is the traditional day for the Americans, and we will have one on that day too, food fest 2009!

Our Own TV Star

Next to Yumi is standing Miki (to the right). Miki is a student at Ryukyu University. Recently she was in a Japanese commercial. For those who saw her it was great to see her on the screen. Great job Miki, go for it, next stop, the big screen.

Calvary Ginowan Growing


DSC09915 Aiya and Hikari had their baby last week, and they brought little Selah with them. She is adorable! Grandma Reikosan has beautiful children and grandchildren. We are so blessed for this family.

It’s Christmas Time

DSC09886The Ruiz girls are setting up the Christmas tree. It feels like winter here in Okinawa. Well, not that cold, but it is in the mid 60’s. We have been experiencing a cold front, so it looks like we are going to have a cool Thanksgiving. Get ready folks, Christmas time is here.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Tokito

DSC09873 DSC09872


DSC09875 Today Tokito officially becomes an adult in Japan. In America a person becomes an adult at 18 years of age. But here in Japan the legal age is 20. It is a big deal when you turn 20 in Japan, the city office has a celebration in the first week of January. All the guys and gals who turn 20 show up at the city office for pictures and it is a special day for the parents. The 20 year olds all wear special kimonos, it should be awesome. Zach turns twenty soon, so Tokito and Zach will be a part of the festivities. Tokito wanted a special Blueberry cake so Joanna baked him one. As you can see from the bottom picture, Tokito is wearing a special beanie. Amanda and the girls embroidered it. Tokito’s name in katakana is there and also the wolf sign. Toki loves wolf’s. Well, Happy Birthday Toki, we love you bro!

Baby Masaki; Cover Magazine


DSC09871 Masaki, Pastor Tim and Ayu’s baby is on the cover of Christian Style Magazine in Okinawa. He is absolutely adorable. But the thing that cracks us up is that he is “Giant Baby”. It reminds me of the old Godzilla movies where he destroys Tokyo. Well Masaki is destroying Mihama American Village in Chatan. Check out the car that he has already picked up off the street. “Nooooo Masaki, don’t eat the car”, this little boy is adorable.

Thanksgiving at Camp Kinser

photos by Tamiko;uk;lhfgnhjdhdfhsfrtwartwrt

etyjryjk sdhndhdf Camp Kinser’s Thanksgiving Dinner for the Marines was a blessing. Joel Coronado is the intern in charge of serving at that base, and Chaplain Keith invited all the Bible College Students to come out and be a part of the night. The students got right in there and started serving. Some of them were in charge of the entertainment for the early evening. They led in worship and special song. It was a blessing being able to serve our men and men of the Armed Forces.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Devotions with Megan


DSC09827 This morning Megan gave the Bible College Students a good devotion. It is a blessing to be able to gather in the morning and start our day out in the Word together. We are blessed in His Word.

Happy Birthday Tom and Toki



DSC09820 We celebrated both Birthday’s Wednesday night after our mid week Bible Study. Tom’s Birthday is today, and Toki’s is Friday. Happy Birthday boyz, we hope that you had a great one.

More F-15 Pictures

4111857438_3b640b9ea0 4111855928_588da9ce62

4111856316_d08d99aef9 A couple of more shots coming out of the F-15, it was pretty awesome to sit in the cockpit of these mighty jets. The one thing that still amazes me, there are so many buttons, knobs and controls that the Pilots must know before they can even start this jet up.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It’s Cold in Okinawa

DSC09818Can you believe it? It is cold in Okinawa! For some reason we are experiencing a cold spell, the weather is 18 Celsius, not that cold stateside, actually it is 64 degrees Fahrenheit. But it is so cold for us. The students are in jackets, beanies and sweaters. If Adam Jahnkow was still here, he would love it!

Marine Corps Ball


The Marines celebrate their 234th Birthday. Eder was invited to attend the Ball Tuesday night. The Brother in his Dressed Blues is Josh Dubois. He is the one who invited Eder. Eder looks sharp as a tack.