Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pastor Cisco and Pastor Pule Baptizing

Recently, CCLivingwater had a baptism service at Bolsa Chica Beach in Southern California. I saw this picture on the wall of Pastor Jerry's office. I was so blessed. This is a picture of the heart of these guys, truly servants of the Lord. This picture captures it all. For those of you who know Pastor Cisco and Pastor Pule, there could not be a better picture of them.

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jim sr. said...

Hey Cisco, it's Jimmy in St. Joseph, Mo. It's the Lord. What a blessing to see you doing the Lord's work. Cut your mullet!
We have started a new church, called the Edge christain fellowship. It is great, can't get enough of God's word and Jim Jr. is writing new music. I miss you very much, my brother. We are blessed. SEE YA ! Jim Sr.