Thursday, February 17, 2005

The team for OCSI and Calvary Chapel Okinawa

What a good looking group of people from Okinawa. This is a pict that we took on the last night that we were in Ilo Ilo. If you notice, a few people are missing, Laura is AWOL, probrobly ministering to the students, and Jasher was sick. You might be wondering who is the guy in front. Well that is Melford, he is part of the church there is Ilo Ilo. We all fell in love with this great brother, he is from Nigeria. So we thought, "Melford, jump into this picture and represent Jasher, since he is back at the hotel sick" so we made him an honorary member of the team from Okinawa. Wow! We had such a great time on this missions trip. Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

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