Saturday, July 31, 2010

6 Years of Wonderful Service

We celebrate our 6th year here in Japan. It has been such a blessing to be able to serve Jesus Christ in this beautiful country. We love Okinawa, we love Jesus Christ, we love the people we serve. Thank you Jesus!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Taliya!


It is Taliya’s 20th Birthday today so some of the group went out for an ice cream. Last night we had a fun celebration with a lot of dancing and clowning around. It was a blessed night. Please leave Taliya a birthday greeting below. Happy Birthday Taliya!

Video from the Macau Boyz

This is a great video that the boys from Macau made when they came here to spend some time from China. It is a great video to see what ministry is like here during the week. There is a lot more going on, but again it gives you a good picture of life here in Okinawa. We do a lot of different ministry on the island helping other ministries and getting around a lot. Towards the end of the video is our missions house on the island of Tonaki, I almost forgot how beautiful it is. We hope you like the video and come out and spend some time in ministry.

The Price is Daijoubu (Right)!

THis is the video that the girls made from the ladies Discipleship house. They crack me up, we hope you like this one too. Just click on the video above.

CCBC Cribz

The students at SOS had a competition (girls dorm vs. guys dorm)to make the best CCBC Commercial.We hope you like it, just click on the video above.

Thanks Futenma Chapel

DSC01069DSC01068DSC01071We were blessed in that Futenma Chapel had a BBQ at Kadena Marina and donated the extra’s to the Bible College. It is not everyday that we can have hamburgers and hot dogs, so we were all blessed, thank you Jesus and thank you Futenma Chapel.

Security Beefed Up!

DSC01073 DSC01074Because of the Japanese Prince visit, there was a lot more activity going on in Ginowan and Okinawa City where the Prince was to be a part of the opening ceremonies at Comprehensive Park. We were hoping to get a “sneek peek” of the Prince, but it did not happen.

Finishing Touches on the Okinawan Roof Decor

DSC01079 DSC01081DSC01083 DSC01084Finally made the time to add the finishing touches to the Okinawan Style roof. Tokito and I got some information on how to add the cement plaster to the tiles (called shikui). It dries fast, and holds strong.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nago Outreach and Baptisms

We had a great time in Nago with the outreach with Pastor Tim. The weather was perfect and the BBQ was outstanding. Later in the night the firework show was out of this world. We were all so blessed. Thank you Yumi for the great pictures.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

San San Maru

330 picture

This is where the cafe is located in Akamichi, Ginowan City. We love this area, located on the crest of the hill, it is always cooler in Ginowan City because of the higher elevation. Ginowan is the 3rd oldest city in Okinawa just after Naha City and Okinawa City. The 330 (San San Maru) is one of two main arteries that extend from Naha half way up the island. Ginowan City, the place we call home.

The Crown Prince of Japan Visits Today

Japan Crown Prince Naruhito, left, his wife Princess Masako and their daughter, AikoThe Crown Prince Naruhito will visit Okinawa today (far left). I don’t know if his wife and child will be coming too, but it is big news on the island. An e3 reliable source has said that traffic will be heavy on the island and security has been “beefed up”. Maybe the Crown Prince will have time to stop by the Koinonia Cafe for a good cup of “Crown Prince Coffee”.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kelii and Jean-Luc from the KRY

John LucYeah! Nicky Wahlen sent me this picture today. I heard that the KRY was ministering at CCHonolulu, Stephen Mercandante emailed me and now I got this cool picture. Thanks Kelii and Nicky, the KRY, the best Christian Band ever!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Outreach in Mihama

P1000040  Tonight we had a great time at Mihama doing some outreach and witnessing. Afterwards we headed towards Justco for some refreshments and went over to the new area that has just been built near the water. It is called Depot Mihama, absolutely beautiful.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beautiful Okinawan Sunset

DSC01037DSC01040We were hanging with the SOS crew at Araha Beach in Chatan City. It was a beautiful relaxing time, and the weather was nice and cool. A good change from the hot weather we have been having. Just one more thing to remind us that we are living in paradise.

Pancakes at Climax Coffee

DSC01057DSC01056 We ordered the small for 400 yen (about $4.50 usd) berry pancake dessert. Don’t worry, it was not all for myself, Zach and I went halfers, and the rest jumped in.

Happy Birthday Chara!

DSC01017DSC01018DSC01023 Birthday’s come around a lot here at the Koinonia Cafe. After service we celebrated another one. Happy Birthday Chara, we pray that today was a special one for you.

Up to Nago!

DSC01016DSC01014DSC01013But it rained the whole time. That was ok, we spent the night at Pastor Tim’s house and then spent the whole day hanging out and having fun. We went to Pineapple park, Justco, and some of us even went to the city gym. It was a great day of fellowship.

