Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Glenn Phipps teaches at CCBC Okinawa

We are totally blessed to have Glenn teaching at CCBC. Kumason (lovingly know as Mr. Bear)has been a Christian now for 6 years. Saved back in California while he was still attending College and working as a waiter on the Pier in Newport beach. A few years ago he received the call from the Lord to pack up his family and move to Okinawa Japan. When he arrived in Okinawa he taught at OCSI, but then heard the call of God into full time ministry at CCOkinawa under the leadership of Rick Barnett. To see Glenn step out in faith teaching at the Bible College is truly a blessing. He is presently teaching the course on Genesis, knowing by God's grace he can "do all things with Christ who stengthens him". Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

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