Saturday, April 30, 2005

May 5th, Children's day

Friday, April 29th is the beginning of "Golden Week" in Japan. It is a week strung together with many Japanese holidays, and most Japanese have the whole week off work and school. Traffic gets heavy in Okinawa, as many Japanese tourists visit from Mainland Japan. But, this Thursday the 5th of May is Children's day. Originally it used to be called "boys day" but was later changed. It is a day devoted to the children in Japan. Most parents will take their kids to the park and spend time with them. We have this day off school at OCSI. The flying fish in the picture are really carp, and each one represents one member of the family (so I am told). So the first one represnts the Father, the next the Mother and so on. So the little green one in the back is Asa (my youngest son). So Japanese and Okinawans will fly these fish kites outide their house for this week. Kind of cool huh? Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

The Go!Go! Eigo house is open for Ministry

The signs are up! We were so blessed Thursday evening. I recieved a call from Travis at CCTokorozawa and he asked how the english classes are going. I told him we have not started yet, no advertizement, and we have not passed out any fliers. He said that is cool, don't worry, so we small talked. I was blessed at what the Lord is doing at Tokorozawa, they are preparing for when Bill Stonebraker (Pastor of CCHonolulu) will be coming to Japan for a Japanese leaders conference. Well, after we got off the phone, about an hour later, we recieved a knock on the door. I thought it was our Japanese neighbor, sometimes they come over and give us vegtables or clams (we don't know how to cook them yet, so we give them away, Joanna takes over baked goods to them). But when we opened the door, another next door neighbor was there, standing with her Japanese high school daughter, and said that she was interested in taking english classes. Praise the Lord! We talked, set up at time, and behold, we start with her next week. After they left Hannah and I were jumping for joy, our first student. Please continue to pray for this ministry, our hearts are to reach the Japanese/Okinawan people for Jesus. Posted by Hello God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Spiritual emphasis week at OCSI

This week at Okinawa Christian School International we had our Spiritual emphasis week. That is a week devoted to chapels every morning for the Middle and High School youth. We had special guest speakers every day, and Glenn Phipps spoke on Tuesday. He did a wonderful job speaking to the kids. It is always a blessing to see the giftings that God has given to Glenn. He presently serves at CCOkinawa under the leadership of Pastor Rick Barnett. Please continue to pray for Glenn and his wife Farah who is pregnant expecting their 3rd child. Posted by HelloPastor Tommy

Monday, April 25, 2005

Surprise! It is Joanna's birthday!

We asked Joanna to come after the Bible study, but she did not know that the gathering afterwards was for her. It was alot of fun surprising her that night. What a blessing that I and the kids have such a wonderful woman. She is amazing. A real gift from God. Please continue to pray for Joanna, as she prepares to teach at the English school, Go!Go! Eigo! Posted by Hello

Ayu and Tamiko lead worship at W2 (Worship/Word)

This week at w2 was a lot of fun. Ayu and Tamiko lead worship in Japanese and English. It is such a blessing to see the Lord use these girls in such a wonderful way. I remember when they were both just learning how to play. Afterwards, some people came over and we had icecream cake for Joanna's birthday. Please continue to pray for w2. We have seen more Japanese speaking people coming, and that blesses our hearts. Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Hallman's Virginia bound!

There is such a joy in my heart when I saw this picture. The Hallman's have been such a blessing in my life and with joy and anticipation we await the day they leave to start their new ministry in Virginia. I remember talking to Tom and asking him "what is the Lord saying to your heart" and he stated that God has put the state of Virginia on his heart. I said "Virginia, who is in Virginia". He said, no one that he knew, but God is speaking to him. So a few months later we were on a plane heading east. The rest for them will be history. History of the beginning of a great work. We are blessed for them, and cannot wait to hear the wonderful reports as God blesses their Ministry. Please pray for them, as they prepare to leave in a few months. Tom will be graduating from CCCM School of Ministry, shortly after that, he is heading to Israel. When he gets back from Israel, shortly after that, he boards the plane for Virginia Whooooaahhhh! Praise the Lord! On the left of the picture we have, Matthew, Jeanne, Tom and Patrick. We love you guys, and God's speed to you.Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

The Douville's in Hagerman Valley, Idaho!

