Monday, February 07, 2005

Philippines trip February 2005

Praise the Lord gang! This is part of the group that will be leaving for the Philippines on February 8th, 2005. There are 14 other people missing in this group, but they were not around for the pictures. We will get a picture of the rest of the group later. But pictured above are John Maraveles, Lewai Han, Jasher Calcabean, and Jessika Rhode. They are all students at OCSI. They, as well as the rest of the group are blessed with the opportunity to travel to the PI and serve the people there. Please keep us in your prayers, and if you would like, we will be posting pictures on the web while we are on the trip, so click below to see the picts. Give us a few days though, I don't think that we will have the opportunity to post them for a few more days. . God bless you all. Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

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