Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pastor John and Tom Greenroyd

Pastor John and Tom Greenroyd arrived safely from California yesterday. So today, we took them down south to Memorial Peace Park to do some sight seeing. It was a real blessing to hang out with them here in Okinawa. Pictured from left to right is; Jason Arbogast, Danny Brody, Vunder, Pastor John, Segmon Joyce, Zach Ruiz and Tom Greenroyd. When you get a chance, we started a photo album with picts from their trip, Check it out. Also, write some comments below by clicking the comment button. Pastor John and Tom, would love to hear from you.


suetmui said...

Tom Grrenroyd. Baby girl"Hannah Miguel Marchan" born Sept. 2. our e-mail is yahoo and juno not hotmail. Robert wants you to take lots of pics. of the church. We miss you a lot.

Rick Walker said...

Pastor John & Tom,
We loved the photos! We pray that your visit will lift up Tommy and his church.

Our prayers are with you all.
Rick & Jolene