Monday, January 31, 2005

Aaron Deleon from Osaka

For many of you, you remember and know Aaron personally. But for those who do not, Aaron is originally sent out from CCMontebello, Pastor Pancho's Church. Aaron has been serving in Japan over 2 years. He is presently serving the Lord in Osaka Japan, which is about 8 hours away North from Tokyo. As I spoke with him at the conference, he is excited and blessed to be in Osaka. Osaka is equivilent to New York city in the USA. In Osaka, things are fast pace to the max, in Aaron's own words "imagine getting out of a Dodgers game in LA, and traveling to your car", that is the way Osaka is 24/7, fast pace with tons of people. Continue to pray for Aaron, he is serving the Lord, and loving it. Tim Newell is planning a missions trip in the next few months to Osaka, so continue to pray that it comes together perfectly in God's timing. Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

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