Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Guitar class springs up at CCBC

Another class we offer this quarter at CCBC is a class on Worship. Pastor Tommy has had the opportunity to teach this course while pastoring at CCLivingwater in Corona California. A few days before the class began Damien Velarde (we will talk about him in a few moments, he is standing in the back of the picture holding the guitar) asked if he could teach a class on basic guitar after the worship class. We welcomed the opportunity for him to serve in this area. Word got out, and after the first class, these students had their guitars ready. I am sure that more will be attending and Damien will have his hands full. I sat in on this class, he is a great teacher, he has allot of patience, and the students are picking up fast.
Damien has attended CCOkinawa for about a year. He is in the Navy serving as a Radiology Technician, and before serving in Okinawa, he was in Sicily, Italy for 3 years. He truly has a heart for Sicily, and wants to return there in a few years and start a new Calvary Chapel. Please continue to pray for him and his lovely wife Sandra, and their 2 kids, Hannah (2) and Micah (1). Posted by Hello

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