Thursday, July 21, 2005

Our final meal together at the Ruiz's

I cannot believe it. The team leaves this Sunday, and we have had such a blast. A summer to remember. I cannot begin to thank all of the people who have lovingly supplied, supported, and blessed the team with meals, food, vehicles, and love. A shout out to Pastor Rick for planning and supporting the team that came out from CCLivingwater. Thanks a lot bro! And thank you again congregation from CCOkinawa, without your love and kindness, the team would be much thinner, but they are going home heavy, Spiritually and physically, just ask Israel, Sosimo, and Mario. Well, we love you guys, and continue to pray for the team, they have 2 full days left, and they will be busy ones. Pray that the vision and fire in their hearts will not fade away, but burn brighter as the days, and months go on. Posted by Picasa Pastor Tommy

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