Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Naha Matsuri

This past weekend we had the chance to go to the Naha Matsuri. Naha is the capital city in Okinawa, and a "Matsuri" is a type of festival or Japanese Carnival. This one is the biggest in the Country. Every city has one. I live in Ginowan city and they had the Ginowan Matsuri last month. All of the Matsuri's are done during the summer and fall months, so they are coming to an end. One of the last ones for the season will be at Rick Barnett's town in Yomitan so we are looking forward to that one.
At the Matsuri's the people get all dressed up. The girls wear summer Komono's called "Yukata's". They are lighter in material and not as hot to wear in the summer months. The guys wear "Jymbe's" and they are totally cool looking. Hannah, Michal, and Asa were given Yukata's and Jymbe's by their Aunt Ayuko, so the Japanese Calvary girl's got them dressed up in them. They looked so beautiful. Hikari and Ike were dressed up too and they looked awesome. I will try to upload some pictures ASAP.
In the future, we caught a vision to pass out tracks and do some music. At the Naha Matsuri, I have never seen so many people in Okinawa assembled together as one time. What an opportunity to preach the Gospel of the Goodnews of Jesus Christ.
God bless you, Pastor Tommy

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