Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Can you believe it! They are engaged. Tim and Ayu are going to get married. We are all blown away and excited at the same time. They are both wonderful Christians who love the Lord, and serve Jesus faithfully. When Tim proposed, he did it in grand fashion. They went down to a secluded beach in Yomitan Village, where he got down on both knees and popped the question; she accepted. Yes, you heard it first here at If you would like to see all the pictures please turn to . Make sure to send your love below by adding a comment to them so they can read it. Praise the Lord! Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy


Glenn said...

What a blessing! Praise the Lord; Tim will be moving out! J/K. Truly I am blessed to see first hand the things the Lord has done in your lives. Tim, I pray the Lord molds you into a husband that loves his bride like Christ loves the church; faithfully, unconditionally, and unending! Ayu, I pray that as you grow in the Lord that you would desire to be more and more like the Proverbs 31 woman, that your "worth would be far above rubies". God's blessings!
In Christ, Glenn

Will said...

omedetou gozaimasu! (I think that's right!)

What an exciting announcement. I thought some other couple was just pregnant again (yawn). I am very excited to hear this news. May the Lord bless your final period of seperation, and your marraige afterward. Hey, do you guys have a photographer??

refuge said...

Tim and Ayu,

It seems as if it was just yesterday that Isaac and I prayed for you as you left us to be in Okinawa. I remember how we had prayed for you as your journey began, then the Lord put you in our hearts for a relationship and marriage and just last year we three sat down for lunch and prayed about it. It is awesome to see the Lord working in such a faithful youth that has put nothing but Christ first. You are an example to the young men here at CCLW and I know that God will continue to bless you in this new journey of life that you are living. May you both grow together in God's grace, nercy and unfailing love.
A sister in Christ,
Refuge---Eph 6:10

MommaMary said...

Congradulations on your happy moment. God BLess you and I wish you both the best.
So are you getting married there, or here or both places? When is the blessed day? And if you get married here I make you something with no dairy products. Just tell me what you want. hehehehe ( GOD IS GOOD).
You both look very happy in your picures. So let us all know and God Bless.
say HI to my daughter Jessica. Hi Jess.

crazeemanny said...

Hey bro! Congrads here from your friends in Cali! I know once my bro Anthony and my sis Desi find out they are going to trip out in excitement. May God Bless you and mold in the Man he continues to use. And may your future wife be a blessing and complete you. You will now understand your better half:)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That's soo awesome! My brother crazeemanny was right, "WOW"! Tim, I hope that you put God first in your relationship; secondly, your wife of course. It's an amazing and encouraging blessing to see your passion for Japan. God bless you both always for being a beautiful example of "purity." Rock on in Okinawa, Japan...and wait to start your family tribe!!!

-Desirie Vela

Tillmister said...

Omy Gozaimasu,
That is awesome tim, i didn't even know you were praying for someone, but the lord obviously knew. I just want to say congrats and remember to have God be the center of your relationship and he will bless you and your new soon to be family in ten folds. WOW! its amasing see you soon in July,
Sister in HIM, Tillie