Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hawaii Mihama Outreach

We had a wonderful outreach night in Mihama on Saturday night. The team arrived late Friday night and were ready the next day to share Jesus love with the Okinawan and American servicemen. For those of you who have never been to Mihama in Okinawa. It is an open area shopping mall something you would see in San Diego near the boardwalk. Many people come out on the weekend to shop and just "hang out". So it is a great area to just share Jesus with people. We had a little hick ups as the night started. We set up our whole stage area and then the person who owned the store next to the boardwalk, asked us to take down the canopies that we set up. So we did, and the Lord continued to bless the night. We shared in Christian Hula, some Ukulele playing (Hawaiian Guitar) and testamonies of the Lord's love, it was a great time. Posted by Hello

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