Friday, August 29, 2008

Becca is here from Florida

Becca had a long flight! She flew from Florida to Chicago to Tokyo to Okinawa, whewwww! That was long, but all in all she is doing great. Praise the Lord she arrived safely. We know that God has wonderful things in store for here in Okinawa Japan.

A Movie Star in Okinawa

DSC05328 Who is this Actress? We spotted her on Tropical Beach Friday morning. I think that it was her birthday yesterday too, she was sportin her new pedicure, and wearin her fashionable shades.

Kelili and Jesse


Two more students arrived Thursday night. Our brother Kelili from Hawaii and Jesse from California. This is Jesse's second semester here and Kelili's first. We are blessed that these brothers are here.

Worship on the Beach




Friday morning we headed out to Tropical beach for a time of fellowship and fun. The Bible College students are arriving so we had a good time together. Afterwards we had a time of worship and prayer, it was a real blessing.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Internet Service Down

Please pray for us. The internet has become such an important part of our life here in Okinawa, and especially for us as missionaries to stay in contact with family and friends around the world. This afternoon the modem in our house died and since we are in the middle of a building move, the internet in the cafe will be stopped. So with difficulties we will not have access like before. Please pray for a fast hook up so we can stay in touch. I am sorry if you have been trying to get in touch with us through the phone, it is down because of the internet problems. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Urgent Prayer Request

Our dear brother Sosimo who is one of our Bible College Students father is sick in the hospital. His diagnosis is not good. His liver is failing and he is on a respirator. Please pray for a complete healing for Sosimo's Father. Our God is able to do miracles. In Jesus Name.

Painting the Logo

Our brother Hikari came down today and began painting the new logo on the back of the Koinonia Cafe. He is doing an awesome job. Pastor Tim and myself were talking about how we never had a Calvary Dove on the old building inside. Well not anymore, Hikari took care of that. He is doing an awesome job! Thank bro!

The Students are Arriving!

Let me introduce to you Jessika and Eder. The arrived today and it is a blessing to have them with us for this semester. We know that God has great things in store for them. Please keep them in your prayers and the study the Word of God with us here in Okinawa Japan.

Solomon Heads Back to California

It was a real blessing having Solomon with us for the past month. He helped in ministry in so many ways. Thank you Zelda and Rick for sending him to us. We had him hitting the weights. He put on 8 pounds, hopefully it is all muscle. God bless you Solomon, and have a safe trip back home.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stepping Out in Faith

It was a blessing to hear Dan teach in Japanese tonight. It is awesome as he stepped out in faith. The more he teaches in Japanese the better he will get. Not only do these guys have to study in English, then they have to restudy the message as they write it into Japanese. It is double the study for one message. Awesome! These guys are amazing. We hope that you like the video, except the two dudes at the end of it, we don't know what they are doing.

Happy Birthday Christina!

Today is Christina's Birthday and Liz baked her a special cake. She was going to back her a Cat Cake, but I don't think that Christina would have ate it. She loves cats! So the cute bear will do just fine. We had so many desserts tonight. Between the ice cream and sweets, the cakes put us over the edge. Check out Tom Cottons face in the big picture, he is more surprised than Christina. Please leave her a birthday greeting below.

Last Service at Old Koinonia Cafe

Tonight was the last service in the old location; we move to the new location this Sunday! It was fitting in that Dan Pallman was one of the first speakers in the building, to be the last one to teach before the big move. It was a blessed night. Dan taught in Japanese and Deb translated into English. After the service, we spent some time allowing the people to share their experience here at the Cafe. It was such a blessing to see that God has used this place to bring people unto Him. We were so blessed. Check out the top picture. That was the first service in the building, and the other two are the recent ones taken tonight.

