Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Spearman's Going Away Speech

Rusty and Amber were able to say their goodbye's to the families at CCFuchu. There were a lot of mom's that showed up and wanted to say goodbye to the Spearman's. God bless you Rusty, Amber and Adelle; they are going to miss you in Mainland Japan and we will miss you here in Okinawa. God is going to do a good work in your lives in the States. Please keep in touch with us through Facebook and even your blog. Love, your family in Japan.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Orientation for Fall Semester 2011

Here we go again it is starting up, the new semester begins. We are blessed with the students that the Lord has brought to us this semester. God is so faithful and loving to bring to us these great students. "Lord, please bless this semester for your glory".

FaceTime (Spearman Going Away Party)

The Spearman's are heading back to America. Pastor Rich put together a going away party for them. Check out how many people showed up for the get together. In the words of Zach "it is a food fest". The mom's at the preschool went all out and brought a lot of food. God bless you Spearman's be blessed!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Surf was Incredible at Sunabe

A typhoon is brew-in out there so it always brings good surf to Okinawa. The picture here does not do the surf justice. When the sets were Rollin in they were overhead with barrels. It was beautiful, I tried to grab some nice pictures but we had to leave. Logan took some good shots.

Yuko from San Francisco

But she grew up in New York and California. Yuko is full Japanese and has family in Mainland Japan. He is another Nihonjin speaker so we are so blessed. We are overjoyed that she is here.

Here's Alexzandra and Nicole!

Zannie (she said we can call her that) comes to us from New Mexico and Nikki (she said we can call her that too) she comes to us via Hawaii. It is a blessing to have these gals with us this semester.

"Established Hearts"

The name of the Calvary Chapel Women's Conference in Tokyo. The graphics are amazing. Praise the Lord for the talents that God gave Travis. It looks awesome!

Prepping for the Tokyo Women's Conference

Mariko will be leading in worship at the conference while they are preparing for the PowerPoint presentation. It should be a great event. Please keep them in your prayers.

Glenn @ CCGinowan Breakfast

We were blessed with Glen coming to teach the men at CCG. he did a great job sharing out of the book of Luke concerning John the Baptist. Thanks Glenn for coming and blessing the guys.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Anna Hebel is now with us!

She arrived yesterday via traveling through Russia. We are so blessed to have our sister back with us. But this time not as a student but as a Bible College Intern. God has good things in store for this girl.

Morning Devotion Friday

Chuck taught the morning devotion today. The students are starting to show up so the place is filling up. We are gearing up for the new semester. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to be a part of Your Work!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

And Now there are Two

There are now two typhoon's out in our area of Okinawa. Typhoon Nanmadol and Typhoon Talas are brew-in the the Pacific Ocean. Well we know that there is also a big storm heading towards the East Coast so please keep everyone in your prayers. It you click on the top map, check out how many storms are brew-in in the world at the same time. We are living in the last days folks. Look up for our redemption draws nigh.

Preparation for the Calvary Japan Women's Conference

Joanna and Dawn are putting together the items needed for the conference this Saturday. But this Friday night the Senior Pastor's Wives are getting together for a special dinner. It should be a special night. This is the first time they will be gathering just to break bread together. Please join with them in prayer for this special time.

Happy Birthday Yumi and Natsuki

After Wednesday night Bible Study we celebrated the girl's birthdays. Both Natsuki and Yumi mean so much to all of us. It was just a blessing to celebrate their birthdays together.

Joanna and Dawn in Nagano

Here is Pastor Kazu and his wife Yukiko posing with the girls. Joanna and Dawn had such a blessed time in Nagano, and from what I heard the ladies at the church were so blessed with the Women's Conference. If the Lord tarries we hope to come back and bless the group again. Thank you Pastor Kazu for taking good care of the girls, your church is always a blessing.

7th Year Anniversary!

Well, as of 7/31/2011(I am late posting) it has officially been 7 years living here in Okinawa and time has just flown by. We are so blessed to be able to serve the Lord for these past years on the island. Hannah is now away in California starting CCBC in Murrieta and Zachariah is now living in Tokyo starting the Bible College. It is hard but amazing to see what the Lord has been doing in our lives and the beautiful people that He has brought to be a part of our lives. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to serve You here in Okinawa.

Our Brother Aaron in Service

Please continue to pray for Aaron as he serves the Lord through the military. We cannot tell you where he is but he is out there serving for the Lord. Please continue to pray for all our military brothers and sister's who are serving around the world. Please pray for their safely and their wives, husband's and children who are either back in the States or serving in other places around the World. To God be the Glory!

Pray for the East Coast

Pray for Pastor Tom Hallman in Virginia, in his own words;

"Hey, Pray for us here as Hurrican Emily is being upgraded to a Catagory 3 and is set to come inland thru us and to the Western part and Northern part of VA and the Eastern seaboard...also pray for Pastor billy at Hatteras....Outer Banks...it's to to hit the Carolina's first then move up and inland into VA beach and the rest of VA..."

Will you join with us in prayer for our brothers and sister's on the East Coast, this is going to be a big one!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Logan has Arrived!

Logan is the first of the students who are arriving for the Fall Bible College Semester. It is a blessing to have our brother back with us. God has good things in store for him.

Morning/Afternoon Women's Conference

I told Joanna to watch out! The ladies in Nagano have the best "potluck". Check out all that food! The last time Travis, Santo and I were there we experienced the same goodness, the ladies love to cook. Watch out Joanna after tonight's session they bring out the desserts and someone always brings more food. I believe at the last conference we were still eating at 10:30pm...... Ahhhh, a little taste of Heaven!