Look at this beautiful family! Dion and Cindy have been in Idaho now over 2 years, and the Lord is doing a great work up there. A team from CCLivingwater has just come back from doing some ministry work with the church, and were blessed as they came home with pictures and stories of what the Lord is doing through Dion and the Church. I will post some pictures of their venture real soon. From Left to right, starting at the Bottom is Cindy (mom), Joshua, Cody, Dion, upper left, Juliana, and Jared. Please continue to pray for the Douville's and the Church up in Idaho. God has brought some wonderful people to help in their ministry, and we are excited for them with the work up ahead. Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

Monday, April 18, 2005

Children's day May 5th, 2005

We were driving to school today near the Yomitan river dock area, located next to Red bridge. We noticed that they put up the flying fish kites getting ready for Children's day. In Japan they dedicate a special day for all the children. Every house who has a child will fly one of these Koi fish kites and the children will get special gifts, usually toys. These kites were so beautiful waving in the wind, I had to stop and take a picture. Don't worry, we were not late for school.Posted by Hello

W2 (Worship/Word) Biblestudy

Please continue to pray for the home Biblestudy held at the girl's discipleship house. It is such a blessing to be able to teach this study to the young adults. I am so blessed to be able to teach in English and have Yumi translate into Japanese. It is a challenge to teach this way, but I am getting use to it. Pray that the Lord will continue to lead and guide us as we reach out to the people of Okinawa. There is so much vision for the future, especially for the summer, we want to make sure that we are led by His Holy Spirit. Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The actual Menorah that will be in the New Temple

This is the Menorah that will be in the New Temple, that will be built in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount. There is an organization in Israel called the Temple Institute that is dedicated to the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. This organization is building all of the utensils and objects that are needed for Jewish worship. We know that in the Last Days that the Temple will be rebuilt in Israel, so we say "Maranatha" come quickly Lord Jesus! Posted by Hello

Original stones of Antonio Fortress

Pastor Mike is touching the original pavement of the Antonio Fortress where Jesus would be whipped and Scourged. This site is directly next to the temple area where Pilate would order Jesus to be taken to, where he would be stripped, beaten and whipped by the Roman guards. Jesus took the pain and shame for you and me as He would later be led to the place of Calvary where he would die for the sins of the World. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Prayer at the Western (Wailing) Wall

This is Israel's most holy site. The Jews from all over the world come here to pray in this site. This wall is all that remains of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem that Solomon built, and later, Herod helped beautify. The women pray on one side and the men on the other. Posted by Hello

The East Gate

The gate where the Messiah will return through. The Bible states that when Jesus returns back to Jerusalem He will enter through this gate. The muslim people have buried their dead in front of this gate just in case the prophecy is true. They believe that a holy man will not pass through the area of a cemetary. For Jesus, this will be easy.Posted by Hello For more picts click onto

Camel ride into the Bedouin tent dinner

They look like naturals! Professional Camel riders. For those of you who do not know the one on the right is Takako, and on the left is Lisa. We were escorted on camels to the bedouin tent where we were given an incredible dinner that evening. We felt just like Abraham as he lived in the desert preparing to dwell in the promised land. Posted by Hello

Golgotha-The place of the Skull

It was on this hill that Jesus was crusified and died. As you look at this picture you can see the skull in the mountain. Look right in the center of the pict and see the eyes, and nose. Jesus was crusified on Skull hill. For more picts click onto Posted by Hello

Pastor Tommy at the Western Wall

Because it is a holy site, all visitors must wear a Yamika to cover their head while they pray. People come from all over the world to pray in this place. The men pray on one side and the women on the other. A wall separates the men from the women. It is a special place for all people.Posted by Hello

Rose of Sharon

A land flowing with milk and honey, and flowers too! One thing that I love about Israel is its beauty. Everywhere you go, there are wild flowers. These beautiful flowers are everywhere, they are deep red poppys. In California, we have only orange ones. But in Israel, they are red, orange, and there are blue ones too!Posted by Hello

The 3 brothers at Engedi

This is one of my favorite spots in Israel. You might remember the story. Saul is chasing after David, so David hides in the strongholds of Engedi (place of the wild goats). It is here that Saul wanders into a cave to relieve himself and David and his men are hiding in one of the hundreds of caves up here. (You can see the caves everywhere) Well, David could have killed him, and gained the kingdom, but instead he leaves it in God's hands, and eventually, we know the story, David is later made King of Israel. We spent over an hour here, worshipping the Lord, doing a Bible Study, but no wild goats. Then low and behold as we were about to exit the area, we saw a few family of goats coming out of their hiding places in the cool of the afternoon, what a site! We were totally blessed. For more picts click onto Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Kayo is back from China!

Everyone remembers Kayo! She is back from China, she finished up her schooling and hopefully she is back for a long time. She is such a blessing, so when you get a chance email her and say hi. Posted by Hello

Fellowship time at the Ruiz's

Takako, Yasutomo, and Mariko came over our house and prepared for us "Sukiyaki". It was totally oishii (tasty)! What you do is put vegetables, meat, and sauce in a pan, and let it cook. When it is done, you just put your ohashi (chopsticks) into the pan and dig in. So they add the food, and you just keep eating, and eating, and eating. What a feast. You have your side of rice and you are in heaven. We had a great time of fellowship. Posted by Hello

Go!Go!Eigo house signs going up soon.

Hi everyone! These are the signs that will be going up in front of the gogoeigo buiding on the house. We are blessed that this new ministry will be happening soon. We will begin classes on April 14th. Please keep us in your prayers. Posted by Hello