Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Douville's in Hagerman Valley, Idaho!

Look at this beautiful family! Dion and Cindy have been in Idaho now over 2 years, and the Lord is doing a great work up there. A team from CCLivingwater has just come back from doing some ministry work with the church, and were blessed as they came home with pictures and stories of what the Lord is doing through Dion and the Church. I will post some pictures of their venture real soon. From Left to right, starting at the Bottom is Cindy (mom), Joshua, Cody, Dion, upper left, Juliana, and Jared. Please continue to pray for the Douville's and the Church up in Idaho. God has brought some wonderful people to help in their ministry, and we are excited for them with the work up ahead. Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

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