Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Timmy Newell "aka" Arnold Schwarzenegger

He lives like a true missionary. He does not know where his next meal will be, does not ask for much, but serves Jesus with all his heart. Just kidding about the meal stuff. Tim lives with Glenn and Farah and she makes sure that he eats well. If he is not there you can always find him at the Ruiz house fellowshipping with Tom and Zach. But in all sincerity Tim is one of a kind. He has only been here in Okinawa a little over 2 years but he is fluent in Japanese writting, speaking and soon teaching. Tim will begin teaching at CCBC Okinawa in the language department, teaching new students Japanese conversation. God has gifted this man in so many ways. His daily routine consists of working at the church, heading out to Naha city where he teaches in a Japanese school, and leads worship at CCNaha for thier Wednesday afternoon service. Continue to pray for him as he asks God's guidance in all that he does. Posted by Hello

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