Zach is Back!


Zach has been back for a few days now. It is a blessing to have him back in Okinawa. He comes back to the island not as a students but as an instructor at the Bible College. He will be teaching the Book of Romans and Pastoral Epistles this semester.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jonathan Heskett in Mainland Japan

P1050838 P1050984Our good brother Jonathan from CCGinowan is in Mainland Japan climbing Mt. Fuji with his father this summer. This is a picture of both of them at the bottom of the mountain and this is Jonathan at the top of the summit. God bless you bro, we hope you are having a blast with your dad, be safe returning back to Okinawa.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dan Pallman’s Licensing Service

IMG_0743 (Large)IMG_0723 (Large)We were blessed with the opportunity to license Dan Pallman as a Pastor before he left for Portugal. The Pallman’s leave Sunday morning. It has been such a blessing to have them a part of our life for the past 6 years. When I first met Dan I remember how nice he was and he was so welcoming on my first encounter.  He is the same guy 6 years later but now more seasoned in the Word. God bless you Dan and Deb, we love you so much and are going to miss your whole family. Love, your Ginowan Family.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Israel Recap 2010

Hello, we did a little recap of the trip to Israel. We hope that you like the video. Just click on it above.

Brother Larry Torres

38046_412024089805_741839805_4413261_5048008_nWhat a joy to see Larry again. For those of you who do not know this brother, he used to live here in Okinawa when he was a part of the Marine Corps. Now he works for them in Germany but came back for a visit. It was great re living old times with our bro, and believe me we have some great memories. God bless you Larry, we love you bro!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back in Okinawa


We made it safe back to Okinawa. It was a great trip to the Middle East. God blessed our trip in every way, we could not have asked for more. From visa miracles, lost camera found, to finding our wallet, God was so good to us on this trip. Thank you for all your prayers.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Arrived in Hong Kong Airport

DSC00998 DSC00993 We have arrived safely in Hong Kong after a good night early rise in Korea. The guys got up at 3:30 in the morning to watch the World Cup Final and then we left the hotel at 6:20am to catch our flight to HK. From our view of the area it is so beautiful. The mountain range and clouds look surreal.

Giant Burgers Cause Jaw injury

juicy's Burger

One of the good things about traveling in Asia you get to read the newspaper in different countries. I liked the article that I just read; “Giant burgers cause jaw injury”. It talks about Taiwanese dentist complaining that their clients are suffering from jaw injuries. They report that the human mouth is designed to “gape over objects measuring up to 4 centimeters”. The problem is that fast-food restaurants have burgers over 8 centimeters high (3 inches) and are causing Taiwanese people to suffer injury from opening their jaws to wide. This cracked me up. So next time you guys think about ordering a 4X4 at In-N-Out, you better think twice.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tel Aviv to Incheon Airport


We arrived safely about 4:30pm on Sunday into Korea. We had a nice dinner and tomorrow we head to Hong Kong. Chuck and Vunder will be waking up at about 3:30am to see the Finals of the World Cup. We will leave the hotel around 6:20am and fly out at 8:30am.

Zach in LA


Zach made it safe back to LA and Pastor Cisco has picked him up. It was a blessing to have Zach with us in Okinawa. He will be in California for a few days and then fly back to Okinawa to join us for SOS Japan. Praise the Lord!

Blogging in Ben Gurion Airport


We are leaving tonight heading to Korea. In Korea we will spend the night and fly out the next morning to Hong Kong (3 hours flight, then to Taipei (1 hour flight), then to Okinawa (1 hour flight). It should be easy, just chillin until we leave. Rob is checkin the baseball scores and Chuck and I are bloggin. Joe Tipton is with his Uncle still in Tel Aviv. He should be arriving soon.

Hard to say “Good Bye”

DSC00990DSC00991 Now remember, we did not say “sayonara” but “matane”, because sayonara means like a permanent goodbye. We will see our sister again. God has great things in store for Takako. They already love her there and are telling me good things. But she will definitely need our prayers everyday. So continue to pray for Takako. It was difficult to leave but remember Takako “Matane”, we will see you soon.

Saturday after Service Meal


The Church gathers for a luncheon after the service. Because they also have a soup kitchen God always provides for the service. It was excellent! We had cheesy Mac and cheese, rice, soup, eggplant, and a vegetable stir fry, a meal for a king.

Saturday Morning Service at CC Tel Aviv

DSC00986DSC00985DSC00983CC Tel Aviv has service on Saturday morning and not Sunday morning. To them their day of rest is on Saturday because that is when the country takes their day of rest. Brian Harrington was sharing in the Word because Pastor Steve Apple is still in the States. It was a blessed Sunday morning. Can you see Takako in the picture?