Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Miracle of God!

Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ! We are so blessed! For the past month, we have been praying fervently for Joanna. She will be flying to American Samoa to speak at the Women's retreat at Calvary Chapel Samoa. Well, there were no tickets available and she was on a waiting list. For the past weeks, I have been searching for alternate flights. They were either booked up, or totally out of our price range. But then, God came through! I called today our travel agent, and she said that one ticket came available. Praise the Lord! This is from God. There has been nothing available, I mean nothing! God is incredible! Please pray for Joanna, Monique Salazar, and Rebecca Gawryl. Monique and Rebecca will be flying from California, and I know that God is doing to use all these girls in an incredible way. God has a purpose for them there in Samoa, and we are totally honored that God has chosen to use them in this special way.

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