Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Phipps family in Okinawa

Jesus is so good. We are so blessed to have Glenn, Farah, Caleb and Jonah as missionarie here in Okinawa Japan. The Phipps have been such a blessing to the body here and we look forward to the work that God will continue to do in thier lives. Glenn wants to say hi to all of his family in California and that he is looking forward to seeing them soon. Farah and the kids will be leaving on Nov. 16th to spend time with friends and family. Glenn will be visiting one week later and will stay there with his family until Dec. 14th. They are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with loved ones in Cali. This is a direct quote from the Phippster himself "Jesus Christ loves you" Yes, Glenn is looking forward to telling you all this in person and the great work that is going on in Okinawa. Posted by Hello

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