Monday, May 30, 2005

Lisa Mascharka heading to Spain

Lisa is a wonderful woman who loves the Lord. I have had the opportunity to be with Lisa on 2 missionary trips. The first one to the Philippines, and recently we went to Israel. Well this summer she is leaving to Spain for 6 weeks. We are blessed for her. Lisa has 2 children and a wonderful husband who loves Jesus and is willing to let her travel for the Lord. She is looking for people who will support her in prayer as she steps out in faith. I told her I would put her on the miniweb site so that you would pray for her. So let's not let her down, but constantly lift her up before our heavenly Father. I don't have room to write her testamony, but she goes a few years back to Twin Peaks where she attended Calvary's Bible College with Pastor Mike Harrington from CCBC Jerusalem. Please keep our dear sister in your prayers.Posted by Hello Love, Pastor Tommy

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