Thursday, October 14, 2004

Joanna Ruiz is back on Island

Praise the Lord! Joanna and Kristy Barnett arrived back on the Island last night at 9:45pm. They flew in from LA on Thai Airlines and arrived in Osaka, from Osaka they took JAL and flew straight into Okinawa. They had a wonderful trip in Cali and they want to extend their warmest thanks and love for thier great family back home at the church. They felt so loved and welcomed while they were there.
During their visit they flew up to Idaho and helped teach at the CCHagerman's women's retreat. They had a great time as some of the women from CCLivingwater met up with them there. Great news that the church in Idaho that Dion is pastoring is growing and flourishing. Idaho is such a beautiful place.
After Idaho they flew back to Cali and went to the CCPastor's wives conference in Murrieta. They had a great time as they were refreshed in the Lord and caught a new vision for the work over here in Okinawa Japan. It was great having many of our CC wives there for the conference. Anabel Smith from Watsonville, Micah Espinosa from Livingwater, Cindy Douville from Idaho, Kim Simmons from Livingwater. The family from Livingwater keeps on growing. Soon Tom Hallman will be leaving for Virginia, so we keep moving for Jesus.
Well, it is great to have Joanna back, the kids are grateful, their menu just got bigger. Before, the menu had 2 items, cereal and packaged curry (bone curry). But now it is open to the sky's the limit. Joanna is such a wonderful Japanese cook, we are looking forward to yummy meals. But in all seriousness, when your loved one is gone on a missions trip you understand that great calling that they have, and truly miss them, realizing that you are a team and God has called you to be "one". So my better half is back, and I love her so.
God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

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