Tropical Storm Nanmandol

There is a typhoon brew-in out there in the Pacific. It does not look like it will hit us but they can turn and go in a new direction. For a heads up please keep us in your prayers for smooth sailing. The students will be arriving this week and we don't want anything to hinder then from coming in on time. Also, Joanna is in Mainland Japan, so please pray for a smooth and safe, blessed ministry trip.

CCBC Murrieta

Well, Hannah began College this week at the Campus in Murrieta. The college is so beautiful. We miss Hannah already but we know that God has good things on store for her. Please remember her in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Women’s Conference in Nagano

Nagano LadiesA good group of ladies have gathered for the Conference in Nagano. It looks like they are going to have a blessed time. Please pray for the ladies that God would do a great work in their lives during this conference. It is going to be a total blessing!

The Girl's are Almost to Nagano

Joanna and Dawn have been driving for about 3 hours but they took some time to take a picture on Nagano's fruitful land. The area of Nagano is rich with fruit bearing trees.

Life in Fuchu

photo (31)The guys are getting their first full day at CCFuchu. They have a big pre-school that operates during the day and ministry at night. Zach and Toki are helping the Summer School program and later will be taking over Rusty’s duties as he is heading back home to Idaho. God bless you guys, be blessed.

Typhoon out There

wp201114_5dayThe good thing is that the typhoon is out in the ocean and should not do any damage on land. But still we continue to pray and keep an eye on it. It is just a tropical storm now, but it is beginning to pick up steam.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lowtide at Sunabe

I was hoping to get a little session in at Sunabe Monday evening and the tide should be coming up. So some of the College kids and Asa, Michal joined me for a little adventure. Instead of surfing, we just kicked back at the wall and took in the beautiful sunset.

Hannah heading to CCBC Murrietau

Please pray for Hannah as she begins attending Bible College in Murrieta. Her grandparents will give her a ride tomorrow morning at 7am for check in and the beginning of Orientation. Please continue to pray for Hannah and everyone at CCBC this fall semester. God bless you, Pastor Tommy

Joanna heading to Tokyo

At the same time as the guys head out Joanna is on the same flight. At Haneda airport they will go in their separate directions; Joanna will be heading to Tokorozawa and the guys will be heading to Fuchu. Please pray for Joanna as a few of the gals will be heading to Nagano to teach at the Woman's Conference and then they will be returning back to Tokyo for the Calvary Women's Conference. They are going to have a great time.

The Gang Saying Goodbye

They left at 8:00am this morning and the gang stopped by to say goodbye. We are going to miss Zach and Toki but we know that God has good things in store for them both. Please continue to pray for the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit in both of their lives.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kouki Beach Bash

It was a blessed time at the beach this afternoon as we gathered for celebration and prayer. Zach and Toki are leaving for Mainland Japan tomorrow to serve and start the Bible College in Tokyo. Please pray for them as they begin this huge step of faith.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Heading Back to Okinawa

The trip started out in Iwakuni and ended up in Fuchu. The trip was a total success. The worship conference was a total blessing and just being able to hang out with the Fuchu gang was a blast. I was also able to look at the Oki Van. It was actually the first time I have been able to drive it. It looks like it will need a new thermostat and the radiator fan needs to be replaced. We replaced the radiator hose but time has not allowed us to do the rest of the work. That is ok, the garage will have to do. Also finding the guys house was a success! They will be living in the Spearman Mansion (well, their apartment). God is in control, thank you for your prayers.

Fuchu Summer School Kids

There are the pre school kids and then there are the summer school kids. This is the summer school kids group. I had the opportunity to assist Rich for this week. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. I am going to miss this group. But Toki and Zach take over next week.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Men at Work

The guys were in charge of getting dinner ready for the crew. The gals were out doing some errands so the guys did the cooking. Fried rice, shoyu patties, cabbage, and watermelon, a good mix.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rusty reading to the Kids

It is reading time in the middle of the day at Fuchu. Rusty reads to the kids so they practice learning listening to English. He does a really good job with the kids.

Wednesday Kids Summer Class

We are right in the middle of the summer program here at CCFuchu. The kids have a lot of fun, but everything is done in English. The parents put their kids in the program to help them learn the English language. We are having a lot of fun.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dinner with the Spearman's

We finally had the chance to have some dinner together. We went out for some good sushi. Zach and Toki are going to love this place. The Spearman's are doing good and Adele is going to start walking soon. We were able to have a good talk with one another.

Summer Lunch Time

It is hot outside but nice under the tree in the shade. These kids have some good bento lunches. The Mom's put a lot into these meals, they are more like a work of art.

15 wild and crazy Kids

These Japanese kids are a lot of fun, they are excited and many of them can speak English well. I hope I can keep up with them, pray for me.

It will begin soon

I am presently here in Fuchu making preparations for the guys move to Mainland Japan. But today Pastor Rich needs help in his summer VBS outreach. This is the room before the kids come. It looks good now, but the kids are coming, hold onto your hats! I hear them coming now!

Okinawa Sweet Ride

I was able to get a first look at the van that we sent out to Mainland Japan. It is looking good. We are going to fix the engine fans since they went out and put some new air shocks for a smoother ride. Pray that it gets ready for the next Tohoku trip fast.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A First at w2 (Worship/Word)

photo (30)Chuck Robb taught Sunday night at w2 all in Japanese. It was the first time that Chuck has done this. When Chuck teaches it is in English, but Sunday night he took a step of faith and taught in Japanese. We are so proud of him. Great job Chuck, keep up the good work bro. All glory to God!