We ate way too much

It is Solomon's last day in Okinawa before he leaves back to California. So we went out to lunch at Try Yakiniku. What is Yakiniku you ask? I am glad you asked. Yakiniku in Japanese means "grilled meat" or like we say in America "BBQue". It is an all you can eat place. So you get your fresh meat and grill it at your table. Everyone had a blast, but as you can see, most of us ate too much. Seriously, we were stuffed. We are going to miss you Solomon, you are such a blessing.

The Dean Family Arrive Safely

They arrived right on schedule from LAX. They were a little tired, but that is expected from a long flight. They are now in their new apartment hopefully getting a good night sleep. Praise the Lord they arrived safely, to God be the Glory!

Thank You For Your Prayers!

But please keep on praying! We talked with the owners and worked out a deal with the lease. The final out come, we will purchase the building within 5 years. We worked out a deal to lease with an option to buy. So no matter how high the value of the place becomes in the next 5 years we are locked in with the sale price. We are totally humbled by the Lord's blessings and His Hand on everything! This building is a blessing, but we are most excited about the opportunity to minister to the Okinawan Japanese people. May the Lord continue His marvelous work on the island. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

Gigantic Blessing!

We did not know what we were going to do exactly about the A/C unit in the New Koinonia Cafe. There was no unit, and we thought that we would bring the 4 small units from the old cafe and hope that they would cooled the place down. But then we received a phone call from Ayu's parents. They knew an A/C guy. Well, we found out that the owners parents are Christian. To make a long story short, he gave us an incredible deal; I mean incredible!!!!!! The next day the unit was up and running. It is a brand new unit! We are blessed out of our flip flops.

The Huge Sign is Moving

We've done some incredible things with the van but never this big! The guys did a great job of bringing down the huge Koinonia Cafe sign, then we loaded it on the brown van. We drove slowly down the street waving to everyone passinig by. It was awesome! God is so good! He blessed out efforts big time!

The Signs are Coming Down

The guys are doing an amazing job of bringing down the signs at the Koinonia Cafe. Praise the Lord they came down a lot easier than we expected. We await the new building to be painted and then the signs will be put up again.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All That They Own!

Well this is it, the Dean Family are all packed and ready for their new home in Okinawa. All they own packed into 6 boxes. Please continue to pray for the Dean family as they step out in faith moving to Japan. We are blessed to be a part of their life. God has great things in store for them. God bless you Dean's, Pastor Tommy.

What Zach's Really Thinking!

We are just messing with you bro! Actually Hannah thought up this saying, she is a joker just like you. You are now on the receiving end of the modified pictures.

Zach's First Day at CCBC Murrieta

Orientation began Monday on the Campus in Murrieta. Zach got his new room. There are 12 guys and one bathroom. Check out the familiar faces in the bottom right pict. Be blessed Zach, we are proud of you. Study hard for the Lord!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Dean's New Apartment

We received the keys today and the girls got to work right away. They put up the new curtains and Rob and the boyz starting moving in the items. The apartment is small, (most everything in Japan is) but as the girls say "it is cute". One of the rooms has tatami mats and that is always a special blessing in Okinawa. Well, the Dean's arrive Wednesday, please keep them in your prayers, for easy transition and a safe flight to their new home.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Children's Ministry Crew!

This was the last service at the old building before the new move. So Hannah got the crew together for this picture. The Koinonia Cafe has been used for many different ministries. We are going to miss this building.

Ayu Watch

Well, it's that time again, "Ayu Watch". She continues to grow with her bundle of love. It is a blessing as they continue to wait for their new package. We have only one question; who is that guy in the back and why is he posing like that?

Controversial "Patriot Missile"

The Patriot Missile; when these rockets arrived on Okinawa last year there was a lot of controversy of why they are here. No doubt because of the threat from North Korea or China. Because the Okinawan's are a peace loving people, they understand that the presence of Military Bases on their island threatens the safety of their livelihood. These rockets are highly advanced, able to shoot down incoming missiles with extremely high accuracy. It was impressive to see them up close and personal. The other two pictures are Nico and Asa clownin around on the equipment. Double click on the Humvee picture, Nico looks like one serious dude!