Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Joanna and Monique with the locals in Western Samoa

While in Western Samoa the gals were able to hang out and visit some of the local women in the village. Pictured here are some of the ladies who gather in the Falas (outdoor tents) and make floor mats and fine mats. The floor mats are for what you would think, for the livingroom floors, but the fine mats are made for special occasions, like when guests and family arrive. In the older days, they did not have money, so they would trade using the fine mats as currency! The ladies in the picture we excited to have their picture taken. It was real interesting some of the things Joanna told me. She stated that when they visited these small villages, some of the children were real shy. For some of them, this was thier first time seeing "Palagi", people who were not Samoan. The Lord used these ladies in a powerful way.

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