Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Super Typhoon Day 4 (last day)

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Well everyone, this is the last day of videoing of Typhoon Nabi. We have had a few fun days with the camera. Thank you for checking out e3missions, and remember, we try to post daily so continue to check back and keep us in your prayers. We know that God has a lot in store for us here in Okinawa and we want to keep seeking and serving Him daily. When you get a chance, write down some comments below. We love hearing from you. God bless you all, and we will be posting more stuff soon. Pastor Tommy


George said...

Silly or serious, you guys are a wonderful blessing to me and my family.

We look forward each day to seeing what the Lord is doing in Okinawa, Japan.

Keep the messages coming!

Because we beliave that the Lord has called each an every one of you to do His work.

I pray that He will draw the lost to Himself because of your hard work and dedication.

God is faithful so be obedient to Him.

God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

My Homies
What is Up.....Vooooonder, and Segi...I couldnt let Georgie be tha only comment so I thought I'd hit it Up...Peace Out
Ur BRo in Christ