Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The 3 brothers at Engedi

This is one of my favorite spots in Israel. You might remember the story. Saul is chasing after David, so David hides in the strongholds of Engedi (place of the wild goats). It is here that Saul wanders into a cave to relieve himself and David and his men are hiding in one of the hundreds of caves up here. (You can see the caves everywhere) Well, David could have killed him, and gained the kingdom, but instead he leaves it in God's hands, and eventually, we know the story, David is later made King of Israel. We spent over an hour here, worshipping the Lord, doing a Bible Study, but no wild goats. Then low and behold as we were about to exit the area, we saw a few family of goats coming out of their hiding places in the cool of the afternoon, what a site! We were totally blessed. For more picts click onto Posted by Hello

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